Thursday, May 13, 2010

Evansville Indiana Kool Smiles Accused of Mistreating Children; Oh My!

Evansville, Indiana Kool Smiles accused of mistreating children.   Great report by WTVW Fox 7's Julie Dolan.  Julie did a fantastic job!

Evansville Dentist Office Accused of Abuse WTVW
The retired grandmother of five couldn't believe what she saw: kids screaming and crying for help at a Small Smiles
Dentist Office near Washington...
Side story here is they have known this was coming out, amazingly there was a major press release yesterday about some dude who works on their computer system.  This happens all the time, where they try to drown out the bad press with anything they can find.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Small Smiles sent out two days of press releases telling the world they were going to donate a measly 1,000 toothbrushes to Haiti.  Two days!!  Geez...that's sad.