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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A dentist and a vet want their corporate dental clinics- Pacific Dental-to have more access to the teeth of New Mexico citizens and taxpayer coffers.

By “vet” I don’t mean “veteran” of the military, I mean “veterinarian”!!!

Pacific Dental-Smile Care-Coast Dental-InterDent, wants to open more than just the current 2 clinic limit in New Mexico. They want in there in a bad way, and Derek and Adam Diasti are willing to go to the mat to get that access. Brother, Derek is the veterinarian.

Best known as Pacific Dental, it seems to be financed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) or at least Coast Dental was before the merger.

DFA website

Below is a letter sent to the New Mexico Dental Board, dated March, 2012.  In it, they actually say it would be unconstitutional to refuse to allow the company to violate the state Dental Practice Act. Yep! Pure madness!

And unless there is a real and serious pushback, the state laws are likely to be changed to allow them in. New Mexico citizens are sitting at home right now, not knowing the danger to their public health that is taking place. Scary!

Of course corporate dentistry is being pushed throughout the land. As we learned last week at the Texas hearings, the states say have they no authority over the entities. It’s the Wild West! Unchecked and unregulated, or should I say,not regulated.

Pacific Dental Services, Inc