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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Woman Arrested For Kool Smiles Prescription Forgery

I'm wondering a couple things here:
1. Does Bianca work for Kool Smiles
2. Why do they still use prescription "pads".  Even Small Smiles uses electronic prescriptions!  Even though they were stupid enough to put them online.
3. Wonder why it took so long for the CVS on South Cherry to get a clue that Kool Smiles dental clinics probably shouldn't/wouldn't be writing scripts for "large" amounts of Oxycodone?

A woman was arrested last night after trying to pass what city police said was a fraudulent prescription for oxycodone at an Annapolis-area drugstore.
Bianca Vivian Robinson, 21, of Poplar Grove St. in Baltimore, was arrested after she tried to get 90 tablets of the painkiller from the CVS pharmacy in Hillsmere at 7:53 p.m. using a prescription from Kool Smiles of Baltimore-Westside, ostensibly for a cousin residing in Baltimore.
The dental office told police a prescription pad had recently been stolen.
The same prescription had been presented at the CVS store on South Cherry Grove Avenue 30 minutes earlier, police said. A pharmacist there said she had been getting scripts for large amounts of oxycodone from Kool Smiles recently.
Police said Robinson was arrested on prescription fraud and other charges.