Thursday, May 27, 2010

GASP!! Kool Smiles To Do Study For Virginia; Chief Dental Officer On Board; Dr. Tran (owner) Under Review In IN and GA

Smiles For Children has partnered with the dental provider, Kool Smiles (Virginia operations only), to assess the effects of best practices for decreasing broken appointment rates in specific dental clinics. Preliminary results suggest that these best practices decrease broken appointment rates. The pilot remains ongoing; however, the final results will be published in 2010 and shared with Doral’s Smiles For Children provider network to help increase provider participation, satisfaction, and member utilization. 

Read more in Virginia's 2009 report, page 5.  Note that Dr. David M. Strange is on the advisory board..  (chock and laugh)...  and he doesn't even practice in the state and is Kool Smiles Chief Dental Officer.