Monday, June 18, 2012

Michael and Susan Dell–shame on you!

The Dells want your money and want to provide low quality dental care and even lower quality dentures to Americans and they are willing to spend millions to do it. No, not the Wisconsin Dells, the Texas Dells.

Reports all over the Internet about the fight going on in North Carolina where the Dental Society and the North Carolina Dental board are trying to continue to protect the citizens of the Tar Heel state. Here is one:

Dental group trying to keep dental management firms out of N.C.


And here is a report about the wonderful, fabulous and generous Michael and Susan Dell. Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Give Report

He gives so much to Children’s dentistry in his home state of Texas, it’s proclaimed. Dell’s dad, Alexander, is a dentist.

What Michael and Susan fail to report is that while giving with one hand, they are taking with the other.

MSD (Michael Susan Dell) Capital owns Dental Care Partners, one of the main companies, spending millions in North Carolina to stop legislation that would keep corporate executives from deciding your dental care. Yes, Michael Dell is  discussing how he can make the most money at the expense of your dental health.

It has been shown that corporations providing medical treatment does not work and is illegal. It is illegal for damn good reason. Your care should be decided by your dentist, and based on your needs. Not because at the “morning huddle” your dentist was threatened with his job because revenue this week is down. I promise when it comes down to feeding his family or your mouth, his family will win.

When people’s mouths are ruined, ,they can’t eat, they are in constant pain and they have no place to go, no government agency will listen, no regulatory agency who will take their complaints seriously, people will go nuts. Maybe they already have.

Arsonists Targeting Dental Offices in Fontana

Dental Care Partners:

Affordable Dentures
Dental One
Dental Works
and others.