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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dental Group Practice Association changing it’s name to Association of Dental Support Organizations

What’s in a name? A brand.

Anyone besides me think the DGPA has gotten such a bad reputation over recent years, it needed a name change? Does it matter? Not really. They are who they are, not matter what they call themselves.

“Association of Dental Support Organizations” Unveiled as New Trade Association Name


DENVER, May 13, 2014The Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA), a nonprofit industry association representing more than 30 dental support organizations (DSOs), announced today that the organization has changed its name to the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO).

“It’s important that our organization’s name clearly reflects our mission to support DSOs and all they do to ensure the delivery of innovative, high quality and cost effective care,” said Dr. Quinn Dufurrena, Executive Director of ADSO. “Our mission is to provide world-class business and technology support services to dentists, a partnership that lets dentists focus on what they do best, which is serving their patients.”

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Dr. R. Quinn Dufurrena named Executive Director of that nasty Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA)

In the Welcome Letter from Dr. R. Quinn Dufurrena as posted on the Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA) and the DGPA’s press release, I think it’s clear what the plan is for the group; more “creative” dentistry —i.e. teledentistry (whatever the hell that is)—and changing state dental practice acts to be more revenue generating friendly, despite any loss in patient quality of care. After reading excerpts of several articles and interviews with Dufurrena published over the years, it appears he’s wishy washy on many issues, other than teledentistry. Other than that, he will be whatever they need him to me. Of course, I could be wrong.

From Dufurrena’s Welcome Letter at the DGPA:

  • Nearly 20 years ago, I first learned of the dental support organization (DSO) model.
  • DSOs financial benefits, administrative capabilities and group structure truly resonated with me.
  • I’ve practiced dentistry in many different arenas, from the military and government to private practices and the non-profit sector.
  • …dental professionals are still unable to circumvent the financial and time limits that have restricted them for years.
  • …problem that requires collaboration and unity throughout the dental community.
  • It has become a mission of mine to help answer the many challenges dentists are facing in this economic and regulatory environment, and my first step is creating awareness on the advantages of the DSO model.
  • …my course of action for DGPA revolves around three key contentions: ethics, metrics and innovation.
  • …build on the DGPA’s current code of ethics.
  • …offer innovative ideas to dentists around the country
  • I believe with the help of our member organizations, we can achieve a level of awareness for DSOs that will diminish the misinformation that has plagued our model and shed new light on the success DSOs

From the March 3, 2014 DGPA Press Release:

  • “Much as the Affordable Care Act strives to increase patient access to quality care through innovative approaches to the health care system, the DSO model strives to do much the same.” – Doug Brown, co-president of the DGPA
  • “…confident that Dr. Dufurrena will lead our association during an exciting period of evolution in the field of dentistry, one where more dentists are shifting from solo practitioners to group practices and the DSO model” – Doug Brown, co-president of the DGPA
  • Use of the DSO model has shown success.
  • "Dr. Dufurrena's background – ranging from work as a solo practitioner working on policy for the ADA to serving as executive director of a state dental association – provides him unparalleled insight into the role DSOs and their supported dentists can and must play in helping to bridge our nation's growing dental divide" – Steve Thorne co-president of the DGPA.
  • Beyond his chair-side duties, Dr. Dufurrena served an associate professor at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and worked at the ADA as a Hillenbrand Fellow.
  • Dufurrena will officially begin his role as executive director on March 3 and will be based in Denver, Colorado.
  • "I've been committed to promoting and providing affordable, high quality oral health care throughout my entire career. These are the same values shared by all members of DGPA and their supported dentists.- Dr. R. Quinn Dufurrena
  • "I am honored to have been selected and look forward to working with all stakeholders at the state and federal levels to help them better understand the role and value a DSO plays in supporting quality dental care to millions of Americans every year." Dr. R. Quinn Dufurrena
  • He is replacing Dr. Ed Meckler who served as executive director since DGPA's inception.

Doug Brown is president of Affordable Care, Inc. Steve Thorne is president of Pacific Dental Services. Neither are dentists.

Dr. Richard Quinn Dufurrena hasn’t been interested in the actual practice of dentistry in years; if ever. But he has been interested in the business of dentistry. So he is going to fit right in the DGPA and the DSO business modeling they promote.

From the June 2008 article about Dr. Dufurrena’s Hillibrand Fellowship and him taking the position as Executive Director of the Idaho State Dental Association:

  • The 12-month program comes with a stipend and focuses on non-clinical organizational experience and education and allows fellows to select a special project and area of study. It provides fellows with an intensive orientation to all ADA agencies and departments, orientation to other organizations serving oral health, a basic orientation to federal and state government agencies playing key roles in oral health, academic courses and project experience