Saturday, May 15, 2010

Senator David Jordan of Mississippi Needs Wake Up Call In Regards to Kool Smiles!

During the outlandish ceremony for Kool Smiles donating some toothbrushes to citizens of Yazoo City one very uninformed state Senator said this: 

"It would be like a band of angels coming into the Delta," Jordan said during a visit and tour of the North Jackson office. 

Senator David Jordan has approached the organization for expansion into the Mississippi Delta.

Am I the only one that thinks this is something much more than giving some toothbrushes to the devastated area of Yazoo City, MS?

Kool Smiles Chief Dental Offender, David M. Strange flew in from his cozy home in Colorado, local and state legislators show up, they take a tour of the Kool Smiles in North Jackson....something stinks.  

This is much more than handing out toothbrushes.....sounds more like a snow job to me. 

Sen. David Jordan needs informed as to what Kool Smiles really is or the children of Yazoo City will be in much worse shape than they already are.

You can reach Sen. Jordan here: