Saturday, June 30, 2012

Polly “Wanna Crack Her” Buckey Remix

You can't hide your lyin eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you'd realize
There ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes
There ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes
Honey, you can't hide your lyin' eyes – The Eagles

All joking aside, there is no way you can miss when she’s lying. The corner of her mouth pulls to the left, she looks to the right, and her voice is deep and raspy. (shaky)… and she gets that whacked out look on her face.

What I’m wondering is why Dr. David M. Strange has stopped putting his family at risk by going on TV and lying. Maybe it’s because, even though she sucks at it, she is the one willing to risk it all to do it.

There is a lot of hoopla over the FRONTLINE and Center of Public Integrity investigation, which is well deserved. But all the allegations are not new. These same allegation have been hitting regional and local news stations for years.!

Reports have landed in the local press and on local news stations since at least 2008. It is 2012, right?  Is anyone listening to these parents; to these employees?

Here are some of the reports:

Georgia - 2008
Virginia - 2008
Indiana - 2010
Texas - 2012

We keep hearing "investigation" and it just doesn't seem like things are getting any better at all, Kool Smiles is getting more cleaver.

I’m sure Friedman Fleischer & Lowe (FFL Partners) are shopping around as we speak looking for some dumb investor or investment company to come get this media nightmare.

All the videos above can be found on the Kool Smiles Channel


Lying Eyes - Up and to the right- This eye movement indicates a visually constructed image.Typically, if you ask someone a question and they glance to the right (your left) they are creating something, or in other words lying. When someone looks to their left (your right) they are recalling something, and are telling the truth. Of course their always will be exceptions to these eye patterns, as their are exceptions in everything. The most vital thing to do to be the most accurate would be to get to know their normal eye patterns first and to make sure that this person is not an exception.

Watch their throat. A person may constantly be trying to lubricate their throat when they lie by swallowing or clearing their throat to relieve the tension built up.

Notice the behavior of other body parts. Watch their hands, arms and legs, which tend to be limited, stiff, and self-directed when the person is lying. Their hands may touch their face ear, or the back of the neck.

Pay attention to their voice. A person's voice can also be a good lie indicator. They may suddenly start talking faster or slower than normal, or their tension may result in a higher-pitched speaking tone.

Listen for a subtle delay in responses to questions. An honest answer comes quickly from memory. Lies require a quick mental review of what they have told others to avoid inconsistency and to make up new details as needed. However, when people look up to remember things, it does not necessarily mean that they are lying.

  • Using/repeating your own exact words back to you when answering a question. This is a delay tactic to give them time to create a lie or recall a rehearsed answer.
  • Avoiding use of contractions
  • Vocal pitch rising
  • Avoiding direct statements or answers (deflections) – lying by omission.
  • Speaking excessively in an effort to convince
  • Speaking in a monotonous tone, speaking with a jumpy tone, or allowing pitch to rise and fall unnaturally
  • Leaving out pronouns (he, she, it, etc.)
  • Speaking in muddled sentences
  • Using humor and sarcasm to avoid the subject
  • Allowing silence to enter the conversation
  • Pausing at an unusual time, such as in the middle of a sentence
  • Notice when the person repeats sentences. If the liar uses almost the exact same words over and over, then it's probably a lie. When a person makes up a lie, he often tries to remember a certain phrase or sentence that sounds convincing. When asked to explain the situation again, the liar will use the very same 'convincing' sentence again.

    -Wikihow – Detecting lies