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Monday, November 01, 2010

FORBA Small Smiles Ads For High Turnover Dental Clinics: October 2010

Below are the latest Ads for Employees from Small Smiles FORBA.   I see they are not telling applicants exactly on whom they will be performing dental treatment. 

FORBA Small Smiles are now seeing adults as well as children. 

# 1- Fort Wayne, IN. - HIGH EARNING POTENTIAL! Hiring Lead and Associate Dentists for our office in Fort Wayne and Muncie, IN. call Jacob at 719-562-4460 or email or visit


Key words and phrases:

"Potential"  - wait until you find out what you have to do to get to the "High" part of the "Potential".


#2- Forba Dental Network is currently searching for skilled and compassionate Dentists to join our stable and successful practices in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Muncie, IN.  

General Dentists, Residents, Pediatric Dentists, and Oral Surgeons are encouraged to apply.

For years, the primary mission of our offices has been to meet the dental needs of underserved children and young adults.  Dentists on staff enjoy a rewarding work environment without the administrative burdens of operating a practice.  You will have the opportunity to focus on quality care, while we handle the administration responsibilities.  You'll find a rewarding career with purpose, pride and passion when you join the team!Please call Jenna direct at 719-562-4462


Key words and phrases:

"Stable and Successful"  - As I have said before, if they have to say it, chances are good it is questionable or being questioned.

Indianapolis Clinic – they are looking for someone there because another of many dentists have put in their resignation because of poor quality of care, employees doing jobs beyond their scope, i.e. dental assistants or hygienist doing jobs only the dentist is licensed to do, and the dentist feels procedures are being done that are not necessary.  I do not believe the Muncie clinic is open yet. 

"while we handle the administration responsibilities"  -This could lead to lawsuits, falsified documents, false billing, forging your signature, falsely notarizing your signature, filing hospital and insurance credentials with traced or photocopies of your signature, I have seen heard of claims filed for Medicaid reimbursement under the NPI number of dentists who have not worked there for years.  Heck you might not even need to actually take CE's.  They will do that for you too!



Jacob and Jenna Kochenberger are husband and wife.  Kirk Kochenberger married Paula DeRose.  Dr. Eddie DeRose and Mike DeRose are father and son.   Nick Kochenberger's mother is Paula.  Dan and Mike are brothers.  Paula is Dr. Eddie's daughter.  Nick and Jacob are brothers.  Nick is CEO of Cardiology Now.  Is Jacob Dr. Eddie's grandson? Where is FORBA?  Where is Small Smiles?