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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kansas Dental Board Asking Dr. Thomas Corcoran to “Prove It”

November 4, 2010

Kansas Dental Board
Case Number 10-20
Re: Dr. Thomas Corcoran's ownership of Topeka Dental clinic in question.
At the end of September 2010 the Kansas Dental Board finally got around to investigating who owns Topeka Dental Clinic by requesting information from Dr. Thomas Corcoran, DDS.
Wonder where the Kansas Dental Board has been for the last several years, in a coma?  Well, at least they are now awake and asking questions, I hope it is not some sort of dog and pony show.
Since the FORBA (Church Street Health Management) settlement with the government in January 2010 Kansas Dental Board has noticed something odd: Kansas received $1,190, 345 as its part of the fraud reimbursement and instead of Dr. Thomas Corcoran making those payments, a company by the name of FORBA (Church Street Health Management) is making the payments on behalf of the 3 FORBA clinics in Kansas.  

In their letter, sent September 27, 2010 the dental board states “ Since this amount is substantial and is being paid by a corporation and not by yourself, it is evident that although you have indicated  in the past that you are the owner of the Topeka Dental Clinic, LLC and previously Small Smiles of Wichita, that in fact the owner of the clinic in not yourself, but instead a corporation.”
[saying Dr. Corcoran lied like a dog would be a terrible insult to the canine species]
The board points out to Dr. Thomas Corcoran that “Kansas dentists can NOT be employed by a non-dentist or a corporation unless the corporation or LLC is owned by a Kansas licensed dentist or dentists.  Each owner must also be in the practice at least a majority of the time the office is in operation.”
The Dental Board requested Dr. Thomas Corcoran provide a written response explaining how his association with this corporation is not creating a violation of the dental practices act.
Yes, Kansas Dental Board, I have been asking this exact question since 2007!
As part of the investigation they requested Dr. Thomas Corcoran provide:
1.  A copy of your purchase agreement or ownership documents of the clinic.
2.  An employee handbook
3.  A copy of advertisements published to hire dentists
4.  A list of member of your LLC with ownership interests.
5.  An Operating Agreement between yourself and FORBA
6.  Attach your personal and business FEDERAL income tax returns with attachments, including Schedule C with W-2’s or 1099’s.  If you are a PA or LLC include returns for you personally and for the business entity.
7.  Attach five payment reimbursement forms from Medicaid and five from insurance companies.
8.  Attach copies of promissory notes or loan agreements with amortization schedule used.
9.  Attach a copy of the latest bank account statements for the business.
10.  Do you own the fixtures and equipment?  ___ Yes  ___No
        If “No” state from whom it is leased: 
        Business Name:________________________
        Contact Person: ________________________
11.  List dates of employment, names and contact information of all dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants employed by the clinic.
Provide the above information within ten(10) days from the receipt of this letter.
Then the Board went on to sooth Dr. Thomas Corcoran by informing him this was merely an investigation and neither the board or the Investigative Member had reached any conclusions.
Signed Sincerely, Mellissa Graham, Administrative Officer.

I hope the board ask the exact same questions of:
Dr. Frank Blacknall
Dr. Mohommad Akbar (these questions were raised many times in the past by the press)

I contacted the Kansas Dental Board for more information and comment, here was the reply:

Our investigations are confidential. Unless there is a discipline, the information is not public.
Betty Wright
Executive Director
Kansas Dental Board
900 SW Jackson, Ste. 564S
Topeka, KS 66612