Saturday, May 05, 2012

Richard J. Malouf–A call for every item this man has had his name attached to or inscribed on to be seized! Not tomorrow, but by 5 this afternoon. And don’t forget his passport!




maloufdancingThis should make every man, woman and child world wide, mad as hell. There should be crowds of people in front of the “gansta's house along side the news trucks.

Richard J. Malouf, just gave the, Department of Justice, the US Attorney’s Office, the citizens of Texas as well as every prosecutor in Texas the finger. But not the one he is using in the picture to the left.

On March 21, 2012 the US Attorney’s office in Texas allowed Richard Malouf to say he would pay them $1.2 million dollars to walk away from fraud charges he committed between 2004 and 2007.


Geez Louise, it was just in 2007 that the kinks to open the door wider for dental fraud in Texas were ironed out and fine tuned with reimbursements doubled and more lax regulators in place.

In March the headlines were-“Feds are All Smiles”. Wonder if they are “all smiles” today. I’m certainly not “all smiles”.  Nor should any one who has heard about this latest maneuver of Richard J. Malouf and Valor Investments. In the $1.2 million settlement, the FBI was involved, the Texas Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU) and the US Attorney’s office. If they aren’t embarrassed, I’m embarrassed for them.

One has to ask why the Department of Justice and the US Attorney’s Office in Texas would agree to such a settlement. A measly $1.2 million. That amounts to a $2 parking ticket. Malouf and wife, Stephanie Leanne spend that before the rest of us are out of bed in the mornings.

Here we are, six short weeks later and All Smiles files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. We aren’t even sure if the $1.2 million was even paid! However Malouf probably had that on him in is change pocket. Or maybe he carries one of those “man purses”.  I guess no one saw this bankruptcy coming??!

Hellooooo, anyone home down there? Knock knock!

If the US Attorney thought they would follow up with accusation and more cash payments that appears to be a dream long gone. Has anyone hears “Carpe Deim”? Richard Malouf sure has!  Surprise surprise!

I call for every last item this man has had his name attached to or inscribed on to be seized! Not tomorrow, but by 5 this afternoon.

Contact these folks, they are the ones with the authority to do something.

Texas Medicaid Fraud Control Unit:
James Hughes, Investigative Mngr
Richard Hill, Investigative Mngr
1230 River Bend Drive, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75247-4970
Main number: (214) 922-7046
FAX: (214) 922-7043

FBI Dallas Field Office:
One Justice Way
Dallas, TX 75220
Phone: (972) 559-5000
Fax: (972) 559-5600

Harris County Texas District Attorney
Particia Lykos
1201 Franklin Street, Suite 600
Houston, Texas 77002-1923
(713) 755-5800

Texas House of Representatives

Texas Senate

Bankruptcy Court Documents Here

I’m not lawyer, just a simple grandma, but with so many of his own trusts, limited partnerships and other business entities listed as creditors, looks like Richard J. Malouf wants to raid what cash might be made available in the Chapter 11 refinancing process.

This kind of flamboyancy never ends well. Expect maybe for his wife and her next significant other. Just saying…