Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dr. Thomas Floyd–more parents stepping forward with horror stories

As what usually happens, when a local news station airs the stories on children being abused by evil child abusing dentists, more parents come forward. So goes the case in Florida of Dr. Thomas Floyd.
Last evening, more parents have come forward, one parent whose child suffered being gut punched by Dr. Thomas Floyd 11 years ago, when her child was 3 years old.
Apparently Dr. Thomas Floyd has been a very very bad man for many years. Sucker punching innocent children, beating them black and blue. Busting their lips wide open. Parents have filed complaint, up to 25 in the last five years alone. What has the police in West Palm Beach, Florida done about this over the years, not one damn thing!
Apparently, the authorities in Florida think it’s perfectly reasonable for a man to beat children if he has some initials after his name, and someone refers to his as “doctor”.  What have the employees of Dr. Thomas Floyd done over the years? They have assisted in the child abuse as far as I’m concerned and are just as guilty as he is! Shame on each and every one of you – from Dr. Thomas Floyd all the way down to the county/district attorney who has done NOTHING!

Rest assured there are thousand of children this man has beaten, punched, smacked, slapped and no telling what else over the years.  Has he waterboarded children like, Megann Scott in Oklahoma? Yes, he probably has.
[Update, September 11, 2012 2:42PM
Just confirmed that this Dr. Thomas Floyd was in fact the dentist I was contacted about. I will also have to nibble on my words, and I don't mind doing that. It was people working at the clinic who took pictures and have evidence to nail this bastard.

For those who did, Big Round of Applause!!! For those who didn't, shame on them. Now, for the slow ass response from authorities, every child who was beaten since they were alerts, well, they have some responsibility in that! ]

More patients of dentist accused of abuse coming forward

WEST PALM BEACH -- More allegations have come to light involving a West Palm Beach children's dentist.

Dr. Thomas Floyd was arrested last week for child abuse, for allegedly punching a 4-year-old boy in the mouth back in May of 2010. Now another parent says her child was punched too.

Crystal Rolle of West Palm Beach says in February of 2001, Dr. Floyd punched her daughter in the stomach when she was only 3-years-old to make her stop crying.

The girl, who's now 14, remembers what happened. Aaliyah Rolle, Dr. Floyd's former patient says, “He punched me and then he punched me again and I think I was crying more and screaming.”

Crystal Rolle, Aaliyah's mother says, “I don't think he should have anything to do with children or anyone for that matter.”

Crystal says Dr. Floyd was not charged in that incident 11 years ago, because police told her they didn't have enough evidence.  There were no eyewitnesses and police couldn't take the word of a 3-year-old. Dr. Floyd is free on $3000 bond.
He denies abusing any children and says he's innocent.

The Department of Health suspended Floyd’s license to practice dentistry after his arrest Friday.