Monday, September 03, 2012

Kool Smiles Complaint # 153359


  • Date Occurred:08/14/2012
  • Reported Damages:$1,300.00

Over a 3 week period of time i had gone into cool smiles for fillings. I was told they couldn't do it all at once and said it was going to take 6 visits. I told them every week for 6 weeks is unacceptable seeing as i have 3 small kids and am new in town and don't have a babysitter! we got it down to 3 weeks by doing top right and bottom left. next visit was top left bottom right, and last trip was the top and bottom front. I knew that we had some bad cavities but the dentist assured me they would do every thing they could to avoid a root canal! well the first dentist who worked on me wasn't the dentist i originally met and talked with. Threw the 3 weeks i was never told how or what they were going to do to my teeth. Never was told a name of my dentist or nurse ( which were different every time). The work was done shoddy so every time i went back i told them of my still growing pain and discomfort. They just kept filing down the fillings. after the 3rd weeks visits i told them i was still in bad pain. they then said without x-rays that m 2 back molars must have gotten fractured and all my insurance would cover was to extract them! No way! They would ultimately end up pulling 3 to 4 teeth if i let them do that. Then after the last visit when i got home i noticed when brushing my teeth something crunchy. It the "filling" they did. they just covered 2 teeth together so i couldn't brush or floss in between and that had fallen out after the 1st day of it being filled. It left a gap big enough to see a cavity that was not cleaned or filled properly at all. I have tried to call the locations manage but the nurse/receptionist that answered the phone kept changing the subject and wouldn't listen to me or help. I then called the call center (which hung up on me 3 times before actually taking my call) and made a formal complaint to the highest up section i could who then forwarded a copy of my complaint to headquarters and the store manager. Going on 8 days past now and still no call backs from any one!!!! I am in excruciating pain and cant eat even with antibiotics for the abscess this drama has causes and pain pills which barely help and make me sick to my stomach! I asked for my x-rays to go to another dentist and was refused them even though i paid for them. The nurse said "what do you need them for" and never would release them! I hate that we chose this place and i hate all the crap and suffering I'm having to go through and they cant even be human enough to call back or see if they can fix it or do any thing to help! We will NEVER go back there ever again!$1,300.00

(as taken from website, with typos corrected)