Friday, March 01, 2013

It’s not just the dental mills recruiting patients, so is the ADA


The American Dental Association is taking it’s cue from the Texas Medicaid dental mills, offering $100 bonus to bring in a patient member.  When words like – bonus, recruit and incentive are used in dentistry, I get real nervous. 

"While we're recruiting about the same number of members each year, the total number of active, licensed dentists continues to grow, translating to a decrease in the overall market share," said Dr. Bauman. "If every dentist tapped into the value ADA provides to all members, they would see the immediate impact on their practices and within their careers."

Any ADA member dentist is eligible to participate in the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign, and members will be rewarded with a $100 American Express gift card for each new, active member brought in (up to five members or $500 in American Express gift cards). Members may also decline the incentive and the ADA will contribute $100 to the ADA Foundation.

To claim your $100 visit their website for more details.