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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smiles Starters Dental Centers Under Fire AGAIN!

Raligh - Durham ABC News

Smile Starters, formerly known as Medicaid Dental Centers, first made the news in North Carolina in 2003.  10 years later, little that has changed, other than its name and signage.

Reporter, Diane Wilson, with the ABC affiliate in Raleigh-Durham, NC reports on continued fraudulent diagnosing practices Smile Starters Dental Centers in North Carolina.  You can contact ABC’s “Troubleshooters” at

Listen for the usual Medicaid dental mill “buzz” words and phrases, such as: “Corporate”,“Chief Dental Officer”, “Do Not Allow Parents Back with the Child” and “Lead Dentist”.


End of EyeWittness ABC Channel 11 Report

However unlikely it is for the North Carolina Dental Board to take action, it is still extremely important a complaint is filed and on record, so to speak. To file a complaint with the North Carolina Dental Board click here.

What they couldn’t tell you in the report:

Smile Starters and the dentists who work there, are very much familiar with the North Carolina Dental Board and visa-versa.  With the new regulations in North Carolina on how dentists and management companies operate, maybe the dental board could take a look at Smile Starters and Root Dental Management and expose the truth behind the true ownership of Smile Starters Dental Centers.

Smile Starters Dental Centers have operated under Medicaid Dental Centers (MDC), North Carolina Dental Centers and Smile Starters.  As reported above, Dr. Ralph Rivera was Smile Starters Chief Dental Officer under the prior ownership of Dr. Michael A. DeRose and Dr.  Letitia L. (Tish) Ballance.  Although it would be hard to prove outside a legal setting — where documents would have to be produced — I whole heartedly believe Michael A. DeRose sill owns and controls these dental clinics. Being that Michael A. DeRose has had his license revoked and is also listed on the governments LEIE (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities) list, it would be highly illegal for him to own a dental clinic or received monies from Medicaid or Medicare, directly or indirectly.  If he maintains any ownership, it would have to be masked by a few layers of corporations, and the DeRose’s are good at that game, or at least think they are.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Access West Dental, Asheville, NC-Dr. Letitia (Tish) Ballance

I don't know how old or new this ad is but here is an ad for a job listed at for a new graduate dentist and dental assistants and more.

Access West Dental-Asheville, NC-Dr. Tish Ballance, DDS.

Does Letitia (Tish) have her hand in the cookie jar again and looking to physically and mentally abuse more children in North Carolina? If so, as it appears, who is she in bed with this time. I would think she would want to be more than transparent in her new ventures.

I found an article written back a few years, November 2004 I think, talking about how Tish Ballance had been raised in North Carolina, and instead of going into a normal practice as a dentist she wanted to help the poor children in North Carolina by opening her heart and dedicating her life to helping those children of North Carolina, yeah right, Tish. Sounded good at the time didn't it.

From what I can gather it's scheduled to open in July 2008. Interviews were scheduled for these positions on Saturday 4/12/o8 at the Marriott Residence Inn on Biltmore Avenue, according to career builder website.

Now I'm not that educated as most can tell from the half hazard way this site is thrown together but if I had just gotten named and fined with a cohort, Michael DeRose, 10 million dollars, 10 MILLION DOLLARS I don't know that I would still be out trying to do the same thing again with in 2 days! Then again, maybe I'm just a quick study and some people just aren't.

As you can read from the ad, once again it's a newly formed "group", wonder exactly who is involved in the "group".

Is it just me that finds this just amazingly stupid! Change names, change locations, rinse and repeat!

Honestly those with a sense of humor, you gotta just love this one!

ACCESS WEST DENTAL (Asheville, NC) - Great opportunity to live, work, and play in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina in the progressive Asheville area, earn a great salary with no administration responsibilities, and to dedicate your skills to making a real difference! Join Access West Dental opening soon in Asheville, North Carolina. The newly formed Access West Dental is a private group general dental practice that will concentrate on providing much needed access to quality dental care for the under served children and young adults of western North Carolina. The new state of the art 10,000 sq foot office is presently under construction in west Asheville and will boast a beautiful professionally designed spacious interior, 8 chair fully computerized open hygiene bay, digital radiography throughout with intra-oral cameras, and 10 fully computerized ops to also support the “paperless” office model. In addition, there will be a central sterilization area, 4 private consultation rooms for discreet and informed doctor/patient communications, and a full complement of trained support staff that will consist of 4-5 RDHs, 10 DAs, 5 front desk staff (2 bilingual), plus and office manager and a director of operations. The practice will be open Monday -Thursday, closed a full day on Friday and offers a very competitive guaranteed salary and full benefits package for only a four day work week. New graduates encouraged to apply! Please contact Dr. Tish Ballance at 828-665-4410 or for more information on this practice opportunity.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Smile Starters Still Abusing Children and Keeping Parents From Going Back With Their Child; After The First Two Visits Of Course.

Here is the story of a child who went to Smile Starters in North Carolina.  Her name is Kathy and she's 3 years old.  This is a sad story.  They make the mother feel as though she's a bad parent, they use the usual scare tactics and they've even blamed the child for not behaving properly.
Smiles Starters is part of the DeRose family of clinics, with Dr. Raf Rivera listed as being the owner.  Dr. Raf was a long time employee of Dr. DeRose and Dr. Ballance. 
When they got into trouble in North Carolina, Dr. Raf came to the rescue, offered up his name and they never missed a beat.  Wonder if DeRose and Ballance have paid the $10 million settlement yet?  If you have a child you has suffered at the hands of these ruthless creatures disguised as a dentist, contact Moriarty-Leyendecker.

The place I take my DD (dear daughter)is called smile starters and they pulled my DD's top 4 out . Caps on all but 1 tooth which was sealed and the bottom 4 has porcelain crowns in the back of them. And now her bottom 4 is going bad . And I cut out almost all sugar brush 3 times or more a day and she only has water or milk nothing else.
This place is the only one that takes Medicaid. And this next appointment I was told I can't go back with her that only 2 appointments the parents are allowed. They had to use a papoose each time cause she kicks.
But now I dread the appointment that is coming up this Friday (July 30, 2010) because they talk very stern to me the other times acted as if I was the worst parent in the world.
If I could find another place I would but there isn't a place that will accept Medicaid And I know they would want to put her through another oral surgery to pull those 4 bottom teeth and she had her first surgery last Dec.
I know her teeth are bad from genetics and they looked rough and I am caught in a hard spot cause I don't want them to report me for neglect and it states that they can if I miss a certain amount of appointments and I already rescheduled it .
And the health departments dental clinic is not equipped to  handle my DD's tantrums she has ( she kicks , scratches, cries, and pukes). She even has these when I brush her teeth.
I wish they was more equipped because they are nice to me about everything and didn't talk harsh to me . As soon as she grows out of these tantrums she has she is going to them.




Now what is it they say about needing to put crowns on teeth to hold the place for the permanent teeth?

I've also seen reports lately where parents are being asked to sign a waiver to let their child go back alone!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Report on Tish Ballance Still Going After Medicaid Dollars-ABC 13 news.

I told you guys a few weeks ago, that Tish Ballance was opening up a new 'State of the art" clinic in Ashville. Finally it's hit the news on Ashevilles ABC13, Frank Fraboni reporting (requires IE not Firefox). See Here for the video report.

This reports says that this particular Smile Starters wasn't involved in the 10 million dollar law suit, but failed to mention that every dentist in ALL Smile Starters go to the same boot camp for training. This particular office just didn't have any parents step forward.

Note how those employees look like deer caught in the headlight. Wonder why no reporter has ambused DeRose over the years. Come on guys, let's get on that one.
(see that's what's this site is all about, gathering information for reporters and agencies so they don't have to spend the same hundreds of hours researching this whole mess and it's all in a nice package right her to pick through and decide what each wants to report on, or agency wants to file what chargers, call it my gift to the world)

In the report above documents show that even today, DeRose and Ballance still own Smile Starters, even though they say it's been sold to Dr. Raf Rivera. They employees still acknowledge DeRose and Ballance still own Smile Starters, and DeRose said months and months ago he sold them or they were under "new management", depends on who he's talking to at the moment. Wouldn't you hate to have him for a client. Honestly he can't tell the same story twice.

"Mike DeRose, this is to you personally: Changing the name over the door, does not mean "New Management"....duh! And how many dental management company names do you have now, I'm up to at least 5 or 6 in the management area alone. Let's see, BBJ (your relatives) Root Management (your accountant) FORBA, LLC (you and your brother) FORBA Management, LLC (you and your brother) ...shoot I've done lost track. You know, I myself would love to have you on the witness stand, oh what a joyous day for me that would be."

According to other reports Dr. Rivera took over ....clearing throat.... I mean bought all the Smile Starters across the area. (Funny wonder how many times DeRose can sell the same clinics..didn't he once say he sold them to FORBA, Oh wait, forgot....FORBA is owned by DeRose...excuse me)

My guess they've already hired a new ad agency to come up with another new name for Smile Starters, design another sweet little logo and look for new signage to arrive at any time. Of course I could be wrong.

When it comes to this bunch I'm usually not too far off. So I guess they can advertise "new management" right? (Rolling on the floor laughing) that has taken over Smile Starters.

Of course this is standard procedure for DeRose, say they've been sold or at the least under new management (picking myself up off the floor) as pretend he's wiped his hands of the whole thing. I've uncovered at least 25, or was it 27 different names where he's done this exact thing.

Dr. Rivera will now be the so called owner and Root Dental Management to run the terrorist camps, as known as, dental management. Don't think for a minute that Michael DeRose is not involved or getting a cut off the top, he's now the probable "consultant". It's not hard to figure out the business model since it's been status quo for years.

Dr. Rivera is an old employee of Medicaid Dental Centers-Carolina Dental Centers-Smile Starters, I would bet money he's as guilty as Tish Ballance or Heather Berkheimer in gross overtreatment of the children's teeth as well as tying them up on papoose boards.

My guess (and I guess pretty well) is that the only reason he was not officially sanctioned and named in the current lawsuits is that no patient seen by him in particular came forward with complaints. ?This is where you parents out there have to step up.

That would make him the perfect candidate to take over wouldn't it. He's trained well in the standard procedure, yet not named in lawsuits. The we have the new "Root Dental Management" with Ryan Root in charge of that. Knowing full well Ryan Root has been the sidekick of Dr. Michale (Mike) DeRose for years. Actually Ryan Root is the staff accountant for FORBA I do believe. Bob Root's company, Ryan's dad, Rice/Root or something like that , then Ryan came on over to work exclusively for FORBA.

I sure hope DeRose pays Ryan Root well, since DeRose has conned Ryan into sticking his neck out there to be cut off and it will.

Tish, honey this is to you: Look, your name is mud in the dental world. It's time for you to just get back in school and find another profession. And I'd lose the "Tish" in your name. I know you've been brainwashing by DeRose, thinking you are as Teflon coated as he's been through the years, but his reign as Teflon king in the dental world in rapidly coming to an end and you need to just find something else outside the dental profession to do with your life. Now I know you are a strong person and can start over, preferably in another country....say Bahrain maybe.

(I was just thinking... I've got a lot of vacation time this summer, and I've had a few suggestions on where I could go...he he he. I also have a very nice expensive sony video recorder, and I know Colorado is very nice this time of year..... )

Thursday, May 01, 2008

DeRose's Attorney Blames Parents For The Tortue Done By His Clients

DeRose's, Ballance's and Berkheimer's attorney representing them in the Medicaid Dental Clinic (Smile Starters) lawsuit filed for preforming 14-17 root canals and caps says it' the parents fault for letting the children's teeth get that bad in the first place and says it's all silly!

What as asshole!

Here is the quote:

James Wyatt, MDC's attorney, called the allegations "silly" and added that all parents have to give written consent for any procedures at the clinics. "The children not only needed that work, it was imperative. The real question is why did the parents let their children's teeth get in such a horrible condition?"

What is silly is that this man would say such a thing and wonder if it were his child he would think it was so silly!!! I'd give anything for one of his kids to be taken back to the dungeon and tied up, and drilled on for hours and see if he thought it was "silly"

Must be a bit more than silly. After all DeRose and Ballance paid 10 million dollars to get out of a federal trail. I'd say it's pretty serious. Wonder how much they are willing to pay to get out of this trail.

We know they in no way want all their back ally dental practices brought out in a public trial. This could lead to an old fashion lynching and there's not been one of those is years!

I just wonder if I did those things to children I would have gotten off so easy, something tells me I'd be in jail, if I lived that long.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Can You Believe It Took 5 Years To Decide 16 Baby Root Canals At One Sitting Isn't A Good Idea

You know what I've been thinking?

Since the State Of North Carolina, it appears, is going to let Tish Ballance open up another medicaid dental clinic...

...and Michael DeRose be the "consultant" for Dr. Raf Rivera's new and improved Smile Starters.

....why don't they just save the children years of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and thousands of night terrors and write Tish Ballance, Raf Rivera, and Michael DeRose a check and keep their asses at home away from the children!

I mean, honestly, they haven't stopped them from getting into the medicaid piggy bank, nor has the state pulled their licenses so evidently they want them to have the money....

...cut the assholes a check!

Warning For Employees of Smile Starters

Here is a warning posted as a comment from someone:

The “bay window” that someone talked about at Smile Starters is a window looking into the HYGIENE department. If a parent stays there a little too long, they are told they cannot stand there. There are also private rooms for “problem” hygiene patients. AND if a patient is having anything else done but a cleaning, parents cannot watch.

These “current employees of Smile Starters” who are so quick to defend the “owners” — who, by the way, are owners on paper only, since the corporation REALLY owns the practices — should open their eyes and see that they are lied to daily, about who owns the company, who is ultimately in charge, who is REALLY behind the clinic, etc.etc.

They should ALL read this website.

No wonder so many of the employees are leaving to go work for Tish Ballance. HAH !!!!

Like that’s an improvement.

Professionals can’t even get liability insurance because the NC DENTAL SOCIETY and ALL the insurance companies are forbidden to write policies for anyone who works for her.

Good thing she provides insurance for her employees — BUT whenever they leave her employ they are SOL because they can’t get their own insurance.

I’ve heard that a million times from all the professionals who were smart enough to distance themselves from Tish Ballance, Mike DeRose, Ryan Root, and EVERYONE else who is and was associated with these people. What a tangled web we weave…

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where's The New Mangement @ SmileStarters?

At the Link Below there is another ad place in February 2008, listing Roger Walters as the contact to SmileStarter Dental Clinics in North Carolina. The ad says Michael DeRose is the owner.

It give Roger Walters email address as

rdm stands for Root Dental Management as in Ryan Root.

Type the name google Ryan Root Colorado and you want to take guess what you get... just click here for the surprise...............

It's clear that Ryan Root has been in business with Michael DeRose and still is in business with Michael DeRose.

So where's the new management SmileStarters keeps talking about. As far as I can tell back in February it was Root Dental Management and it currently Root Dental Management. Now maybe they are claiming that BBJ Dental Management isn't in charge anymore, but that isn't saying a whole lot now is it?

Just because Brad Bryson and Johnson Enterprises (BBJ) isn't there anymore doesn't mean much. Not that I'm sure Brad Bryson and Dan Johnson aren't still getting money out of this whole venture anyway. Hard to believe DeRose would throw his cousin and brother in law out of the money pool. (I believe Brad Bryson is DeRose's Cousin, Dan Johnson-married DeRose's sister, but I could be wrong.)

Think maybe they are just going to say that Michael DeRose is a "Consultant" with SmileStarters?

It's a question worth asking, but since he never actually physically practiced dentistry in North Carolina, nothing changed there either did it. Just replace Tish Ballance's name with Dr. Rivera and it's the same ole crap isn't it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trish Ballance and Michael DeRose: North Carolina's Responsibility To Their Citizens

Now that the state of North Carolina is fully aware that Tish (Letitia) Ballance and her partner in crime Michael DeRose are clearly still trying to open and operate more dental clinics will nip that idea of theirs in the bud!

It would most certainly be a HUGE miscarriage of justice to let these two or any of those involved in their crimes back into the business from which they were fined $10 Millions Dollars.

These clinics are designed specifically to entice low income children into their lair for strapping down and drilling out teeth "at will" all for no other reason than to see how much money they can once again defraud from the federal-state medicaid system.

After this blogger found and alerted the media, surly goodness and mercy the people of North Carolina lay down their swords and say enough!

If these two are allowed to treat children and again be allowed to dip their greedy fingers or have access to North Carolina state dental insurance program, well it would just be beyond outrageous!

And anyone with a brain would have to question why they even investigated these two crooks in the first place! Why waste even more tax dollars to investigate for at least 4 years something that you are once again going to turn your back on and pretend didn't happen.

It is unbelievable that these two are only on probation for their cruelty to children, yet allowed back in public to continue their quests. If you've kept up with this blog at all you can see there is a very wide and very very long trail of this kind of behavior from Dr. Michael DeRose, he's not going to change his spots! He and his father and brother, among others created a whole multi-million dollar industry doing this!

These two are no better than any sexual predators that society insists be tracked and kept as far away from children as possible!

Beware of The Following Dentists in North Carolina:

BEWARE of These Dentists:

Dr. Michael DeRose

Dr. Letitia Ballance

Dr. John Lyons

Dr. Jeffery Zieziula

Dr. Erron Brady

Dr. Lori Petree

Dr. Christopher Ballinger

Dr. Heather Berkheimer

Dr. Michelle Wilkerson

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Michael DeRose Still Looking For Grads To Work At Smile Starters

WOW and I thought he had nothing to do with Smile Starters.
Guaranteed starting salary 144k, new grads welcome, great place to start!
Funny how Tish (Letitia Ballance) and Mike (Michael DeRose) both put adds out at various Dental Schools for dentists to come join in their supposedly (new and separated) dental clinics about the same time. Tish says it a "group", wonder where she found others to "group" with on such short notice. Remember Tish has Access West in Asheville, and Mikie has Smilestarters (all one word if you go searching for it).

Honestly, you just gotta love these guys for keeping on keeping on, don't ya?

The Ad was posted 2-2008!
Scroll about 1/2 way down the page: here

SmileStarters is a general practice focusing on access to care for underserved children and young adults in North Carolina. We have seven locations throughout NC including Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston Salem, Greensboro, Fayetteville, and Asheville with plans for expansion. We offer excellent guaranteed salaries beginning at $144,000 and up with comprehensive benefits including health, life, disability, and malpractice insurance, paid vacation, 401K, CE time and fees and much more. If you have a desire to work in a modern, team oriented, positive environment, come help us to make a difference a smile-at-a-time!! New graduates are encouraged, a great place to begin your career.

Contact: Roger Walters-704-395-6000,
Owner listed as Michael DeRose, 2211 E. Executive, Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28208

What's better (or worse, depending on how you look at it, is that all these ads are google cashe'd so they are gonna be there for a while even if they delete them.

DeRose Children's Dental Clinic-Nashville TN-FORBA-SANUS-Trail

According to the Colorado Secretary of State's Website the DeRose's, Michael A and Edward J. incorporated a company called DeRose Children's Dental Clinic in 10-1-1975 located in Nashville, TN at 618 Church Street, Suite 520.

And guess what, this corporation is still in good standing with the state so evidently it's still up and running and filing annual tax returns and reports, however it looks like it did a name change Dec. 10, 2001. Looks like there may have been a trade name change at some point to Edward J. and Michael A DeRose, Inc or visa-versa.

But here is where it really gets interesting. The DeRose Duo say they have no affiliation with Small Smiles whatsoever right? They changed the registered agent of Corporation above in 8-17-2007 to National Registered Agents, INC in Denver, but the paper was delivered to the CO Secretary of Sate via a Linda Zoeller at the same old Nashville, TN, Church Street Address.

That's 32 years at that same address! WOW, could FORBA have an address on Church Street in Nashville?

On 12-7-2007 they filed their annual report with the CO SOS and still listed DeRose Children's Dental Clinic as the name and Nashville, Church Street as the address. Hmmm....

Are you ready... Here's the Biggie!! Ready??!!

Trade Names Listed under this Corporation and FORMED on 9-17-2007, just a few months ago:

Small Smiles Dental Centers Of Pueblo
Small Smiles Dental Clinic Of Pueblo
Small Smiles Dental Center
Small Smiles of Pueblo

....and the True Name of Registrant is....

DeRose Children's Clinic mailing address at the Church Street Address in Nashville, TN!

So I take the time to look up FORBA and I find a few names, one, FORBA Management involved Dan DeRose, but was dissolved in 2001 or 2002.

However! There is still:
FORBA, LLC, FORBA, INC and FORBA Holding, LLC, there is also FORBA Group incorporated in Delaware, as the others are, on 7-9-2007 are but I don't have info in it at this time, give me a bit.

Let's start with FORBA Holding, LLC- The documents say it's TRUE NAME IS-Sanus
and it's annual report file in November 2007 is still the old DeRose Children's Dental Clinic in Nashville. Linda Susan Zoeller still doing the document filing.

FORBA, LLC says it was formed 10-01-2002 and at present it's delinquent in some of it's filings. It also says that Daniel E. DeRose is it's registered Agent and It's True Name is LICSAC, LLC. (cute). By the way, it's a full year late in filing it's annual report with the State of Colorado, however I bet it gets filed soon since so many FORBA dudes hang out here.

LICSAC, LLC is also delinquent in it's state filings and there's Danny boy again, listed as the registered agent. It was formed 10-2002. It's two years delinquent in it's state filings so it's not in good standings with the state of Colorado either.

So what we have here is FORBA Holding, LLC is really Sanus.
FORBA, LLC is really LIC SAC, LLC (guess they thought we would get confused trying to say that one a couple of times real fast, instead say it slowly..nothing but class, this bunch!)

Sanus Holding says it was formed 9-25-06 and has the same Church Street Address as above. Yet according to the press releases (aka propoganda) they say Sanus MOVED to Nashville, and FORBA moved to Nashville, whatever, but in reality it was nothing more than names being changed on the office doors.

It's in good standings thanks to Linda Susan Zoeller, wow, didn't she work for DeRose Children's Dental Clinic, well yes she did!

Now we have Sanus Services, INC and guess where it's located, yep, Church Street in Nashville, TN. Busy place, that 618 Church Street, Suite 520! Sanus Services goes under the name FORBA Services...located...well you get the picture now right? Once again, this is in good standings thanks to Linda. I bet she spends most of her days trying to figure out what to file in what name and in what state, hope she's paid well to keep her mouth shut.

After a while it looks like the DeRose's got wise and just used a company that does this kind of thing to be it's registered agent. The Corporation Company aka The United States Corporation Company aka CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service

So there you have it, the paper trail so to speak and it all leads right back to Edward J. and Michael A DeRose with Danny DeRose getting used a bit in the mix.

I've got way too much time on my hands don't I?

I bet Tish Ballance wishes she had done her homework before getting into business with these guys.

And they say they have nothing to do with "Small Smiles" Whateva!

Ballance -DeRose DDS PA

After looking over the Articles Of Incorporation for Ballance-DeRose, DDS PA it appears another name needs to be added to the list of people involved in dental practice. There are three people listed:

Michael Anthony DeRose
Letitia L. Ballance
Robert D. Hinshaw

with Michael Anthony DeRose listed as Registered Agent.
and Robert D. Hinshaw the Incorporator
It was signed 10-16-2003

This corporation is still current and active

There is also a Michael Anthony DeRose, DDS PA corporation listed in North Carolina with Mike being the sole director and incorporator.

This corporation was formed July 12, 2001 and is also current

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dr. David Moore-Small World Dental Clinic-North Carolina

By Tara Savatius: 2-1-06

When kids wouldn't behave, he choked them, slapped them and banged their heads against chairs. He'd often haul them out of their seats by their necks or yank them forward by hooking his fingers under their upper front teeth.
No, this isn't another column about some thug with a three-page rap sheet. This is about Dr. David Moore, pediatric dentist extraordinaire, and what went on in his Billingsley Road office.
In one case described in a report by the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners, Moore pulled a girl "off of the dental chair by her head and neck and slammed her against the window in the operatory." In another, he choked a boy and left marks on the child's neck and face. A third child also emerged from his office with marks on his cheeks and arms after Moore strapped him to a chair and used a mouth prop that caused unnecessary bleeding.
That's just a small sample of how the low-income children who visited Moore's Small World Clinic, which specialized in Medicaid patients, were treated. The rest of the story doesn't get much better. According to the dental examiners' report, Moore left children unattended while they were under intravenous sedation and failed to note his reasons for sedating them in their records. Though he didn't have a general-anesthesia permit, he administered general anesthesia to other children and left them unattended as well.
Why knock your patients out? My guess is that it's a heck of a lot easier to perform hours of unnecessary work when they're out cold.
That's where the Medicaid fraud comes in. Moore repeatedly billed the government for work he didn't do and failed to justify work that he did, an investigation by the dental examiners revealed.
A rational person would assume that Moore's dental career was kaput, but rational people apparently don't sit on the dental examiners board. As punishment, the board revoked Moore's license for six months starting Jan. 13. When he gets it back in July, they plan to get really tough with him by putting him on probation.
Here's how that harebrained scheme is supposed to work. According to an agreement Moore signed with the board, if he doesn't beat up kids, illegally gas them, work on them alone or bar their parents from the examining room, he gets to keep his license. The board plans to enforce this by training his staff -- who will be hired and paid by him -- to keep an eye on him. Moore will be required to establish a fund for each staff member that covers their salary for up to six weeks -- not six weeks, but up to six weeks. They'll get the money if they fink him out, but only if the board later finds he broke the law. How they'll pay the rent until they find a new job isn't covered in the agreement.
What happened at Small World Clinic is just the latest example of the dental examiners board's laissez-faire attitude toward fraud and patient abuse by Charlotte dentists. Two and a half years ago another investigation by WCNC-TV's Stuart Watson found that two other pediatric Medicaid Dental Centers in Charlotte were barring parents from the examining room, strapping down children as young as 4 for hours, and drilling and capping eight to 16 teeth at a time, procedures that the board found were often unjustified or unnecessary.
After more than two years of inaction, the board finally wrote letters of censure to six of the doctors. The two owners of the clinics, Drs. Letitia Ballance and Michael Derose, were put on that infamous probation. If they bill Medicaid for more than six crowns in a single day, neglect to get parents' permission before the procedure or commit fraud again, they could lose their dental licenses for six whole months. Wow. That's tough.
Part of the problem here is that like doctors, dentists police themselves in North Carolina, with results that can be frightening. The six dentists who serve two-year terms on the dental examiners board are elected by the other dentists licensed in this state. (A hygienist and regular citizen also serve on the board, but they don't get to vote or sit in on disciplinary hearings.)
This creates a sticky situation. Laying the smackdown upon your fellow dental practitioners isn't the way to maintain your popularity or your seat on the board. Make too many enemies and it could come back to haunt you when you leave. And since the board is the final word, why stick your neck out when you could stick up for a colleague who handles poor kids no one wants to work on anyway? It's not like there's a lot of money in that Medicaid stuff, and dentists have to make a living somehow.
Creative Loafing Charlotte 
Dental Board Investigation

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Smile Starters Dental Clinics-Dr. Raf Rivera cohort of Michael DeRose and Tish Ballance Since 2002

In an Email I was told:

The dental clinics in NC started out named the Medicaid Dental Centers.

They changed the name to the Carolina Dental Centers.

They just renamed the clinics again to Smile Starters.

Mike Derose and Tish Ballance just sold the clinics to a Dr. Rafael (Raf) Rivera, Jr. after paying the 10 million dollar fine to the government.

They are trying to say that since they sold the clinics they are all under new management and are hoping that the bad press will go away.

Dr. Raf Rivera has been working for Derose and Ballance since 2002. He was involved in the NC Dental board case involving excessive treatment, etc...and he did treatment that you hear about on Small Smiles and Kool Smiles, etc..

Hope this helps.
I'm trying to confirm this.

There is a Dr. Rafael Rivera, Jr NC dental license number 6870 in Charlotte, NC whose licenses was issued 6-26-1998 and is up for renewal in March 2009 and has no Dental Board Actions listed at present.

Dr. Michale DeRose was issued a NC dental license in 6-15-2001 and is on probation as listed on the NC Dental Board site.