Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Child Waterboarded at Small Smiles Dental Clinic In Oklahoma City

water-boarding-a-1Dr. Megann Wakelee Scott, DDS is named as a defendant in three lawsuits in Oklahoma.

Two cases involve Medical Negligence and one is Assault and Battery.  Witnesses claim Dr. Megann Wakeless Scott waterboarded a child in order to scare the child into cooperating with dental treatment. 

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  I’m not sure why this is so surprising since the company who employed her at the time encourages putting children in straightjacket type devices to control their thrashing about from pain and fear, as well as to assist in the speed of treatment.  Adding the water was the logical next step.
Dr. Megann Scott is facing a series of problems over this and other frightening things she does to children such as locking them in a pitch black room.  [I am told she hit the “Risk Management “ report several times before leaving in April 2010, including a serious issue of over treatment the first week if January 2010.]

Yes, Dr. Scott, you are the next disgusting headline, as you should be.  Do you have children, Dr. Scott?  I surely hope not.

US Soldier accused of ‘waterboarding’ his 4 year old daughter over ABC's

Army Soldier accused of “waterboarding” foster son for wetting bed

Teacher's Aid accused of waterboarding Autistic Child

Dr. Megann W. Scott’s legal woes:
Case #1
No. CJ-2010-1632

Filed: 02/26/2010

Case #2
No. CJ-2011-921

Filed: 02/10/2011

Case #3
No. CJ-2011-1411
ASSAULT & BATTERY [Waterboarding]

Filed: 03/02/2011

Currently Dr. Megan Wakelee Scott is employed with Ocean Dental/Star Dental in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Dr. Megann Scott's NPI Record Information:
NPI Number - 1235210220
Last updated April 2010
Business Mailing Address 206 W. 6th, Stillwater, OK  74074 (Ocean Dental Headquarters)
Practice Location 47 NE 23rd, Oklahoma City, OK  73105

Dr. Scott had been with Small Smiles Dental Center since 2007.  Dr. Scott graduated from Oklahoma University School of Dentistry in 2006.