Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey, dental office managers, you too can be arrested, face felony charges, and jail time.

I have to ask is it worth it? Is playing along with the fraud worth giving up your life and family?

Office managers out there, know exactly what is happening with all the Medicaid fraud, children being abused and sit on their asses. Why?

Yeah, I’ve heard it, over and over and over again. “I need to feed my family”. Don’t mean to be so cold, but I’m so over hearing it.

OM’s at the dental mills are paid well, very well, too well in many cases. $50 to $60 thousand dollars a year is over the top to manage an office for a dental clinic. The paycheck is meant to hold them hostage as well keep them gagged and handcuffed.

Several times a week I find folks coming to this blog looking for the answer to their question on whether they- office managers, dental assistants, etc.-can be arrested or held liable in criminal fraud or malpractice behavior they see in their offices. They answer is a big fat YES. Ask Claudia Ventura.

CA Dentist Arrested for Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud — By Trace America on May 14, 2012 at 4:48 PM

Beverly Hills often brings up images of huge mansions with beautiful sparkling swimming pools, gorgeously landscaped lawns, and several fancy cars in a large driveway. It often does not bring up images of insurance fraud; but one Beverly Hills dentist to the stars may be changing that.

According to the Beverly Hills Patch and the District Attorney’s Office, Tom K. Kalili, 57, was arrested on May 4th and accused of insurance fraud, grand theft of personal property and filing a false tax return. He was charged in a criminal complaint with 101 felony counts.

Kalili is the owner and operator of Beverly Hills Medical Suites.

It is reported that Kalili and his partners have several celebrity clients, including Jim Carrey, Kathy Ireland, Adam Sandler, Keanu Reeves and Vin Diesel.

Kalili’s office manager and biller, Claudia Ventura, 38, is also being charged, if only with 10 felony counts, including insurance fraud and accessory after the fact.

These charges all come out of a multi-year investigation by the California Department of Insurance, the California Dental Board and the California Franchise Board.

According to DrBicuspid, Kalili directed Ventura to submit fraudulent billing statements to four different insurers for a total of $339,799.99.

Prosecutors are asking for Kalili’s bail to be set at $500,000 and Ventura’s at $25,000.

If Kalili is convicted, he could face over 50 years in state prison, while Ventura could only receive up to seven.