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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Murder suspect arrested at place of employment–Kool Smiles!

Another example of the “quality” care brought to the “underserved” children by dental mills like Kool Smiles, Small Smiles and various others.

Augustine, ShabazzEver wonder how well these dental mills vet their employees?  Not very damn well!

I mentioned in a post a month or two ago, I bet there were all kinds of criminals working in these places.  I had in mind, child molesters since abusing children sets pretty well with the folks there.

However, it’s accused murders as well! 

Just think of the children this dental hygienist had his hands on.  He is accused of suffocating a 26 year old woman to death in 2004.  Was he thinking about suffocating your child while he was so close to their little faces?  Was he thinking about putting your child in the Charles River where he is accused of dumping Julaine?  What about his co-workers?  Aren’t you Kool Smiles folks ready to blow the whistle wide open on this retched company.Julaine Jules

Probably!  How could he not! 

Think of all the personal information this creep had at his disposal?  Scary!

Here is the woman he is accused of murdering.  Julaine Jules, a Hatiean-American woman who had worked at a children’s museum.