Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Medicaid Dental Patients For Sale

This one blows my mind. This was an ad that landed in many dentists email box on Monday. 1-800-Dentist selling "leads" for prospective new patients on "state aid". Now, I ask you, what medical provider is patient shopping for potential patients in a program most all says reimburses way too little? Only a big dental mill would be willing to pay $25 per lead for 'state aid' patients.

Is 1-800-Dentist selling patient contact information or are they a third party broker and selling the names of patients which would be (assets) of bankrupt dental clinics such as Small Smiles and All Smiles? Someone needs to be asking?

HIPPA violations??  Anyone??  Bueller?

Where did 1-800-Dentist get these names? At the Corporate Dentistry Going Out of Business Sale?














What's really fantastic, is they can sell the same stuff over and over and over and over again. This is really not unlike the paid patient hunters where dental clinics have employees hit the food banks and food stamp office and get paid per head to bring them directly to the dental office. The patients want to come to get their wal-mart gift cards and such!  Win win!