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Monday, August 04, 2008

Small Smiles Takes Advantage of Grieving Mother To Patient Shop

You gotta luv Forba and their hired (public relation) gun, Don Meyer of Rubin-Meyer, formerly with Hill & Knowlton.

They've gone and got themselves their very own blog with Don Meyer as its author. (guess they are trying to fight fire with fire)

I know but please stop laughing. I understand it's hard but give it a shot.

It's not much of a blog. It started in May with 1 post and has one or two posts in each month since.

Not much they can say, most of the 9 posts talk in general about dental care to the under served.

One post is about them hiring Dr. Steve Adair, the papoose board expert who at one time warned against using the papoose board and wrote an article outlining how it should be modified in order to ensure the child could get oxygen and breath.

The other posts are reprinted news articles about clinic openings etc. None of the news articles after these clinics have been in operation in a community are posted.

The latest post is the most horrible of all.

It's about this lady who lost her son and holds an event each year that hands out book bags, this year she is teaming up with Small Smiles to offer free dental screenings during her event.

How HORRIBLE that Small Smiles would take advantage of this woman's goodness to patient shop!

This woman and her good graces and grief are being exploited for the gain of Small Smiles and it's a disgrace!

Clearly she knows nothing about Small Smiles operations, fraud, and investigation into these practices by various government agencies.

I'm not going to post the address, but I will say they use one of their big 'buzz' words in the title and it's hosted at blogspot.

Forba, is there nothing you won't do?