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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Don Meyer–Rubin Meyer Communication

rubinmeyerIf  you read much or post complaints about Church Street Health Management (CSHM) and their illegal dental clinics, Small Smiles Dental, you are bound to run across the name Don Meyer at some point.

Mr. Meyer is their talking headlindleyonrubinmeyer, spin doctor, public relation person at Rubin Meyer Communicaiton, founded in 2007. The sweet page they have set up especially for CSHM is here.

So who is Don Meyer?  Well according to Source Watch, he helped craft the Pentagon’s Public Affairs strategy on September 11, 2001 after the WTC attacks.  “Meyer devised public affairs tactics to support military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.” 

In May 2004 he left Donald Rumsfeld side and returned to H&K (Hill & Knowlton as VP.  Meyer worked to promote the United Arab Emirates owned company, Dubia International Capital.  Funny how he now promotes another Arab company, Arcapita who owns the CSHM/Small Smiles Dental Centers.  He also spent 6 years on Capital Hill.

Monday, March 10, 2008

FORBA hires another PR Firm

It appears FORBA, LLC Dental Management aka Forba Holding, is scrambling to do as much damage control as possible in light of the disturbing allegations with it's Small Smiles Dental Clinics.

They have hired yet another public relations firm, in Nashville, TN. McNeely, Pigott & Fox.

Wonder if they fired Rubin, Meyer or they feel they need as many public relations firms as they can hire.

After Donald Meyer was the person who sent the response to WJLA TV when the I-Team Investigation report came out exposing how Small Smiles Dental Clinics were abusing our children and our medicaid program. You can download that statement here by clicking on Froba Dental Mngt. Statement.