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Friday, August 08, 2008

FYI: Brad Padula; US Agent Importing Toothbrushes From China

Brad Padula

Brad Padula, pictured above is US Agent for FDA Approved Toothbrushes imported from a company in China called Shanghai Songyang Import and Export Company, LTD. See document from

Shanghai Songyang Import & Export

One might ask, so who cares? What's Brad Padula got to do with any of this anyway?

Well, I'll tell ya. I can connect him directly (can't show you that just yet, but I will) with Smile Starters in North Carolina. That's the Michael DeRose company that was fined the $10 Million dollars back in April for Medicaid fraud, over treating children (16 stainless crowns in one sitting..and more). Remember Michael DeRose is part owner of Forba/Small Smiles (on the board of directors too).

He's the upper management that Arcaptia Bank, out of Bahrain, just outside of Saudi Arabia is doing business with in all these Small Smiles Clinics across the US.

It's uncle Adolph (Rudy) Paula's (Brad's dad, Michael and Dan's uncle) that puts his licenses up in various Small Smiles clinics across the US even though he's not seen a mouth of teeth in years!

A word about Songyang (China International Intellectech Corporation, Shanghai Songyang Import & Export Co., Ltd). As you might know all heavy industry and agriculture in China (The Peoples Republic of China) is State owned. Some large western companies such as General Motors have opened plants in China. These are joint ventures where the State owns the land and GM might own as much as 49% of the joint venture. Only mom and pop size retail establishments can be said to be owned privately. Songyang is State owned. Songyang was established by the State to market the production of the State owned businesses. Add to that the fact that manufacturing labor cost in China is 1/8th (one eighth) that of the United States or Europe.

Monday, May 26, 2008

DeRose's Keep It "All In The Family"

Meet Brad Padula. Does the last name ring any bells with my regular readers. It should.

Brad is associated with DD Marketing (, Dan DeRose's company that hooks up schools with vendor to put junk food machines in your schools. (fatten up the kids and help rot the teeth...sorry, I was thinking to myself)

Brad is Dan DeRose's cousin, via Brad's dad, Dr. Adolph Padula. Remember Adolph, he's the dentist of record with FORBA/Small Smiles in New York, Ohio and a few other states.

Brad is also the director, executive producer and writer of the documentary Beyond The Metal of Honor. Here is the cast of characters involved in the making of the film:

  • Brad Padula - Director Executive Producer Writer
  • Peter C. Lemon - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Rudy Padula - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Dan DeRose - Public Relations and Executive Producer
  • Frank Provenza - Co-Producer Writer Narrator
  • John Schymos - Director of Photography

Adolph Padula, Michael DeRose, Ed DeRose, William Mueller and Dan DeRose have their names all over documents at the Colorado Secretary of State's office in regards to various dental clinics including Small Smiles, Smile High, DeRose Children's Dental Center and 6th Street of Denver Dental Center.

I will say they sure keep it "All In The Family"

(if you checked out the website, you'll see it's the same address as DD Marketing and this same address shows up on some of those documents I mentioned above.)

Anyone know a thing about Nicole Padula, Pueblo, CO?

Wonder what this is exactly, what are they maintaining? I found it an an announcement in the Colorado Tribune January 2008.

R & R Maintenance, LLC (DLLC, 01/07/08,
Perpetual) Adolph R Padula, 409 N. Grand
Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003

It's North Grand Street where DD Marketing is located? Hmmm.....

I found it here click