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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I don’t know, but I’ve been told, ReachOut America is as low as they go.

I’m hearing ReachOut Healthcare America mobile dentistry, and their Big Smiles program has a “service center” type place with hoards of telemarketers in cubicles, burning up the phone lines with a list of potential victims to contact that is as long as your arm. 

Telemarketers? Yes,telemarketers. This is where the “ReachOut” part comes into play. Each telemarketer has a list of the names of children, parents, your child’s school, and parent or guardian contact information.

For example, let’s say you are home, the phone rings, you answer and it’s a nice lady telling you the mobile dental clinic your school has approved, which is staffed with a highly qualified dentist and two assistants will be at your school on such and such date. Sounds just like picture-day doesn’t it?

ReachoutAmericaThe telemarketers have their expertly crafted scripts ready, which makes this phone call really a “high pressure” sales call. You’re probably going to be quoted statistics and such about the poor status of children’s dental health here in America, your state or even your town.

The telemarketer tell you they just your verbal permission - probably recorded- or so they might tell you. ReachOut can have their highly qualified and well trained dentist do just a little look-see, a screening so to speak, or maybe its been a while since your child’s last cleaning, they could do that for you too. They may tell you they will send home a report detailing Susie’s dental health.

They might ask, if their highly trained staff does find a problem, with Susie, do you what them to fix it, right then and there, since it is a full service mobile clinic. It will save you all kinds of time and we know as parents, time is a valuable commodity, right? Plus, how can you neglect your child by withholding dental care? Free dental care?! Free, you may ask?

The telemarketer, I mean company representative, tells you there will be no cost to you, since your child is eligible for free dental services because of your states Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Sounds like if you are on the “free lunch” list you get free dental care at school too, doesn’t it? 

In fact you may feel at the end of the phone call your this is all arranged by your school system as a service to all the children, included as a normal as the school nurse. Remember the fluoride rinses back in the 1980’s?

You could be lead to believe it’s nothing more than dental hygiene instruction – remember those Bell Telephone movie reels that used to make the rounds at schools?  No, well you’re not as old as me then.

If you decide you would like to be there for the event, you’re likely to be told that since they aren’t sure exactly what time Susie will be called, you could possibly be sitting there in the school all day, and you don’t want to be doing that, right? That’s just another classic separate the child and the parent ploy.

Speaking of that “free lunch” list, is that where ReachOut Healthcare got your contact information?