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Friday, August 22, 2008

Here is an example of the heart felt letters I get from dentists across the nation

Thank you for your courage in dealing w/ this issue. I hope the US Attorney's Office would take note, as this represents interstate organized crime, & RICO violations.

The horrors of this organization are well known to those willing to take their heads out of the sand. It goes from the overdose & death of a child a few years ago in West Phoenix, to "over-billing", to physical restraints, to hand over nose & mouth (stops child's breathing) to insert Molt mouth ratchet, to hair dryers so parents won't see peed pants of frightened kids as they return to reception room, to blasted music sound systems to block out cries of children, to gross over-treatment, etc.

What in particular eats at me is the corruption of my junior dentist colleagues. They are never quite the same after experiencing these "clinics". They are in some state of post-traumatic shock. It's difficult for them to open up, & when they do, they flood w/ emotions.

In many ways, it's not only the children which suffer. The junior dentists & auxiliary staff also are damaged by the experience. Their stories are difficult to hear.

Medicaid & "Access to Care" are political footballs, which few truly wish to honestly face. Poor children are pawns. Too bad.

BTW- Up until a couple of years ago, Dan DeRose managed a company (owners included father, Edward (dentist) & brother Michael (dentist)), which placed soda pop machines in public schools. Big $$$! Seemingly, this is an ethical conflict. Step 1. Generate cavities in kids (especially in low-income communities where they need pop machines to subsidize education.). Step 2. Advertise in public schools via take-home flyers to parents of dental care (Medicaid). Step 3. Have Medicaid dental clinic open for business.

Did you check out the public record of the CO Dental Board & Sanctions against Drs. Edward & Michael DeRose? CO Dental Board prevailed. Dental Board claimed DeRoses utilized unlicensed dentists at their CO Medicaid clinics. The DeRoses countered these were "training" activities.

Again, thank you for assisting the public good.