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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Small Smiles in Florence South Carolina Lead Dentist Dr. Medrina Gilliam

FORBA Holding, LLC the 'owners' of Small Smiles clinics are definitely in defensive mode after agreeing to pay $24 million dollars to State and Federal governments just to settle claims they committed countless amount of fraud, mistreated and overtreated small children in order to line their pockets with taxpayer cash, via state children medicaid programs. The settlement was announced a couple of weeks ago.

Below is Dr. Medrina Gilliam, hitting a morning show, trying to sell her wares. This particular program on the local NBC station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolin. Dr. Gilliam is 'Lead' dentist of the Small Smiles Clinic in Florence, South Carolina.

Additionally, in the past couple of weeks law suits have been filed, one in Ohio-a Class Action suit and one in Colorado-New FORBA v. Old FORBA. New FORBA says it's owned the clinics since September 2006, but all the bad press and fraud charges are a result of problem with the company when Old FORBA was in control. (actually New FORBA still paid Old FORBA to 'manage the dental operations for them, but that's a whole other story).

Here is a comment posted on a website from an mom who had dealings with the very clinic led by Dr. Gilliam who is in the promo above:

User Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
I took my three year old granddaughter to this clinic and I really regret it. First of all, she was scared, but they didn't think she was scared. I don't know who trained these people, but they expect my baby to just sit still and let them put in five filling while being in a straight jacket and not try to get out.

The child is not use to being tied down. so she didn't handle that well. These days and time, I am glad my child will try to get away for strangers who are making negative comments about her while she is tied down.

I will not recommend this place to any one who has a child that needs work done. Cleaning and just checking, they may be okay, but not to do any work that required a needle. They do not understand when a child is scared and will not call the parent back there if the child is upset. They complained about my child right in front of her.

My baby is very smart and sat through all of her shots at other doctor offices without crying. However, she was terrified with the people at Small Smiles. I think the parent should be allowed to go back there while they are working on the child. If not, the parent should be able to see the child even if the child can't see the parent.

The attitude of some of the staff was negative because the child was upset. I think they acted very stupid in trying to judge a three year old child. By the way, she just turned three. I would not even allow them to recommend her to another dentist if fair of what they would tell the new dentist.

I think Dr. Gilliam needs to keep her ass back at the clinic and do a better job of 'leading', don't you! And... New FORBA sucks as bad as Old FORBA!