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Friday, July 11, 2008

Partial List of Small Smiles/FORBA Corporate Office Staff

updated 4-1-2009

Al Smith (President, COO), Adam Snell, Alicia Sandovel, Amanda Greenhood, Amanda Skelley, Anna Casarez, Arnie Carlsen, Bob Andrus-FIRED Fall 2008, Brad Gardner, Brad Williams, Brandon Dyson, Cha Jones, Chante Green, Chanthalay Onevathana, Chase Trivett, Chris Gallina, Chris Hatch, Chris Pershin, Christian Diehl, Christine Peasron, Daniel Dunn, Donnie Watson, Dorothy Vigil, Jacob Kochenberger, Jake West, Jeff Osterman, Jenna Kochenberger, Jody Kay McFarland, John Fujishiro, Juliana Johnson, Kallene West, Kathy Morales, Ken Knott-FIRED with Bob Andrus, Kevin Reilly, Kimberly England, Lara Lott, Linda Zoeller (she's the one who files all those many many state corporate filings), Lisa DeRose, Lisa Mullinix, Liz Tran-FIRED March 2009(wonder if she's related to the Tran who opened Kool Smiles), Lizz Lown Krummel, Lori Bland, Lorri Stelner, Mark Oreskovich, Marla Grossman, Marschelle Chatman, Melissa (Missy) Green, Michael Lindley, Michele Campbell, Mike McDulla, Phyllis Brown, Rodney Cawood, Shari Reed, Skye Lown, Stephanie Pena, Steve Nitchen, Suzy Selgenthaler, Tammy Green, Tim Richter, Todd Cruse, Trevor Blazer, Vince Benfatti, Vinny Branchael.

All these people are listed as employees of FORBA either at the Nashville Office or the Colorado Office that located within DDMarketing (Dan DeRose Marketing)

If you are on this list and no longer employed with Small Smiles, let me know and I will note it.