Friday, July 06, 2012

Kool Smiles Frick and Frack together again…

Appears they have reunited! Unlike Martin and Lewis who never reunited Frick (Tu Tran, DDS) and Frack (Thien Pham, DDS) have found their way back into each others arm.

Tran and Pham broke away from Small Smiles in Colorado back in 2002 and started Kool Smiles. A few years ago, Pham broke away and went off on his own. I heard he was “bought out”.

molarmagiclogoThein Pham went on to open a couple of clinics in Arizona called Molar Magic. I hear he scouting out locations in New Mexico to open some clinics.  Frack





Tu Tran, DDS stayed in the Atlanta area and slapped his name on the door of every Kool Smiles in the nation. I’m guessing he must spend his time taking CE’s and renewing his dental license since he has one in nearly every state.




Now, Tran and Pham are reunited and I have proof! I have proof they had “split the sheet” in 2010 and in 2012 they are sharing the sleeping bag so to speak. Maybe sharing a cell.
















You have to admire the copy paper taped to the door these days. It says:

“Kool Smiles Doctors Available to Care for Your Dental Needs Today Are…

Dr. Tu Tran, Dr. Mayfield, Dr. Nkashama, Dr. Jackson,Dr. Duckswork, Dr. Khan, Dr. Ogundipe, Dr. Twardy, Dr. Kalra.

They emphasized “Today”…  but I know dang well all these dentists are NOT available to see to anyone’s dental needs..not today, not tomorrow and not yesterday!

I don’t know what all this means, but you can bet they are up to no good.