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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Skin Care Now Gets "Endorsement" From Pueblo Chieftain-No Big Surprise

It must be official; it is in the Chieftain, right?  More swift and easy health care, brought to you by Dan DeRose, Mike Roumph and the usual crowd and promoted by the Pueblo Chieftain.  Consistently the Chieftain appears to be the DeRose & Company's own propaganda publication.

Pueblo Chieftain, July 31, 2010

The building is owned by Pueblo businessmen and community leaders Dan DeRose and Mike Roumph. Pollock and Sbarbaro lease the building, and also have a management contract with a company comprised of DeRose, Roumph, Sbarbaro and Rich Lane, also of Pueblo.

Once again, the Chieftain had the gall to put the citizens of Pueblo at another health risk, brought to you by a DeRose "gang".   Talk about a "puff" review this is not a story it is an ad.

A quick overview is this; Dan DeRose and Mike Roumph, the two of the ring leaders in Medicaid Fraud and abusing children for profit through their Small Smiles Dental Centers were managed by FORBA, which they also were a part.  Have now partnered up with two more doctors; Dr. Jamie Pollock and Dr. Jim (kill 'em during the stress test) Sbarbar.  Dan and Mike are supplying the building and 'management' and Pollock and Sbarbar are providing the medical service.  NOW, does this sound like a scam or what?

Posted: Saturday, July 31, 2010 12:00 am
   It could take weeks, maybe even months, to have a Pueblo dermatologist look at a suspicious spot, mole or growth on your skin.

   You can telephone Skin Care Now and get in to see family practice physician Dr. Jamie Pollock the day you call or the next day — guaranteed.

   "We are here to give quality service, to study basic skin conditions the same day or the next day," said Pollock, co-owner of the center at 415 N. Grand.

  "We screen for atypical skin issues, then decide on treatment." Pueblo cardiologist Dr. Jim Sbarbaro also is a co-owner.

   Pollock explained that if a skin growth appears suspicious, he will biopsy it and send the sample to the lab.

   "If it comes back malignant, there are several options," he said. "We could refer the patient to a dermatologist or perhaps a plastic surgeon, for example."

   Pollock emphasized that he was educated as a family practice physician and that he in no way intends to supplant local dermatologists in treating skin conditions.

   "We're not trying to compete with someone with more training," Pollock said. "This is the first stopping point, a staging area for specialists.

   "If you wake up with acne, or if you have a spot that you'd like someone to look at right away, this is the place to come."

   Why not just have your family doctor do that?

   "First, there aren't many family practice physicians. Secondly, not all are willing to do the procedures."

   "They refer the patient to a dermatologist, and that may mean the patient has to wait weeks, usually months to see the doctor," he said. "This is a problem typical in many specialties, not just dermatology. There is a great shortage of specialists in Pueblo and nationwide.

   "We help not to delay the diagnosis. You haven't waited three months to see if you have a problem."

   About half of the patients who have visited the center so far have been Medicare or Medicaid patients. Sometimes, Pollock explained, such patients lack a family physician that they can see.

   Pollock, who has been in Pueblo since 2004 and completed his residency at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center, said he also intends to "do some family practice, to an extent. That's important, too, to look at the entire patient, to study their conditions, the medicines they're on.

   "A patient can have a benign spot, but it might be a herald of a malignancy inside."

   "But the focus of the practice is on skin care that is available — now. We will answer the phone within three rings. We will see the patient that day or the next day. Plus, I'm on call."

   The new center — which markets itself as offering "treatment and diagnosis NOW for acne, rashes, moles, eczema, psoriasis, wart treatments, rosacea and suspicious skin spots — employs six staffers in addition to Pollock. It has eight examination rooms and plenty of parking in back.

   The building is owned by Pueblo businessmen and community leaders Dan DeRose and Mike Roumph. Pollock and Sbarbaro lease the building, and also have a management contract with a company comprised of DeRose, Roumph, Sbarbaro and Rich Lane, also of Pueblo.

   Lane explained that the management company provides accounting, advertising and marketing services.

   "If this meets a need, and we believe it will, then we might consider offering similar services in other locations," Lane said.

   The center's phone number is 924-8448. There will be an open house at the center from 5-7 p.m. Aug. 12.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Concerns About Small Smiles Raised By Nevada CUSP in 2006

February 22, 2006 
Health Access Washoe County 
1055 S. Wells Avenue 
Reno, NV  89502

Small Smiles Dentistry of Reno: Mike Rodolico, Mike Roumph

At the last CUSP meeting, Mike Rodolico asked if anyone had any information about the new pediatric dental clinic in Reno, Small Smiles.  No one did.  Dr. Rodolico offered to go on the Internet to research the parent organization and report back at the next meeting.   Dr. Rodolico located several video news clips from a Colorado news station which he played for those present.  The primary concern raised in the video clip included injuries to children who had been restrained in papoose boards and the provision of excessive amounts of treatment during appointments.  

Mike Roumph, who was in attendance representing Small Smiles then made a PowerPoint Presentation about Small Smiles and played news clips from television stations in Oklahoma and Georgia.  The Small Smiles practice in Reno is owned by a Nevada licenses dentist, Dr. Adolph Padulla.  

( I wonder if Mike told them Dr. Padula also owned FORBA, was part of the problem, didn't live in Nevada and didn't practice dentistry.  Had they googled Dr. Padula they would have known he was also licensed in about 15 other states at the time.)

It is managed by Forba Management Company, LLC.  Forba is the largest provider of children’s dental services in the United States.  They manage 40 clinics in 13 states.  The clinics managed by Forba saw over 700,000 children last year.  

The Reno clinic had over 1,100 appointments scheduled when they opened their doors.  It has a staff of 25According to Mr. Roumph, papoose boards are only used on 6% of their cases.  (Bull Crap!)

He stated that dentists receive training in dental school on behavioral management.  (Really?) 

If those techniques are not adequate, then it is up to the provider to make the decision to refer the child for treatment under general anesthesia or to use the papoose board.  

Parents are counseled regarding the use of papoose boards and the parent, the dentist and a witness must all sign a consent form prior to a papoose board being utilized.  In terms of the amount of treatment provided at one appointment, that decision is left to the individual provider.   (Lying like a dog, but it sounds good!)

According to Mr. Roumph, their clinics have a policy (albeit unwritten) that no more than six teeth can be crowned at one appointment.  They are able to provide this amount of dentistry during each appointment because they practice six-handed dentistry (one dentist and two dental assistants).  

(Don't ya love it, Six Handed Dentistry.  One Dentist and two assistants, tying down a child, pinching his nose, scaring the living heck out of him, and doing 6 root canals and crowns, and somehow they thought this was doing something good and just)  

Chart audits are performed on a monthly basis.  Between 10 to 20 charts are randomly selected each month for the chart audits.  Clinic staff meet and review the findings of the chart audits. The findings are used to develop policies and procedures for all Forba managed clinics.  

(Randomly selected, huh?  By whom? and who did those audits?, the finding were used to develop policies alright, like how can we get more done in a shorter amount of time, and what kind of incentives can we use, Super Bowl Tickets anyone?)

Twice a year a physical audit is made of each clinic.  This includes a review of HIPAA and OSHA compliance, billing practices, personnel and additional chart audits.  

A Forba regional manager, who is also a dentist who has been employed by Forba for five years, participates in the physical audits.  These audits are benchmarked against other Forba managed clinics. 

(Yes, they sure are.  And if one clinic is under producing, heads roll!)

The question was raised as to what Small Smiles is doing to comply with the community’s standard of care which is that children who need extensive dental treatment are hospitalized and the procedures are done under general anesthesia.  Mr. Roumph stated that Small Smiles is trying to get hospital privileges for at least one dentist in each of the clinics they manage.  

(OH DEAR GOD!  How did that work out!)

They also have a policy that appointments will not exceed one hour in length (no new procedures will be initiated after one hour).   

(One Hour!!!  Hell NO, they sure won't/didn't or shall exceed one hour, 20 minutes max, for those 6 root canals and caps, that's why the papoose board is needed, heck after shots it takes 10-15 for those to kick in doesn't it, by that time, 99% of those 6 teeth have been derooted and capped, the rest of the time is used to clean the puke and pee up.)

Parents are not encouraged to be in the treatment room; however if the parent wants to be present, the dentist and parent meet and the dentist can make a decision to allow the parent in the treatment room.  

(you guys just never did get your lies lined out on this one did you)

Mr. Nowak was asked if the DHCFP has thought of implementing policies/guidelines related to length of appointments, number of procedures done at each appointment, use of papoose boards and allowing parents in treatment rooms.  Mr. Nowak stated that Forba and the DHCFP have had discussions regarding these topics. 

(During these discussions I wonder if they talked about how to get FORBA to back the hell off, Colorado had to pass a law to get them to cooperate?)

The DHCFP has informed Forba that they will support them in the event that a parent wants more treatment performed at one appointment than a dentist in a clinic managed by Forba deems prudent.  

(Well, I'm sure that was never a problem, nor would I think it would be, but a nice try at spinning it anyway.)

Mr. Nowak also stated that the DHCFP will be utilizing an external quality review organization and their findings may provide additional guidance.     

(Where can a person get a little 'look-see' at those reviews and provided guidance?)                  

Mr. Roumph finished his presentation by issuing an invitation to CUSP members to come by the Small Smiles clinic in Reno to visit at any time. 

He also asked if Dr. Ashley Angaran, who is a Reno native, could be placed on the e-mail distribution list to receive agendas and minutes.  He would like Dr. Angaran to start attending CUSP meetings as a representative from Small Smiles.   

(How's that working out?)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mike DeRose and Louis Carleo provded funding for Tony Ianne, indicted on 72 counts of mortage fraud

Here's another story where ole Michael DeRose's name comes up in providing funding for another Pueblo criminal. 
No real surprise here is there, other than he's not indicted!!

Yet anyway.

But as we all know, Michael DeRose only want to do good for the community, help the little children with his Small Smiles Clinics, save the Children at his Smile Starter clinics in North Carolina...right.

Yeah, whatever!  The DeRose/Roump/Carleo bunch only care about $$$$$!

The Pueblo County grand jury has indicted Rosario's restaurant owner Anthony "Tony" Ianne on 72 counts accusing him of mortgage fraud involving fake loan applications, fake pay stubs and, in some cases, having managers at his restaurant lie about the employment of prospective homebuyers.

The indictment was filed Monday in Pueblo District Court. The grand jury also indicted John Valle of Denver, the owner of Colorado Mortgage Firm, as well as Colorado Mortgage employees Brianna Valle and Sheldon Carlisle, naming them as co-conspirators with Ianne.

Pueblo District Attorney Bill Thiebaut said Monday that Ianne was the "principal actor" in the mortgage fraud incidents, which the indictment alleges took place between 2005 and 2007.

Ianne was indicted by the grand jury in October in connection with witness tampering allegedly for telling one of the homebuyers described in Monday's indictment not to talk to investigators.

Monday's indictment included a warrant for Ianne's arrest and a summons for the other three people to appear in court. Ianne surrendered at Pueblo County jail on Monday, and was released later in the afternoon on $100,000 bail. The indictment alleges that Ianne had bought a large number of "distressed properties" and needed to sell them to clear up his lines of credit.

According to the indictment, Ianne - unable to sell enough of the properties quickly enough - turned to "a universe of friends, family and employees" between 2005 and 2007 and asked them to be buyers.

The indictment stated that several of those people each bought multiple properties, even though some couldn't afford them. The indictment alleges those individuals were able to buy the properties because Ianne and Colorado Mortgage faked the financial credentials of the buyers.

The four buyers named as victims in the indictment were Mark Secorna, William Dotson, Penny Dominguez and Jeremy Garnett. They bought as many as 19 rental houses in total, but lost many of them to foreclosure later when renters moved out and could not be replaced.

The buyers, according to the indictment, "began to understand what had happened once their homes went into foreclosure," then turned to the district attorney's office and complained about discrepancies in their loans.

The indictment alleges that Ianne and Colorado Mortgage did the following:

Illegally provided the buyers with money for their down payments without disclosing it on loan and HUD (Housing and Urban Development) forms.

Paid the buyers illegal kickbacks, "secret payments to the buyers after closing," calling them "landscaping fees" and writing the checks from another Ianne company. The indictment also alleges that Ianne himself and also through his manager, Paul Andrada, did not always pay the buyers the amounts they were promised.

Falsified loan applications, sometimes with a special computer program called "Calyx," to make the buyers appear more attractive to lenders. None of the buyers should have qualified for multiple mortgages, according to the indictment. The closing dates for the homes were arranged to happen quickly to avoid disclosing that the buyers had multiple mortgages or loan applications.

When lenders began to ask questions in 2006, the group created even more false documents to try to prove that the buyers were good credit risks. According to the indictment, that included creating fake W-2 forms, pay stubs, bank statements and rental verifications.

The co-conspirators "on many occasions" forged the signatures of the four victims on legal documents.

"Furthermore," according to the indictment, "managers at Rosario's Inc. were told to verify the employment status of prospective (property) buyers who were not in fact employed by Rosario's Inc."

The indictment said all four buyers "had either performed contract labor for Ianne or had worked for him at his restaurant, Rosario's Inc."

Ianne's manager, Andrada, was not indicted, nor were were two Ianne employees named as being involved in the operation: Tami Cornelison, who was named in the indictment as someone who helped create false documents to help back up the bogus mortgage applications; and Dannete Gutierrez, who allegedly assisted in processing information for various buyers to present to mortgage brokers to arrange for loans.

The indictment also named some of Ianne's financial partners but did not accuse them of anything, saying: "During this period (2005-07), Ianne was also associated with other individuals who supplied funding for his business, Mike DeRose and Gino and Louie Carleo."

Contacted by The Chieftain on Monday, DeRose, a local dentist and civic leader, said: "I invested with (Ianne). I have no (other) comment.”

Louie Carleo, a local developer and civic leader, said: "I’ve never heard anything about it (the indictments and the business). It’s all news to me. I was never aware we did anything with him (Ianne).”

Ianne and the three Colorado Mortgage officials each were indicted on 29 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery, 20 counts of conspiracy to commit theft of more than $15,000, eight counts of conspiracy to commit computer crime in excess of $15,000, 14 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery, and one count of violating the state's organized crime law against "conducting an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity."

Thiebaut, the county's chief prosecutor, declined to say Monday if anyone else would be indicted or accused in the scheme.

"All I can say is that the 2009 grand jury continues to meet and investigate crimes in our community," he said.

Thiebaut said the court was asked for a warrant to arrest Ianne because of his status as the principal individual in the case. He noted that Ianne still faces the five counts in the October grand jury indictment of tampering with a witness/victim, retaliation against a witness/victim, first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree burglary.

Thiebaut also said that there were more than four victims.

"There were numerous people that came forward," he said. But "the grand jury decided to concentrate on these people at this time."

The case will be complicated, Thiebaut said, but added: "I'm confident we can prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt."

Ianne's attorney, Randy Jorgensen, said he hadn't seen the indictment Monday. But he repeated his earlier complaint - made in October when Ianne was previously indicted - that it's too easy to indict someone with a grand jury, and that the indictment doesn't prove Ianne is guilty of anything.

"They've been working on it for two years," he said of the grand jury's work on this case. "If you throw enough crap up against the wall . . ."

He said he thinks the grand jury was influenced by witnesses who were promised immunity, making them "bought and paid for."

"You buy your testimony with immunity," he said, adding: "I don't think Tony ever met Mr. Valle and (Ianne) definitely didn't ever meet the other Valle or Carlisle."

Jorgensen also said of the four home buyer victims: "Everybody who went into this went into it with their eyes wide open."