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Dr. Li Lu Skelton, DDS–San Antonio, Texas

Dr.LiLogoDr. Li Lu Skelton – Li Dental Implant & Smile Center – appears to be an habitual offender. It seems landing in front the the Texas State Dental Board of Examiner’s is nothing more than the normal course of doing business. 

Dr. Li Skelton’s record at the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners reflects she serves up some substandard dental care pretty regularly. In one case alone, she had to pay an $8,000 fine and $11,000 fine. In at least one other case, she delivered too much anesthesia to a patient, causing that patient seizures and hospitalization, according to the KSAT report.

When KSAT-TV featured one of her mangled patients – Darryl Davis- in a May 2012 report, Dr. Skelton sent this lovely letter to the station when asked for comment.

Li Dental Care, PC
In San Antonio, Texas
18th of May 2012

(The patient) has made several accusations relating to his treatment. He had accepted and signed three agreements which include confidentiality as to the content of these agreements.

[ Note, the very first paragraph in her comment, was to point out she felt as though she had convinced – I call it duped- her patient into signing three agreements to keep quiet about her gross negligence, malpractice and battery.

If threats standard procedure for Dr. Li Lu Skelton, wonder how many patients are out there, that have been mangled, feel intimidated by her and feel they have no place to turn for help.]

Dr. Li and the Dental Practice have made every reasonable effort to satisfy (the patient's) concerns and his continued attempts at demanding money and challenging the professional reputation of this Dental Practice are unfortunate.

[Clearly, Dr. Li Lu Skelton, has NOT made every effort to “satisfy” this patient’s concerns, instead she took him to court to try and shut him up.]

By making this a public issue, (the patient) may be considering our release of this patient information to the public. We will not do so. Patient confidentiality is not something we take lightly and will not ever violate patient confidentiality. Therefore, we cannot respond directly to (the patient).

[Huh? First, considering Dr. Li Lu Skelton’s many complaints from patients, this is a public issue, she could well be a danger to public health.]

Li Dental Care, PC is a professional Dental Practice operating in San Antonio for over 15 years, providing professional dental service to thousands of patients. Additionally, Dr. Li has placed over 6,000 implants and had produced thousands of wonderful smiles for Texans.

As in most matters of human endeavor sometimes things do not work out as planned. Even in manufacturing there is a failure rate. In the matter of implants a small percentage are going to fail. It does happen and sometimes there is no identifiable reason as to why implants fail. The good news is that this is ordinarily fixable.

[So, the “good news” is that this is ordinarily fixable? Really?  With all “good news” statements like that, there is always the “bad news” to follow. For this patient, the bad news is:

I will need to lose all of my back molars a total of 6 teeth, and that's not the best news. I have front teeth that were crowned over teeth with soft tissue and will need them removed as well. So, at a young age I will need to wear an upper denture for at least 6 months so the infections in my sinuses both left and right side can heal. And imagine there is no help for dental patients that have been treated this way. I am left without words! – Darryl Davis

Li Dental Care, P.C. stands on its very high quality reputation for professional services and patient care. Dr. Li’s goals include helping her patients achieve the new smile they so much desire and deserve.

[High quality reputation, hmmm, just how is that measured and where can I find that reputation? Not on file at the dental board, that’s for sure, not looking good in Bexar country district court records either, see below.]

Darryl was getting “No Satisfaction” from Dr. Li Lu Skelton, so he took it to the public. Like me, he started a blog!


Dr. Li SkeltonThe original name of the blog about Davis’s gruesome experience was Dr. Li Skelton Dental Nightmare, it’s since changed to Dr. Li Skelton – My Dental Experience.

Dr. Li Lu Skelton filed a lawsuit against her former patient, Darryl Davis, on June DarrylXray11, 2012 - 13 days after KTSA ran the story of his dental nightmare, with Skelton. I’ve not seen the suit, but I suspect it’s a SLAPP suit of sorts. Texas enacted anti-SLAPP suit legislation in 2011.

For Dr. Li Lu Skelton to be taking some “Holier Than Thou” attitude toward her patient is absurd! Look at Davis’ radiograhphs!

If you have had a bad experience with Dr. Li Lu Skelton, click here, this one needs to be stopped, ASAP. Don’t depend on the TSBDE to do the stopping, they recently renewed her license to practice dentistry for another year. Only plus there, is for the malpractice attorney.


Dr. Li Lu Skelton, DDS is no virgin to Bexar County District court either. She has had 6 cases in 4 years filed against her. Imagine her Malpractice Insurance costs!! Hope she has some, what if she’s been canceled?

Dr. Li Lu Skelton DDS Bexar County Lawsuits

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According to the lawsuits, it looks like Dr. Li Lu Skelton used to work for Carillon Hills Dental Associates, with John A. Moore, DDS. Dr. Moore doesn’t seem to rate very high either, he has one star and a comment says they didn’t even think he was a real dentist…  lol !


Darryl Davis’ attorney is:

Adam T. Froeschl
9045 Grissom Road. Suite B.
San Antonio, TX  78251