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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Besides state Dental Boards not policing their dentists as they should, the Department of Health and OSHA are failing as well.

Dr. Thomas Floyd, the brute dentist in Florida, arrested two weeks ago for beating up a 4 year-old child, was also found to operate a dental clinic in extremely unsanitary conditions.  One parent I spoke with said Dr. Floyd would not sanitize the stainless steel crowns when he was trying to find the right fit – in one child’s mouth, then another’s. He didn’t change gloves from patient to patient, nor did he sanitize his instruments. When the state finally got off their butts and went to check on these allegation – allegation that had gone on for 5 years – they discovered his facility to be a hazard. (I hope all the children who have seen this dentist are receiving blood tests!)
It appears Florida is not the only state NOT checking on dental offices. South Carolina, another state that allows dental mills to run amok doesn’t check either. I bet they check tattoo parlors!

Written by 
Mike Foley
Staff writer
The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation last year conducted 4,626 routine inspections of cosmetologists and barbers.
During that same time, the agency conducted zero routine inspections of the state’s dentists. The South Carolina Board of Dentistry — which falls under the agency’s jurisdiction — also conducted no routine inspections. The hands-off situation extended to two other state agencies: The Department of Health and Environmental Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Yet right now, while each of those regulatory boards handles some regulatory aspect over dentists or dental practices, routine inspections are not included.
The Board of Dentistry conducts licensing exams and annual registration of dentists, dental hygienists, dental laboratory technicians and ortho-technicians. It also, investigates complaints and conducts disciplinary hearings.
Under the South Carolina OSHA, dentist offices are subject to the federal safety standards such as the “Bloodborne Pathogens Standard” and guidelines for X-ray machines. Employees must safeguard themselves with gloves, face and eye protection and gowns, but no routine inspections are conducted for compliance.
This leaves the state’s dentists solely responsible for infection control in their own facilities, responsible for patient safety, for their own safety and for the safety of their staff. Yet, while some local dentists interviewed said precautions and regulations in place protect patients, they wouldn’t be averse to routine inspections.