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Friday, December 03, 2010

New Fool On The Block In Youngstown, OH Small Smiles Clinic

Looks like we have another change of faux ownership for the Youngstown, Ohio clinic.  Yes, it’s true!  I know, amazing, right?  This is the clinic who had the idiot dentist fall asleep during a procedure.

I know, I know, he says he was dozing while the assistant was doing something, but that assistant says that is a total lie!  I believe the assistant.

The latest foolish dentist to add his name to the Secretary of State’s LLC documents as “owner” of this clinic is….

drum roll please….

Dr. Michael Crites! 

Dr. Michael Crites should know better by now, he’s been there for just over two years.  Maybe being “owner” is his reenlistment bonus.  If so, it is NO bonus!  It’s more like putting your head in the guillotine. 

However, Dr. Crites is no stranger to the Ohio dental board.  There are 16 pages of “actions” against him.  That explains why he fits right in at Small Smiles of Youngstown. 

I find it hard to believe (no I don’t) that he has credentials with any state or and especially any company that manages Ohio’s Medicaid Dental Program.  Geez!

History of this clinic

First registered as an LLC in Ohio February 2007, Joseph Bower the authorized representative, (Agent).  Name- Small Smiles of Youngstown, LLC –Kenneth E. Knott, DDS and Robert F. Andrus, DDS.

Knott and Andrus were “fired” because Kallene West (also let go) was taking their CE’s for them.  However FORBA didn’t have a problem with Kallene taking the CE’s for Dr. Bridgett Merritt-Brooks.  Dr. Bridget is still working her little fingers to the bone in South Bend.  In my opinion Dr. Bridgett is practicing without a licenses in Indiana…but heck, who am I to judge right?  More on this a bit later. 

Back to Youngstown:

Apparently Dr. Michael Crites can’t wait to be added to the next lawsuit.

February 2007
- Small Smiles of Youngstown, LLC- Dr. Robert E. Knott and Dr. Kenneth Andrus.

September 2007- Trade Name - Small Smiles Dental Clinic of Youngstown

September 17 2008- Small Smiles of Youngtown, LLC- Jodi Kuhn, DDS and Patricia Nicklas, DDS.

February 4, 2010 - Small Smiles of Youngtown, LLC – Jodi Kuhn and Olivia Croom, DDS

October 4 2010 - Small Smiles of Youngtown, LLC-Michael Crites, DDS

Where are those documents of the sale of this clinic?
Someone needs to send out the “Prove It” letter to Dr. Michael Crites.

Anyone, Bueller, Ohio Dental Board?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dr. Robert Andrus Back In Business, Giggles

Dr. Robert (Bob) Andrus

It appears they are letting Dr. Robert (Bob) Andrus practice dentistry in Colorado.  Since his departure with FORBA’s Small Smiles as regional manager he’s opened his own clinic.  He has given it the cutest little name-Giggles.  Anyone want to guess whether he accepts children on Medicaid or not?  Of Course!

ID Number:
Trade Name:
True Name of Registrant:
Formation Date: 6-25-2009

Dr. Bob, remember is one of the many dentists who lent his name and license number to be added to business registration required in most states, along with Dr. Kenneth Knot (Ken Knott) also known as Dr. Can Not.

Kallene West, Dr. Robert Andrus and Dr. Ken Knott were fired from FORBA in late summer of 2008.  There were some discrepancies in how Dr. Bob and Dr. Ken were able to renew their dental license and it is said Kallene took online Continuing Education courses or forged the credentialing documents, maybe both.  I do not know.  

I am also told Kallene did the same for Dr. Bridget Merritt-Brooks, yet Dr. Bridget was not fired.  She is one of the top producers for FORBA and their string of Small Smiles Clinics.

Dr. Bob is also the dentist who is known for fits of anger and rage in the operatories.  Throwing instruments and even one report from a dental assistant who told me he was treating a small 3 year old in an Ohio clinic and the child was not being very cooperative.  Dr. Bob proceed to poke the examination mirror down the child's throat and cause the child to gag.  He then leaned down in whispered in the child's ear, "if you do not cooperate, I will do it again."