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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Transitions Dental Company–Sham and Scam?

Transitions Dental Company (TDC) presents itself to be a company that will help dentists own their own clinics. It’s website says –


However, I think it’s another whack-a-doodle” company; the new grad being the “doodle”. I can’t find where any clinic they list on their website has ever been owned by anyone other than Transitions Dental Company.  So “Graduate Beware”, you won’t make it past “employee”!

I believe it is a scam company operated by three couples - The Kruegers, The Meldrums and The Mitchells. I say this, first,  because they have recycled the following business names several times since Transition Dental registered to do business in Indiana in 2005, and not once has the ownership ever left that of Transitions Dental Company. Second, the three couple are the “owners” “the corporate operators” and the “regional managers”.

Alpine Woods Family Dental – Frankfort, IN
Crest View Family Dental – Bloomington, IN
Fair Oaks Creek Family Dental – Columbus, IN
Glenbrook Family Dentistry – Fort Wayne, IN
Highland Creek Family Dental - Lafayette, IN
Lakeland Creek Family Dental - Merrillville, IN
Maple Creek Family Dental - Kokomo, IN
Sagamore Meadows Family Dental - West Lafayette, IN
Scatterfield Meadows Family Dental – Anderson, IN
Silhavy Creek Family Dental – Valparaiso, IN
Stoney Creek Family Dental – Muncie, IN
University Meadows Family Dental, Mishawaka, IN


About the company:

Transitions Dental Company
200 Kingston Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Established 2005


Founders and Officers:

Daniel W. Krueger Owner – President
Karri Krueger  Owner – SVP
Brad T. Meldrum – SVP (banker)
Penny Meldrum – Corporate Secretary since 2005 according to bio ( wife of Brad)
James Pruitt – Executive Office Assistant


Lisa Mitchell – Southern Regional Manager (wife of Neal)
Neal Mitchell – Northern Regional Manager (husband of Lisa)
Natalie Odel – Regional Manager
Danielle Greives – Re-Care Trainer
Tricia French – Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Trainer
Diego Calderon – IT Manager
Abdur Razzak – IT Technician