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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Heartland Dental Management Dentists Accused Of DEA Number Sharing

From Federal Compliant File 4-2008

US vs Heartland Dental Care, Inc.

Heartland Dental Care, Inc. referred to as "Heartland" is a
Delaware corporation in good standing located at 1200 Network Centre Dr., Effingham, Illinois.

Heartland manages dental practices throughout the state of Illinois and elsewhere. Heartland
Dental Care, Inc., which was not incorporated until 2006, is the successor entity to Dental Health
Resources, LLC, Dental Health Resources, Inc. and Heartland Dental Development, Inc.
(collectively "DHR entities"). The DHR entities managed the dental practices, entities, dentists
and employees whose conduct is described below.

Richard E. Workman, D.M.D. is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Heartland.

In the Complaint dentists employees by Heartland at various locations used DEA numbers of other registered dentists to write prescriptions regulated medications.

DEA Inspector reviewed conduct between 2003 and 2007 and found numerous instances of misuse of DEA numbers.

Heartland employed newly graduated dentist who were not yet registered and issued a DEA number for dispensing prescription of controlled substances. Therefore in order to conduct business these dentists used DEA numbers of established dentists.

Heartland Dental was aware and facilitated in this procedure.

Wow, I wonder if this goes on at other Dental Management Companies as well, namely FORBA!

If any of you employees out there know of fraud and corruption at FORBA you could well end up like the woman in Illinois who reported them under the false claims act as a Whistle Blower entitling her to a portion of the fine/settlement. As well she won over $300K for wrongful termination.

I've put links on the side bar regarding the False Claims Act Laws and Whistle Blower Protection.