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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parents complaining about Kool Smiles Dental and have been for years I might add–socks over their hands, tied down and blindfolded.

This is the crap you get when you get Private Equity firms, or as I call them, “Lenders for Criminals” are involved in medical care. It’s about the bottom line, not whether treatment is needed, nor is it delivered in professionally acceptable standards!! It’s illegal on so many levels and so far, we’ve not seen an Attorney General with the balls to stop it!

Hey, all you AG’s out there, I’ve got a back up set I’ll loan you! Give me a call! 

Parents Complain About Kool Smiles
By KGNS News

Story Created: Feb 28, 2012 at 10:12 PM CST
Story Updated: Feb 29, 2012
A dental office with a local branch could be in a lot of trouble.
Parents complained about what they call ‘unprofessional treatment’ their children received at Kool Smiles.

They described their kids having their hands covered with socks and tied up while a dental procedure was being done.
[I suppose this is somehow deemed better than Dr. Steven Adair’s Superman Cape idea!]
Some even complained of having procedures done without the proper sedatives.
[I’ve been told over the years, when giving nitrous, they only turn on the oxygen to give the appearance of giving nitrous to parents, bill for nitrous but save on nitrous.  I’d like an audit of amount of Nitrous billed and the amount of Nitrous purchased at each clinic!]
Now a San Antonio law firm says all Kool Smiles locations in south Texas are being investigated.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NCDR and DMPS - (Kool Smiles 1 and Kool Smiles 2 to merge)

Friedman Fleischer & Lowe is merging the two holding companies that own Kool Smiles PC.  Never really understood the point of having two divisions in the first place.  Doesn't matter what they do, until they stop abusing children to defraud medicaid they are still scum.

Here is a comment that came in just last night:

Thank goodness this is coming to light! I am a dental hygienist that was offered a job and turned it down after one 'working interview' due to the things I saw there. A cleaning on a child should never involve having to restrain them. For first visits, it should be a 'go with the flow' to set up a good relationship with the youngster for future visits. I was disgusted to see a 2 year old held down, forced to open his mouth in a 'quiet' room with his mother not allowed to be present. "No tears are allowed upon leaving" was what I was told, and they were smoothed over with a toy. Terrible terrible place. There is no amount of money that I could be paid to be a part of that. Worse yet- the schedule is set up to take 7 kids in a 15 min time period for 2 they stated "If they show" due to patients being unreliable. That is not enough time to PROPERLY clean and educate one child ("child" includes teenagers there). I hope they get shut down.