Friday, July 20, 2012

Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, Allows Dental Clinic Under Federal Investigation Patient Shop at Back-to-School Event

I’m not sure what concerns me the most, that All Smiles is allowed to patient shop, or that the Mayor or his staff didn’t have a clue!

Posted on July 19, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Updated July 20, 2012 at 5:24 AM

Back-to-school event includes clinic involved in News 8 investigations

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Posted on July 19, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Updated today at 5:24 AM

comma-leftDALLAS - Tens of thousands of Dallas schoolkids and their parents turn out for the Mayor's Back to School Fair at the end of every summer, for a chance to get everything from immunizations, to haircuts, to school supplies -- all for free.

It's all donated by dozens of companies for the public good. But one of the sponsors this year, All Smiles Dental clinics, is charged with doing the public immense harm.

The company's been charged by the attorney general with Medicaid fraud, for allegedly billing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars for unneeded dental care under Medicaid.

All Smiles declared bankruptcy earlier this year, and settled a fraudulent billing case with the federal government for $1.2 million.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings' office was unaware of the actions until notified by News 8. Rawlings' spokeswoman, Paula Blackmon, said All Smiles has participated in the fair for years.

"Those booth operators and vendors are offered a chance to come back year after year," Blackmon said. "A letter goes out and we allow those individual to participate if they wish."

Vendors pay $2,500 to participate, but the city does not make comma-rightmoney on the fair. The city does not do background checks on the vendors, Blackmon said.

So where does the $2,500 per vender end up?

comma-leftShe said All Smiles will be a participant at the fair on August 4, if it chooses.

"They've not been indicted or tried or found guilty," Blackmon said. "We've allowed them to either participate or not."

The Back to School Fair is a substantial generator of new patients for health clinics. State records show that in the case of All Smiles, for years, most of its patients have been on Medicaid.



Several states have passed legislation requiring children to get a dental checkup before they enter school – wonder who had that idea. Anyway, it is that time of year, so parents BE AWARE!

I’m not to sure how legal these new regulations are, since it doesn’t make much sense to me to stop a child from an education because they didn’t get a dental check up.

I know folks think I’m some idiot mad woman, and they may be right. But honestly I don’t think I missed anything in school that a dental checkup would have prevented.

And if they – whoever “they” are – have done some study on this, I ask why they study this and not the number of children who have died from anesthesia mistakes and carelessness.

I’m not saying children should see the dentist or get regular checkups, just so we are clear.