Friday, March 30, 2012

Maybe complaining to the Dental Association and not the Dental Board is the best way to go–however the media seems to get more results


Call Kurtis: Did Your Dentist Make a Mistake? Here’s What You Can Do « CBS Sacramento

A Sacramento viewer says his dentist messed up on his root canal and doesn’t think he should have to pay for the mistake. When he couldn’t get it fixed, he decided it was time to call Kurtis.

It’s been nearly two years of pain and dental bleeding for Thomas Coker of Sacramento, he said.

“This is my mouth, and I have to get it fixed,” he said.

His dentist, Dr. Tam Hgoc Nguyen of Roseville’s Healthy Image Dental, made a mistake ruining his tooth during a root canal, he said.

“I have a problem kissing my wife. I’m scared to death that — I’m trying not to get emotional,” Coker said, collecting his thoughts. “I’m scared to death that she might smell some blood on my breath or something.”

“It’s not very good for me,” he added.

But instead of repairing the problem, he said Healthy Image refused to see him again because he wouldn’t pay for the initial root canal.

“Why should I pay for something that they caused?” he said. “They need to fix it.”

Dr. Nguyen, and about 70 percent of California dentists, belong to the California Dental Assocation.

If dental patients suspect their dentist made a mistake, the trade organization has a peer review program.

“We’d rather try to handle it outside of the court system,” said Dr. Adrian Carrington, former chair of the Sacramento District Dental Society — a division of the CDA.

[yes, I bet that had much rather do that…  Geez]

If a customer complains about one of the CDA’s members, three independent dentists will examine the case in peer review.

The CDA says about half the time it rules in the patient’s favor, forcing the dentist to give a refund or cover the treatment needed.

“As a member of CDA, part of your membership is you abide by those rules,” Carrington said.

Thomas chose to complain to the state agency that oversees dentists — the Dental Board of California — which has the power to punish dentists.

An investigation with the Dental Board could take as long as 18 months, however.

[More like an eternity, if ever!]

After CBS13 got involved, Healthy Image and Coker are close to a resolution. Thomas said he can’t wait much longer.

[I’m thinking the news media and the public get the job done, better and faster]

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sedation media blitz, round two.

Three weeks ago the powers that be had a media blitz on sedation, here we go, with the followup.

More Dentist Anesthesiologists Are Needed in the Pediatric Setting

Released: 3/29/2012 1:00 PM EDT
Source: Allen Press Publishing Services
Newswise — The demand for dentist anesthesiologists in pediatric dental practices is on the rise. More than 70 percent of board-certified pediatric dentists in the United States provide mild to moderate sedation in their practices. Nearly that many, 60 to 70 percent, would use a dentist anesthesiologist if one were available. However, supply cannot yet meet the demand.
The current issue of the journal Anesthesia Progress reports on two congruent surveys, one of board-certified pediatric dentists and one of directors of pediatric dentistry and dental anesthesiology training programs. These surveys explore models of office-based dental sedation and future needs for deep sedation and general anesthesia services in pediatric dentistry.
As much as 12.3 percent of the general U.S. population has been reported to experience dental fear and anxiety. Among junior high and secondary school students, about 18 percent reported moderate dental fear. This is one of the reasons behind the increased need for sedation in dental practices.
Extensive treatment needs, anxiety, uncooperative but age-appropriate behavior, and limited cognitive functioning are among causes that require deep sedation or general anesthesia for young dental patients. Two-thirds of pediatric dentistry residency directors anticipate this need for dental anesthesiology services to increase in coming years. Among dental anesthesiology program directors, 88 percent report increased requests for anesthesiology services by pediatric dentists over the past 10 years.
The addition of a dentist anesthesiologist to a pediatric dental office team can provide depth and scope to a practice, enabling it to offer office-based sedation and anesthesia services. The number of dentist anesthetists currently practicing in the United States is relatively small, though. Considering the future need for these services in the pediatric setting, dental anesthesiology residencies are seeing cases involving young children and those with special health care needs.
Full text of “The Use of Office-Based Sedation and General Anesthesia by Board Certified Pediatric Dentists Practicing in the United States,”
and other articles, Anesthesia Progress, Vol. 59, No. 1, 2012, are available at “


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FINALLY!! Texas State Dental Board Director resigns before big hearing. Come One, Come All to the April 11, 2012 10:30 Texas State Dental Board Meeting!

By Mary Ann Roser

Published: 8:47 p.m. Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sherri Meek, executive director of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, resigned earlier this month and will not be present at an April legislative hearing where board critics plan to testify.

Meek, who cited personal reasons for her resignation, is using up personal leave time before her resignation takes effect Aug. 31, said the board’s general counsel, Joy Sparks. Glenn Parker, former executive director of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, has been the dental board’s director of administration for the past several months and has taken over as acting executive director with a salary of $75,000, a $5,000 increase to compensate him for his additional duties, according to a letter from Meek to Parker.

Parker will be at the hearing of the House Public Health Committee at 10:30 a.m. April 11 in the Capitol Annex, E2.012.

At the hearing, lawmakers will hear public testimony about various health registries maintained by the state and concerns about the operations of the dental board, including its enforcement practices and a law that allows board members to act as expert witnesses in cases involving dentists, as long as the board does not object.

“No board member has ever asked for permission to serve as an expert,” Sparks said, adding that she “would have absolutely no problem” with an outright ban on it.

Members of the Houston-based Texans for Dental Reform say they plan to speak at the hearing and voice their ongoing concerns about the dental board, including uneven and unfair enforcement of the law; “overemphasis on protection of dentists;” and conflicts of interest.

The hearing is open to the public.

Sherri Meeks has been there since 2007, that’s when it all went to hell in a hand basket in Texas. I’m sure there were initially good intentions with the Frew v Texas lawsuit, but damn!! If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d think that Private Equity firms and corporate practice of dentistry bandits (DGPA) were at artful play here.

I’m not really a betting person either, but I’d wager the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners are going to need a larger venue come April 11 at their 10:30 AM hearing!!  I also think, Sherri Meeks should be dragged to that hearing, hog tied! What a chicken shit, she is!

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

State pulls license of Medford dentist |


State pulls license of Medford, Oregon dentist

March 27, 2012Mark Freeman
By Mark Freeman
Mail Tribune

State pulls license of Medford dentist |

A Medford dentist had his license suspended and faces possible revocation after allegedly falsifying dental charts, scamming dental-insurance companies and obtaining marijuana from a patient, state records show.

The Oregon Board of Dentistry ordered the indefinite emergency license suspension for Bongmin An, 43, calling him "a serious danger to public health and safety," according to the March 12 suspension order.

"This happens very infrequently," said Patrick Braatz, the board's executive director. "I've been with the board nine years, and this is probably only the second or third emergency suspension."

An has been licensed for dentistry in Oregon since January 2002 and practiced general dentistry at the Medford Dental Clinic on East Barnett Road in Medford, according to board of dentistry records.

An investigation by the Oregon board revealed that, between August 2009 and this past January, An provided dental treatment for numerous patients but failed to maintain chart notes for any of his patients, according to the dentistry board.

When chart notes were requested to validate insurance claims, An allegedly fabricated them to satisfy requests from dental-insurance companies, the board order states.

The board also has information alleging that An altered dates of treatment of patients in claims sent to dental-insurance companies so the companies would pay benefits for patients who were not entitled to them.

Board investigators also turned up allegations that An had obtained marijuana from a patient identified only as ML, but the board order did not specify when and how many times An allegedly received marijuana from the patient, the board order states.

Braatz said he did not know whether the marijuana was allegedly used as payment in lieu of dental work.

The order alleges that on at least one occasion An stored marijuana in the clinic's freezer and then offered to share it with his employees, the order states.

An was informed of the suspension March 12 just after the board vote, Braatz said. He has requested a hearing on the board's order before an administrative law judge, and one will be scheduled within 30 days, Braatz said.

An did not return telephone calls Monday seeking comment.

The suspension was immediate because An's alleged use of controlled substances "and his authority to prescribe controlled subscription drugs, and his failure to accurately document treatment that was provided to patients poses a great risk of harm to them," the order states.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mom: Son's Teeth Extracted At School Without Consent - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego

Yes, I believe this is the exact same company I put up the open warning letter about just yesterday. The school is trying to get out of it’s responsibility, saying it’s because there are budget cuts and no school nurse!  WHAT!  The school nurse was practicing dentistry too?!!  Lord help us all! Schools need to stay out of the medical field and keep to the three R’s.

See the video at the website

SAN DIEGO -- A local mother is outraged after her 9-year-old son came home from school with four fewer teeth.

"I was livid," said Tina Richardson, mother of 9-year-old Alexander Henry. "I jumped out of my car. I ran back to the school. They were all, 'What's wrong? What's wrong?' I was shaking."

Alexander, a student at Freese Elementary School in Lomita, currently takes part in the Big Smiles Program, an organization that is contracted by the San Diego Unified School District to provide dental care at no cost to hundreds of local children.

Richardson said she signed a form in September, which she believed authorized Big Smiles to examine her son's mouth. Two months later, she received a separate "Exatraction Authorization Form" that indicated Alexander had several teeth with cavities. Richardson said she never signed or returned the form.

"I still have the form here in my hand," she said. "I did not return it to the Big Smiles Corporation. I did not give them permission to pull my son's teeth."

Four of Alexander's teeth -- three on the bottom left, one on the top left -- were pulled at the school by a dentist because two were allegedly loose and the others had cavities in them. The teeth were removed in an empty classroom, instead of in a sterile room or at the nurse's office.

"I hope this isn't going on all over the district somewhere, where they're just going into classrooms and extracting teeth out of children's heads," Richardson said.

A representative for Big Smiles told 10News the original form Richardson signed in September gave Big Smiles permission to extract the teeth.

Late Thursday afternoon, Big Smiles issued the following statement to 10News:

Big Smiles provides quality dental care to children in a school setting. It is our practice to always obtain informed consent and to only provide procedures that are medically necessary. We cannot provide details of this specific case without proper consent given federal laws that protect the privacy of the patient.

Jennifer Gorman, SD Unified's Nursing & Wellness program manager, said it was her understanding Richardson had signed an authorization form. She said they would still look into what happened, even though this probably won't be the last medical problem in local schools.

"These things, other things are going to happen that are beyond our control," Gorman said.

According to Gorman, a significant problem is the lack of school nurses, many of whom have been cut from the school district because of budget cuts. Gorman said a nurse would have been able to oversee Big Smiles' procedures and completion of authorization forms.

Mom: Son's Teeth Extracted At School Without Consent - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego

Where does Hoecker get his dough?

Here we have a map of the business of Chad B. Hoecker, DDS of Ocean Dental Centers, another Medicaid dental mill, which has been allowed to infiltrate several states.

He actually has one telecommunication business called “Buck The System”.  LOL









Click here for a much larger view of the map.

I’ve not been able to locate it, but I’m sure there is some Private Equity firm behind him.  However he does have a Private Equity Firm cash management company called Focal Point.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small Smiles still soliciting dentists to come to work–it’s wonderful they say!! ROTFLMAO

I just get so tickled with I get stuff like this.


Here we have a flier that Missy Green sent out of the Small Smiles Colorado office, just this week, trying to solicited dentists to come to work for them! 

My first question is what about the Kochenbergers?  Jake and Jenna, did they give it up being - slave hunters for Church Street Health Management? 

Well, clearly Missy Green is stilling trying to recruit. Wonder how she tells sells to dentists how wonderful it will be working for the company saving the underserved children across America with the company in bankruptcy, even their $435 million dollar investment bank – Arcaptia-in ruins. That’s an audio I’d love to hear!

Right now we have people in some clinics who have not been paid their February pay checks. Some are working for pennies, if anything at all, since there are fewer victims to over-treat. Remember, if you’ve been there more than 6 months you are off the guaranteed salary payroll and strictly on the Collection Based Salary – commissions basically.

Heck, there is no telling how many employees who have stuck it out that will be on the “unsecured creditors” list soon. Remember, anything they owe after the filed for bankruptcy on February 20th could surely end up on that very list. 

I know, some are already on there, but they could be “another day older and deeper in debit” and owing their soul to the “company store”.. Why is that dang song in my head… lol

As one person pointed out, they can’t close the 3 patient a day clinics since those are “assets” they need to sell…  Oh, wait, they don’t own those clinics, right?  ROTFLMAO! 

Gosh, dangit!  I just can’t keep that straight in my head. Own, don’t own, owner dentists, lead dentists, associate dentists…  Never have gotten the exact definition of an “owner” dentist, well, not officially, but I have heard it explained on audio.

I guess the owners of those clinics should just sell the equipment and move on.  The owners don’t even have to worry about breaking the lease do they, since Church Street Health Management has their name on those leases.  ROTFLMAO!

Chesterfield dentist arrested for practicing without a license | – Richmond News & Weather from WTVR Television CBS 6


CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Police arrested a man for practicing dentistry without proper licensing, according to a press release from Chesterfield County Police. Juan Polanco Dominguez, 44, ran an office out of his Chesterfield County home, police said.

Dominguez was charged with four felonies and five misdemeanors including practicing dentistry without a permit and violation of the professions and occupations act. Dominguez was held on a $15,000 secured bond.

Police want anyone with information about Dominguez to call Chesterfield Police Department at 804-748-1251 or Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660 or text the code tip699 and sent to 274637 (CRIMES)

Chesterfield dentist arrested for practicing without a license | – Richmond News & Weather from WTVR Television CBS 6

Texas, feds take action on orthodontic fraud | Dallas - Fort Worth



DALLAS — A Dallas dentist has agreed to pay the state and federal government $1.2 million to resolve allegations that he submitted false orthodontic claims under Medicaid.

Dr. Richard Malouf, former majority owner of All Smiles Dental Center, allegedly submitted false Medicaid claims between 2004 and 2007.

News 8 reported on Malouf's lavish homes and two multimillion dollar corporate jets. Malouf did not admit any wrongdoing or liability in his settlement.

He is one of several orthodontists highlighted for multimillion dollar billings under Medicaid.

Eleven dental operations statewide have had their state funds suspended for credible allegations of fraud in billing the Texas Medicaid Orthodontics program. This follows a 10-month News 8 investigation of medicaid orthodontics in Texas, which found the state spends more on braces for poor children than the rest of the nation combined.

"Something's wrong and I want my money back," said Texas Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound). Nelson called a hearing to look into how Texas spent $424 million on orthodontics under Medicaid between 2008 and 2010.

Medicaid does not cover cosmetic orthodontics, but a News 8 investigation found that tens of thousands of children received procedures at taxpayer expense.

"What we really want is, we don't want people to do it," said Texas Sen. Bob Duell (R-Rockwall).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Was this the meeting that started the corporate dentistry phenom?

Here is a 2004 picture of the group it appears may have been the one who planned the take over of modern dentistry. They called this meeting a “CEO Consortium “ and it took place June 10, 2004 at the “Institute at Heartland Dental Care”. All but one or two went on to become the founders of the Dental Group Practice Association which now includes corporate CEO’s in Canada and Australia as well as dental supply companies, products companies and our favorite corporate dentistry law firm, Waller Lansden  Dortch and Davis.


Pictured above is: Dr. Rick Workman, Mike Bileca, Steve Thorne, Mitchell B. Olan, Mark Freidman, Bob Fontana, Kirk Huntsman, Dr. Jeff Moos, Douglas W. Brown.

Was this the meeting where the idea to sell this illegal business model to Private Equity was born? What were the Dental Practice Acts in 2004? How many of these guys should have been in jail then? What about now?
Where are they now
Dr. Rick Workman – still with Heartland Dental, Vice President of the Dental Group Practice Association, not in jail.
Mike Bileca – Florida State Representative, still with Towncare Dental, Treasurer of the Dental Group Practice Association and not in jail.
Stephen (Steve) E. Thorne lV – remains at Pacific Dental, President of the Dental Group Practice Association and not in jail.
Mitchell B. Olan -  Still CEO of Dental Care Alliance/Gentle Dental Group Services, not in jail.
Mark E. Friedman – CEO of UAI Technology, Inc. President of Mid-Jersey Realty, LLC, Board of Directors of Klein Decisions, and not in jail.
Bob Fontana – Still reigning king at Aspen Dental, wanting to bring dental service to the “underserved” and not in jail.
R. Kirk Huntsman – Dental One, which was supported by ABN AMRO Private Equity, merged with DentalCare Partners to become DentalOne Partners, with Kirk as joined up with the disgusting Reachout Healthcare America crew, recently wrote an article on how to beat the Dental Practice Management groups he largely assisted in creating, when at the same time he started Nexus Dental Alliance, which is not a Dental Practice Management, it’s even better, it’s his Dental Practice Management Group, he has the R. Kirk and Julie M. Huntsman Foundation, he is not in jail.
Dr. Jeff Moos – Still with Mid-West Dental that merged with Mountain Dental and backed by Private Equity firm Friedman, Fleischer & Lowe of Kool Smiles fame, he is not in jail.
Douglas W. Brown – Mr. Brown is eyeball deep in a number of the dental mills, Affordable Care, DentalOne Partners, Dental Works, Dental Care Partners, Secretary of the Dental Group Practice Association, not in jail.

Kool Smiles files suit against law firm taking personal injury cases - I’m thinking this is NOT a good idea for Freidman Fleischer & Lowe; Doug Brown or Kevin Miller…

…Dentistry of Brownville, P.C. or NCDR, LLC, or KS TX, P.C. or  whatever name Kool Smiles dental centers are using.

You have a Private Equity firm behind the Kool Smiles name. You have a Private Equity firm basically practicing dentistry. You have a Private Equity firm setting up dummy professional corporations in many states, Texas included. You have a crooked dentist, Dr. Tu Tran with his name all over Dentistry of Brownsville, PC and he doesn’t even practice in Texas or any other state for that matter!  He lives outside Atlanta. According to Texas records, NCDR, LLC is “governed” by Kool Smiles Acquisition Corporation-400 EAST GALLERIA PARKWAY SE, STE. 800
ATLANTA , GA 30339

There are thousands of parents complain their children are being injured and abused with unnecessary and substandard dental treatment. These same complaints have been coming from Kool Smiles clinics across the nation for 5 years. The parents are claiming of harsh and brutal touching and manhandling of their children to deliver that dental care. All for the simple reason to bill Medicaid for as much as they can in as quickest amount of time. Maybe parents have taken photos, made audio and video recordings of the children screaming and have decided to take action against the dentist and the company responsible for it. Maybe some support staff at the dental centers have done the same.
So, what does the company do? It files suit against the law firm taking the cases, citing “Copyright Infringement”.  Seriously??!!

5:12 –CV-00036
Monday March 19, 2012
Dentistry of Brownsville, P.C.
Mauze & Bagby, PLLC
George Watts Mauze, II
James Thomas Bagby, III
Texas Southern District Court
Tradmark Infringement
Kool Smiles v Mauze & Bagby
Original Complaint Exhibit 5 [doc 1-6]
Exhibit 1[doc 1-2] Exhibit 6 [doc1-7]
Exhibit 2 [doc1-3] Exhibit 7 [doc 1-8]
Exhibit 3 [doc 1-4] Exhibit 8 [doc 1-9]
Exhibit 4 [doc1-5] Exhibit 9 [doc 1-10]

Friedman, Fleischer & Lowe (FFL) 2012-3-20 10-22-9
FFL Partners Executive Investors
Kool Smiles Investment
Midwest Dental Investment

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Medicaid Dental Mill-Dental Dreams opens up in New Mexico–Family Smiles NM

Dr. Frank VonWesternhagen the faux “owner”

Family Smiles NM

FrankVonWesternhagen-DentalDreams-Family Smiles

Dental Braces: Once Again Texas Makes News with Braces


Dental Braces: Once Again Texas Makes News with Braces

March 20, 2012 By Jim Du Molin Leave a Comment

Dental Braces: Once Again Texas Makes News with Braces What is it with Medicaid dental care and braces in Texas?

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which administers Medicaid in Texas for dental braces, has filed a request to be reimbursed for $7.5 million in alleged fraudulent claims it paid to Amarillo orthodontist Dr. Michael Goodwin.

Federal authorities also moved to seize the commercial and personal bank accounts of Dr. Goodwin and his wife as part of a probe linked to a Medicaid fraud scheme, according to the Amarillo Globe-News.

In 2008, Dr. Goodwin became an individual Medicaid provider, which allowed him to bill Medicaid only for services personally provided by the orthodontist.

Soon after the change, the Amarillo orthodontist was reported as scheduling up to 400 Medicaid patients a day and allegedly billing the government for orthodontic treatment he did not perform. The Globe-News further reports that patients and former employees likened the Amarillo Medicaid fraud scheme to “herding cattle.”

Monday, March 19, 2012

Church Street Health Management–Small Smiles Dental, now Arcaptia Bank files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy…Ahhh….Maaaan,

I’m broken hearted, probably won’t sleep for weeks worrying about how many virgins await these assholes in bankruptcy court hell. Evidently physically and emotionally abusing and traumatizing children isn’t as profitable as Arcapita was told, I don’t reckon. First Islamic Bank, Arcapita, it doesn’t really matter what they name the company, crime just doesn’t pay. ACAS, next? According to the “chatter” in the court room last Thursday in Nashville, ACAS holds “Senior” debt of this boondoggle. (oops, I used that word, “chatter” again.  They don’t like that word…  lol..dangit, if they would quit chatting, there wouldn’t be so much “chatter” now would there!!  Just saying…  Sheila, think about it… think of all the times you’ve been out and about talking this crap…you just never know who is listening!)

imageMan, this filing should be interesting!! Sharia Law; Virgins; Allah; Jihad – no telling what all will be listed.  LOL

The Smile Behind Small Smiles
Atif A. Abdulmalik

Arcapita’s Chapter 11 Petition

Arcapita Files for Bankruptcy Protection as Debt Talks Fail

By Arif Sharif and Tiffany Kary - Mar 19, 2012 10:48 AM CT Mon Mar 19 15:48:28 GMT 2012

image                                           Arcapita Bank BSC, the owner of Irish power utility Viridian Group Ltd., filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. after failing to reach an agreement with creditors on a $1.1 billion loan due this month.

Arcapita, formerly known as First Islamic Investment Bank, and five affiliates sought Chapter 11 protection today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, listing more than $1 billion in both debts and assets. Arcapita’s board approved the process “to protect their business and assets and implement a comprehensive restructuring,” the Manama, Bahrain-based private-equity firm said in an e-mailed statement today.

The bankruptcy filing is a “logical step by the company to protect its foreign investments and from individual creditors going after the company’s assets in Europe, the U.S. and Asia,” Serge Lioutyi, a London-based distressed debt trader at Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. said in an e-mail today. It “will help the company focus on reaching a consensual agreement with creditors rather than worrying about individual claims.”

Arcapita is among companies in Bahrain that have sought protection to restructure liabilities after the global credit crisis cut their access to the debt market and as asset prices declined. Awal Bank BSC, a Bahrain-based wholesale bank, filed for Chapter 11 in October 2010, while Gulf Finance House BSC reached an agreement with a group of banks led by WestLB AG on a new two-year $100 million Islamic loan.

Failed Refinancing

The costs to insure Bahrain’s debt against default fell two basis imagepoints to 365 today, according to credit default swap data from CMA, which is owned by CME Group Inc. and compiles prices quoted by dealers in the privately negotiated market.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jewish dentist files suit against Arab–Midwest Dental


Jewish Dentist Files Lawsuit Against Arab Muslim Discrimination By . . . Jewish Bosses – READ the Complaint

By Debbie Schlussel

You may have heard about the Orthodox Jewish dentist suing “the Arab Muslim dental company” in Dearbornistan.  But it’s not exactly what you think or what’s been reported by lazy mainstream media reporters who never do their homework.  In this case, I’m referring to the fat-assed Arabista who works at the Detroit Newsistan, who can’t do an iota of research or ask a decent question to save her life (Oralandar Brand-Williams, whom many believe is being paid off by HAMASCAIR and other Muslims).  Read the federal civil rights complaint and note what’s missing:  the name of the owners and bosses at the company.  Guess who they are?  It’s not what you’d guess.


On the one hand, I always wonder about Jews who think they will get a fair shake and/or respect for their religious observances by Muslims in Dearbornistan (or anywhere else).  But that’s not exactly what’s going on here . . . or at least not the full story.  I hope Dr. Mark Ellis wins his lawsuit against “Midwest Dental of Dearborn, PLLC.”  You should note, however, that while he alleges he was discriminated in favor of Arab Muslims and that the Arab Muslims were treated better, I did a little research.  And, lo and behold, the company for which he works–which owns and operates dental offices throughout Michigan, all of which appear to be dental “mills”–is owned by people with very Jewish-sounding names, who live not in Dearbornistan, but in New Jersey.  So, apparently, they are Jewish dhimmis, or have left the management of the Dearbornistan office to discriminatory Muslims (redundant phrase).  Either way, they are the ones behind the discrimination, doing so apparently to garner Arab Muslim business and dollars.  It’s bad enough when Muslims do this.  It’s far worse when Jews do it to appease Muslims.  And that’s apparently what’s going on here. In the 1940s, people like the Feilers had a nickname: kapo.


Jewish Dentist Files Lawsuit Against Arab Muslim Discrimination By . . . Jewish Bosses – READ the Complaint

Thursday, March 15, 2012

So many minds, so little clue–A CSHM Bankruptcy Hearing

Today I made the trek to attend one of the hearings for Church Street Health Management. A court room full attorney’s in dark suits, white shirts and ties but I bet if you asked what assets they were there to talk about “selling”  3/4 of them couldn’t answer and the other 1/4 would be perjuring themselves if they answered.

Actually one of the suits wasn’t sure who he was there to represent, I kid you not, but most of us that know the set up totally understand why he would be confused. He knew he was there for the “Mezz group”. He just didn’t know what that entailed or what all fell under that umbrella. I understood completely. After a short discussion with two other attorney’s standing in the isle, he figured out by process of elimination he was there for the Carlyle Mezzadine Partners, and possibly CIT, but not sure on that one.  Even funnier was listening to them trying to decide if their debt was “secured” or “non-secured” debt. Personally I don’t thing a lick of it is secured! One was trying to include the “leases” but don’t those “leases” belong to the dentist who own the clinics?  Oh, wait, that’s the lie!  Sorry, I got confused myself.

Most of the day was spent with them, and by “them” I mean the two gaggles of attorneys hammering out details on “how” the sale would be handled, but not the actual sale. It seemed they thought they had it all lined out, but then there seemed to be an issue as to Arcaptia being included in the definition of “existing lender”. Personally I would put Arcaptia in the definition of “existing loser” or “existing creditor” since they have a $1Billion dollar payment due in a week or two.

There was a whole lot of huffing, puffing, heads shaking and blown out cheeks.  One, who I called “curly” was nervous as a whore in church.. Pardon the pun! I understand, he was there representing Arcapita and from King and Spalding, which explains his nervousness.

Finally, they came to some agreement and brought it back to the judge. The attorney representing CSHM said they didn’t want to present “evidence” at that time, but would file it in a memoranda later today. I suspect they didn’t want me to hear the “evidence” but I could be wrong. Not that is mattered, I do have access to the documents, so he probably should have given it verbally. Everyone had a copy of it, and they judge had looked it over as well.

The Judge told him to have the memoranda to him by morning, but that he planned on signing the proposed order and stressed to all the suits that if they had any objections they better speak up right now…you could have heard a pin drop. Actually you could hear my pen writing. I took a lot of notes!

However, all this was totally boring compared to listening to Sheila Sawyer!

It was announced last year, the partner ,at Waller law was such a a big fan of CSHM she was giving up her “partner” status at Waller and joining the criminal organization of CSHM, well they didn’t say criminal organization, that’s my term.

Well, they were spot on! She is a corporate person to the core. I expected her to whip off her brown suit and reveal a cheerleading getup, pompoms and all and a rah rah and a couple of cartwheels down the isle of the courtroom.

Get this! – Here all these people, many flown in from across the country to this hearing talking about how the sale of CSHM will proceed and what is she doing? She’s talking production!  I’m not kidding..CSHM’s favorite and only term “production”! 

She has some “sharp dressed man”’s ear and talking production and how to hire 5 or 6 more pedos, have them scheduled at the OR’s two days a week and the other three days of the week they could travel around mentoring and teaching the general dentists. Hmmm…  Ok, so they schedule them for the OR, two days a week. That means they are going to need patients to fills those two days of OR.…  a little bass ackwards to me. She said that would kill two birds with one stone.  Yep, she’s probably right on the kill rate!! She talked about a big week long brain storming session in the next week or two with Adair and I believe she said Kevin and Sue Seal, and revamping the standard of care.  I heard her mention OIG being “frustrated” with she threw up her hands like she really didn’t care.

And twice, not once but TWICE, she said they weren’t doing enough crowns!  I heard her mention Gloria, Terri and Susan… not sure what that was about.

But anyway, right here in the court room, full of attorneys’ representing companies they have screwed over because they got caught illegally practicing dentistry, and she’s talking PRODUCTION! 

I still can’t figure out why her and half the others aren’t in some federal prison!  Well, it’s not over yet, is it!?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just saying…

Court Docket for Thursday March 15, 2012



Another “sedation propaganda” piece for the American consumer.

My questions, who is pushing these stories.  A hospital?  Some association or organization? Someone is, you can bet on that.  Only common thread between this one and the one last week in the NYT is – Janine Costantini.  If I had time tonight, I’d rip this thing from stem to stern…  Grrrr

Tiny Mouths Found Filled With Rotting Teeth - Staying Healthy News Story - KMGH Denver

AURORA, Colo. -- The operating rooms at Children's Hospital Colorado are packed with preschool kids needing dental procedures.

"We're booked five months out in the OR, and that's three days a week, two rooms a day. And it just keep increasing," said Janine Costantini, ambulatory practice director at Children’s Hospital Colorado. "The more we do the more we need."

The hospital staff is seeing more tiny mouths riddled with big dental problems.

“There were over 3,000 OR visits last year just for pediatric dentistry,” said Costantini.

7NEWS was there when a 4-year old boy went under anesthesia for treatment.

Out of 20 baby teeth we’re treating 16,” said Children’s Hospital Colorado Pediatric Dentist, Mark Koch.

The pediatric dentistry team at Children's Hospital Colorado mapped out the boy's treatment including extractions, baby root canals and crowns.

“His mouth is in very bad shape. This is not unusual. This is the fourth case today, in this room,” said Pediatric dentist, Mark Koch.

The boy ended up on the operating table for treatment nine months after pediatric dentistry staff recommended treatment.

“It is a very safe and comfortable treatment, but it is very expensive. That is the problem," said Ulrich Klein, DMD, DDS, MS Chair of the Pediatric Dentistry program at Children's Hospital Colorado.

The average cost of treatment is $3,000.

Botox Training and Dermal Filler Training Course Outline, Schedule and Tuition


Botox Training and Dermal Fillers Training for Dentists Course Outline

  • Patient assessment and consultation for botox and dermal fillers
  • Indications and contraindications for these techniques
  • Anatomy of the head, neck, and in depth instruction in the oral and maxillofacial structures including the neurophysiology, musculature and circulatory system
  • Learn the physiology, pharmacology of facial injectable treatment
  • Review of sterile technique as it relates to the use of injectable pharmacologic agents
  • Safety and risk issues for botulinum toxin and dermal fillers injectable therapy
  • Integrating botulinum neurotoxin and dermal filler therapy into dental therapeutic and esthetic treatment plans
  • Botox training for therapeutic treatment of migraines, TMJ syndrome, facial pain and bruxism cases
  • Beautiful lip augmentation and how to avoid giving your patients "duck" lips
  • Enhancing the cupids bow to create a beautiful lip
  • Volumizing the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, mentalis region and lifting up the corners of the mouth
  • Smoothing lip lines and eliminating vertical "smokers" lines
  • Learn the best treatment techniques including muscle sites, muscle depths, proper preparation and dilution for the best facial esthetic outcomes

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lost files on R. Kirk Huntsman discussion

The Dental Leader no longer exists other than in cached format. But I located this discussion and going to repost it.  I’m not sure when it was written, but here is the cached copy. By looking at the Wayback Machine, it was archived the first time in February 2001, and this News Letter was there at that time.  So this goes back a while. I guess, sadly, no one listened to Dr. Maroon.  Look where we are in 2012! Maybe too much nitrous in the operatories and folks were sleeping!

The Dental Leader Inc - Michael Maroon, DMD, FACE, FAGD - Editor & Publisher
39 Webster Square Road, Berlin, CT 06037
Email: (no longer works)

Great Article...Great Newsletter


I thoroughly enjoyed the June issue of your newsletter, especially "There’s Always Tomorrow." I read quite a few parallels to my own life in that article.

The rest of the newsletter also contained quite a bit of meat along with some thought-provoking, insightful articles. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Kit Weathers, Griffin, GA

The Devil Revisited

Well, I don’t quite know how to respond to all this DPMC (Dental Practice Management Company) stuff that is starting to manifest in our profession. However, I do know when I see a biased and self-serving article when I read one. Case in point, the reply of a one Mr. R. Kirk Huntsman (sounds like an attorney to me Vern) to the article written by a fellow dentist Mike Maroon.

I believe Mr. Huntsman referred to Dr. Mike’s article as a condescending diatribe (a long, violent, or blustering speech, according to Webster). This description would more appropriately fit the pen that wrote the reply. Dear R. Kirk, should I call you "R" or "Kirk", the R. Kirk just didn’t sit well with my simple Midwestern mind. Makes me feel like I gotta have sum one ta represent me. So I’ll jist call ya Kirk then. I’m sorry, I’m jist a Dennust. Ya know...sore on the hind end from rollin’ over so many times to ya’all. So Kirk, please enlighten me on your credentials that enable you to speak so intelligently about the dental profession. Are you one of us? Do you have a DDS or DMD degree? Or, are you yet another wonderful, charismatic and caring purveyor of management expertise who beckons to save us by convincing us that big brother (DPMC) is here for the good of all?

Friday, March 09, 2012

ATTN: Dental Mill Dentists - Dentist charged with offensive touching of young patient; he put his hand over the child’s mouth and told him to “shut up”

Sussex County Delaware

BruceA Sussex County dentist has been charged with offensive touching of an 8-year-old patient who began screaming after a medical procedure, state police said today.

The incident occurred about 10 a.m. Wednesday at the office of Dr. Bruce Fisher, First State Oral Surgery, in the 33000 block of Wescoats Road near Lewes, police said.

When the child began screaming, “Dr. Fisher immediately covered the victim’s mouth with his hand and told him to ‘shut up,’” said Master Cpl. Gary Fournier.

He said a family member who was in the room during the procedure informed police Wednesday afternoon.

After police obtained a warrant, Fisher, 44, of Rehoboth, turned himself in to state police today. He was arraigned and released on $500 unsecured bail.

The boy was not injured, Fournier said.

Police asked anyone with information on this or other incidents to call investigators at (302) 856-5850, ext. 206. Anonymous tips may be texted to 274637 (CRIMES) beginning with “DSP.”

Dentist charged with offensive touching of young patient | The News Journal |

Imagine this dude was arrested and charged for “improper touching” by putting his had over the child’s mouth. Imagine the jails that would need built for the dental mill dentists who do so much worse ever day.

Heads up parents! Call the police before you ever leave the clinic!

As for the dental mill dentists, look out! The next picture could be YOU!


Virginia Regulatory Town Hall–Board of Dentistry is holding an open meeting today concerning a rule change requiring training in the 6 Links to Survival

March 9, 2012
Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website

First I want to say that I understand “good” reasons when someone opposes something. There are always two sides and views to everything. It’s the lame and idiotic excuses that gall me to no end.

Today is the 5 year anniversary of Raven Maria Blanco’s death. Raven died because a dental office was not prepared for a medical emergency. 19 children have died in the last five years from ill-prepared dentists and staff, when 6 common sense steps could have made the difference.

Comments from the public closed on February 19, 2012.  Below is a sample of those who sent comments opposing the rule change. 

These are copied and pasted as they were posted on the regulatory agency website. My comments are in [italics and brackets]


Commenter: Watchdog for Coalitions Against The Dental Profession (CADP)

Be Cautious! Don't be Fooled, Don't play into the empathy game!

This Raven Blanco Foundation may be a plublicity stunt to raise funds, that support their self created non profit slary jobs. Everything about their web site is very exploitive. They list no financial discloures, no board of directors/advisors. They are certainly following the guide for creating an issue that will bring them money and influence, and as they say power. And like all these nonprofits, they appeal to ones suffering to gain support.  They can be dangerous, just like all of our local dental nonprofits, run by non dentist, unlisenced advocates if you will, who want to be policy makers over dental matters of which they are trully ignorant. I would question the credibility and intentions of this group. Leave the emotional baggage out of any descision making. Dont treat victims as equals, they are not!

[ Apparently the group has problems with “unlicensed” citizens advocating for change in events that directly affect them. This is confusing to me. Who else would advocate for change? Those unaffected?  Financial “disclosures” are available online and Mr. Blanco, President and his Executive Director who puts in about 50 hours a week draw ZERO dollars from the foundation!  ZERO!  Rather, Mr. Blanco gave a large some to the foundation! Yes, I would question the intention of this group as well, since you will be amazed at what you find. You’ll also find out what wonderful people they are and how much they help other parents whose children are killed by ill-prepared dentists who are sedating children. They assist with emotional support, and financial support.  Helping families with funeral expenses or organize fundraising.They travel to every dental convention they possible can and promote safety in sedation dentistry. How can anyone be faulted for promoting safe sedation of children? The spokesperson for this group sounds as though they know the Blanco’s, are locals and have an ax to grind.]

Commenter: Dr. E. Thomas Elstner, Jr.

Training for medical emergencies

There should be provisions for practitioners who do not administer local anesthetics in their office setting.  Currently there is no ACLS focusing on the dental setting.

[if this person is referring to Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), then with 8 deaths in the last 12 months, maybe ACLS should be focused on the dental setting.  Think?]

Commenter: Dr. Paul W. Callahan

Another costly regulation that does nothing to help public welfare

It is the responsibility of ALL Virginia Regulatory Boards to protect the public.  Any death is is one too many, but statistically it is probably safer to go to the dentist that cross the street.   These proposed regulations are already the Standard of Care in most offices.  A regulation such as this would cost hundreds of thusands of dollars for most practicioners to follow; meaning the time spent documenting training, paying for training for a large staff when not everyone needs to be trained at the same level, etc.  So who pays for all this unnecessary documentation and training?   The average Virginia resident in the form of increased dental fees.   Is this what we want for our patients?

[This is just a wild guess, but I doubt your patients would mind a slight increase in your fee to know you were prepared to save their life if an emergency arose.]

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Edison dentist charged with fraud after S. Plainfield fire

A Metuchen, NJ dentist was charged on Thursday, March 8, 2012 with falsifying the dental records of three children who were among five victims of a house fire on Feb. 23 in South Plainfield.

Paresh Patel, 46, of Laurie Lane, Edison, NJ was charged with falsifying or tampering with dental records and obstruction of the administration of law by providing the Middlesex County Medical Examiner’s Office with false dental records of three of the children who died during the fire.

He also was charged with insurance fraud by submitting five or more false claims totaling more than $1,000, and was charged with five counts of health-care claim fraud.

Patel, owner of the Metuchen dental clinic Healthy Smiles Dental Associates, was charged after initial efforts to identify the youngsters determined Patel provided records that showed certain dental work had never been performed. The false records prevented and delayed positive identification of the children.

Police further determined that after falsifying dental records between April and May 2011, Patel billed Medicaid for the procedures that never were performed.

Five family members perished in the Feb. 23 blaze in South Plainfield and four other family members were injured.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan says Paresh Patel,  was charged with fraud after he provided records that showed certain dental work had never been performed on the children even though he had billed Medicaid for the work.

Patel's attorney, Lawrence Y. Bitterman, says he Patel has been practicing for 20 years and plans to enter a not guilty plea during his court appearance this week.

Edison dentist charged with fraud after S. Plainfield fire

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry trying to squelch “Raven’s Song” and video created to promote safety in sedation dentistry.

Twice today it’s been removed from their Facebook page.

AAPD Removing Facebook Posts

Confused about the “Dental Crisis” here in the U.S.

There is little doubt I am completely confused as to the so called “Dental Crisis” here is the U.S. 

I am not understanding why the Pew Institute or any other “institute” wastes time and money on access to care and certainly no one is wasting their time on studying access to quality care.

For the primary teeth we are lucky enough to be born with, corporations want to “drill ‘em, fill ‘em, cap ‘em and bill ‘em. They stress the importance of early treatment of caries and developing good hygiene habits so you can keep your natural teeth for the rest of your life.  Hell, the AAPD is now recommending you get your infant to the dentist at age 6 months or when the first tooth erupts, even if in-utero I suppose.


The clinics down the street, such as Aspen, Affordable Dentures and the like, what to pull every last tooth in your head and slap in some cheap ass dentures.

What’s the whole point?

It’s not about proper medical treatment, it’s about Sales!

See – The below is from Aspen Dental.













As you can see about, it’s about the “prize”, it’s about highest possible sale comes first, it’s about “hey, office manager, even if the patient says they are not interested in the “treatment” plan, get the doctor or hygienist first so they can “re-stress” the sale, it’s not about medical care.

Below you’ll see a note.  These notes are attached to each file reviewed (audited)by regional operations managers at Aspen clinics. Read this carefully, Aspen was NOT concerned about the medical care the patient needed, only the commitment to a sale. 

Ocean Dental gets a D- from the BBB


Ocean Dental, headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma is not receiving very good reviews. In fact the Better Business Bureau is giving it a D-. 2012-3-8 11-12-20

Over on Topix there was a thread started in 2009 when a parent complained and told what happened to her child at an Ocean Dental in Arkansas. Here

No wonder so few parents speak up about the terrible experiences that happen to their children at these dental mills. This was was literally attacked! One person even said, that if they were bad, they wouldn’t be in business. 

Lord, it must be nice to live in land of Oz.! Last I checked the “waterboarding” dentist, Megann Scott worked at one of their OK clinics.

Guardian Angel "Raven's Song" has gone viral

The song was produced in honor of Raven Maria Blanco who died because of an ill-prepared dentist and staff sedating children in his office – Dr. Michael Hechtkopf.

The five year anniversary of Raven's death is Friday, March 9th 2012. The video has received nearly 400,000 hits in the last few days.  You can purchase the song on itunes.  Proceeds go to purchase AED's-Automatic External Defibrillators which are donated to dental offices across the county. Put there to save a child!  Please consider purchasing Raven's Song.

This week major news outlets have all but promoted sedation dentistry for children. Not a word was mentioned about the 19 deaths of children due to sedation complications that has taken place since Raven’s death 5 years ago.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Why would a Florida state representative, who is a CPA, own a business that contracts with Private Equity financed corporate dental practices to train their dental hygiene departments?

Let’s start here -
Does anyone find it the least bit odd that:
Douglas W. Brown of  Dental Works, Dental One, Dental Care Partners Dental Works and Secretary of the Dental Group Practice Association owns Regional Clinical Consultants, a company designed to train hygienists the art of upselling.
“Hygiene at DentalCare Partners (DCP) has experienced a huge paradigm shift in recent years, from the hygienists being“prophy queens” to “periodontal therapists.”Doug Brown, CEO, hired a consulting group in 2004 that worked with DCP-affiliated dentists to develop the first periodontal protocol.  Brown knew that the investment to provide training and development to all hygienists throughout DCP, as well as comprehensive care to doctors and auxiliary staff, would pay off.  This company wide initiative occurred from 2004 to 2005 and was worth every penny in not only monetary rewards but by fostering patient stability and improving quality of care. n 2005, Brown created the Regional Clinical Consultant position at DCP. 

NYT fell for the bullshit - Rise in Preschool Cavities Prompts Anesthesia Use

Rise in Preschool Cavities Prompts Anesthesia Use - – Pure bullshit!


Front page? 

Imagine, the story comes out of Seattle!  DOCS Education’s home town!

The story quotes:

"Dr. Megann Smiley, a dentist-anesthesiologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio"  SURPRISE! - Home of one of Small  Smiles advisory board members and former/current office of the corrupt AAPD -Paul Cassamassmino .

The NYT is playing with the lives of children, shameful!!

Another great quote:

“We have had a huge increase in kids going to the operating room,” said Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist in Augusta, Me., and a spokesman for the American Dental Association. “We’re treating more kids more aggressively earlier.”

No shit, Sherlock!  That’s why Texas is going broke, from the over aggressive fraud being committed!  At least you admitted it, Dr. Shenkin!

You gotta love the last line:

"Multiple studies have shown that even children who undergo general anesthesia to treat dental decay end up with cavities again. Janine Costantini, the ambulatory practice director at Children’s Hospital Colorado, said the staff treated a 3-year-old who was making his second visit to the operating room for dental work. The boy arrived with a bottle of Coca-Cola. " 

Yes, the exact same hospital where Randall Ellis of Small Smiles fame resides, as well as where Small Smiles Founder, William Mueller was head of the department!  Oh and let's not forget, that Coca Cola he probably got it at pre-school...  After all it was Small Smiles other founder, Dan DeRose who made that happen for the kiddies. 

It’s a shame the powers that be don’t pay attention to these Pew studies.  They are 3 years old or more before they release them! Half the report quoted stuff from 2007!  It’s 2012 people!!! 

Funny the title is The Cost of Delay” since the data in it is so friggin “delayed” !!

Me..  FURIOUS!!  Not good!

Not good at all!

The sharia-compliant group, Arcapita Bank, who is heavily invested in Small Smiles Dental Centers, is facing $1bn toothache.

Last updated: February 27, 2012 8:31 am

Bahrain’s Arcapita faces debt challenge
By Simeon Kerr in Dubai and Camilla Hall in Abu Dhabi

Bahrain-based private equity investor Arcapita Bank is facing a potentially painful debt workout as it mandates advisers ahead of the March deadline for the Manama-based group to repay $1.1bn of loans.

Privately-held Arcapita, which declined to comment, owns a broad portfolio of companies in the US and Europe, including UK rail cargo company Freightliner, Irish utilities group Viridian and US women’s apparel retailer J Jill.

Read more about Arcapita’s troubls here

Blog visits so far this week

Visitors of this blog use a variety of keyword and search terms to arrive here. Some truly make me laugh out loud, others send chills down my spine, while others are just odd. But many lead me to look for more information on the subject.
In the past 3 days, these are a few I picked out:

1. Why is South Texas Dental such a shitty dental practice

2. Western dental centers quality of care decisions California state dental board death in chair


3. Rules about soliciting new medicaid patients

4. Advertise on dentist the menace blog  (BTW – Not interested, not gonna happen, no way)advertiseondtm

5. Arcapita bank load payment (BTW- it’s 1 billion I believe and they don’t have it)arcaptiabankloan

6. Dental group practice private equity backed in texas

7. Undercover police close illegal dental offices in atlanta

8. Death child dentist North Carolina

9. 1 800 dentist attorney susan (BTW-it’s Susan Keenberg)

10. Heartland dental care airplane tail number

Monday, March 05, 2012

Galdi v Megdal and Bright Now! Dental

Anyone know what this is about:

Case No: United States of America Cr-02-00349CAS
Case No YCO30202: Galdi vs. Megdal

Mimi Villegas Galdi


Bright Dental Now! Phillip Megdal,
Jordan Moss,
Katrina Mejia-Blom,
Dale Blom
City of Redondo Beach
State of California
United States of America.

Read the story here
More on it here.

It appears this Dr. Philip Megdal was the same dentist accused of negligence in the death of 4 year old Javier Villa, Jr. in 1998

More on Javier’s death.

Consumer Dental bought the Megdal clinics after Javier’s death

Sunday, March 04, 2012

JLL Partners Completes Acquisition of American Dental Partners–February 9, 2012


American Dental Partners Launches Syndication of Senior Secured Facilities

Published on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 15:16 
Trader Huddle
WAKEFIELD, Mass., Jan. 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Dental Partners, Inc. ("American Dental Partners" or the "Company") today announced that it has launched the syndication of $241 million of senior secured facilities ("Senior Secured Facilities"), consisting of a $36 million revolving facility and a $205 million term loan. The proceeds from the Senior Secured Facilities, together with equity from JLL Partners Fund VI, L.P. and certain other investors, are being used to finance the acquisition of American Dental Partners and to pay certain fees and expenses.
KeyBank National Association ("KeyBank"), CIT Capital Securities ("CITCS") and NXT Capital, LLC ("NXT") will act as joint bookrunning managers of the debt financing.
This press release does not constitute an offer to purchase any securities or a solicitation of an offer to sell any securities.

American Dental Partners Stockholders Approve Merger Agreement

Published on Tuesday, 07 February 2012 15:15
Trader Huddle

WAKEFIELD, Mass., Feb. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Dental Partners, Inc. (Nasdaq:ADPI) announced that at a special meeting of stockholders held earlier today stockholders voted to adopt the previously announced merger agreement with JLL Crown Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and JLL Crown Merger Sub, Inc., a Delaware corporation, affiliates of JLL Partners, Inc. Under the terms of the merger agreement, upon consummation of the merger, holders of outstanding shares of common stock of American Dental Partners will receive $19.00 per share in cash.
At the meeting, the merger was approved by holders of 12,496,939 shares of the Company's outstanding common stock, and 3,702 shares voted against the merger.


JLL Partners Acquisition of American Dental Partners Creates Committed Partnership

February 09, 2012
Trader Huddle
On February 9, 2012, JLL Partners, Inc. completed its acquisition of American Dental Partners, Inc. American Dental Partners is now privately held and no longer listed on NASDAQ.
The deal creates a partnership committed to American Dental Partners’ core values and goals as well as a dedication to quality care and a long-term outlook. Both organizations will pursue a shared vision and work to enhance growth of American Dental Partners.
American Dental Partners will continue to be headquartered in Wakefield, Mass., and is one of the nation’s leading business partners to dental group practices. American Dental Partners is affiliated with more than two dozen dental group practices in more than twenty states across the country.
JLL Partners is a New York-based, leading private equity investment firm. Their investment philosophy is to partner with outstanding management teams and invest with them in companies that can continue to grow into market leaders. JLL Partners has a special focus on healthcare services in addition to financial and business services. More information on JLL Partners (Joseph, Littlejohn, & Levy)is available at

American Dental Partners “Affiliates”

Related Articles
Gotta love ADPI’s as for “Specialist

Today Lady Gaga's DJ, Richard Roles, is tweeting about “Raven’s Song” Thank you @BUMSQUADDJZ!

Over 25 children participated in the "Inspire a Nation, Save a Child" project. The track, Guardian Angel "Raven's Song", written by Michael "Magnedo7" Crawford and his wife Shameia Crawford in memory of little Raven Maria Blanco, is dedicated to all of the world's lost little angels.

It is now available to purchase on several music outlets including iTunes: Guardian Angel -- "Raven's Song" This version of the song and the Video were produced by Alisha "M'jestie" Brooks and was Directed by Visually Inklined. Purchase this song on iTunes:
Raven died in 2007 due to complications from a medical emergency during a routine dental visit. 19 Children have died since 2007. Please help us spread awareness, so another family does not have to go through what ours did...

Learn more about protecting pediatric dental patients:

Friday, March 02, 2012

Remembering Marrisa

It was one year ago today that Marrisa Kingery went to Dr. Henry Mazorow of Lorain, Ohio and days later became the second patient killed by his irresponsible behavior.. Earlier this year, Dr. Mazorow’s insurance company settled with Marissa’s family for $1M.
Pictured is Marissa and her still grieving grandmother, Mona.
Think of them today.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Could Texas Medicaid Dental Program Suck Anymore? Yes.

Just saying…

Big Changes in Medicaid Dental Coverage Could Mean Increased Wait Time 3/1/12

Shelley Childers
CBS 7 News
March 1, 2012
ODESSA, TX - Big changes to the Medicaid dental program may mean some children in West Texas have to wait even longer to get treatment.
It's a change that came with very little warning or information from the Medicaid program.
Now it has pediatric dentists across the state scrambling to help their patients maintain their appointments.
"It was a very bad day for pediatric dentists across the state because we do serve the Medicaid population and a lot of patients went without being seen today," said Dr. Joel Edwards, the only pediatric dentist in Odessa who serves Medicaid patients.
He says Medicaid patients went without being seen because of big changes to their insurance coverage that all took effect Thursday.
For years Medicaid dental insurance was a state run program, but now it's being handed over to three different insurance companies Delta Dental, DentaQuest and MCNA Dental.


Yes, Senator, there is a crisis alright!

U.S. Senator puts spotlight on country's oral health crisis

By Mary Otto, contributing writer

March 1, 2012 -- The witnesses called to testify before a U.S. Senate subcommittee February 29 brought stories of unmet dental needs across the country.

And Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT), who called the hearing, said he had stories of his own -- some 1,200 of them, gathered from his constituents and other Americans. They were personal accounts, Sanders said, of the struggles that poor, elderly, and working Americans face trying to find and pay for dental care.

"We are in the midst of a dental crisis in America," said Sanders, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging and released a report to coincide with the hearing. "More than 47 million people live in places where it is difficult to get dental care. We don't have enough providers to serve all of those in need."

The hearing was called to explore the problems with the high cost of care and the lack of access to it, Sanders noted. The witnesses included oral health experts with sobering statistics and providers who said they had found innovative ways of reaching poor and underserved people within their communities.

“We are in the midst of a dental crisis in America.”
— Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)

The lack of access comes at a high cost, not just in human suffering but in tens of millions of misspent state health care dollars, said Shelley Gehshan, director of the Pew Children's Dental Campaign. She cited a Pew study released this week that estimated that preventable dental conditions were the primary diagnosis in more than 830,000 emergency room visits in 2009, a 16% increase over 2006.

Read the complete article at Dr. Bicuspid

Grassley Seeks Information on State Rate-setting for Medicaid Managed Care Plans

For Immediate Release
March 1, 2012

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa has asked each state for information to help determine whether the states and the federal government are conducting enough oversight of their rate-setting for Medicaid managed care plans. 
“In light of the billions of dollars already spent on Medicaid, including managed care, and the planned expansion of Medicaid, it’s important to look at whether states are setting their managed care payment rates appropriately and in keeping with federal law,” Grassley said. “If the payment rates are out of whack, and scrutiny is lacking, Medicaid money could be ill-spent to the detriment of vulnerable beneficiaries and the taxpayers.

CSHM-Small Smiles Dental Unsecured Creditors Committee

The unsecured creditors meeting in the bankruptcy of Church Street Health Management had their first meeting today.  The committee appointed Jim Moriarty of Moriarty-Leyendecker law firm in Houson, Texas as thier Chairman. 

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell and Berkowitz,  law firm in Nashville, Tennessee was chosen to be the counsel for the committee.

See the Appointment and Notice of Appointment Committee here

Senior Mobile Dental - Licensed Dental Hygiene Care

Senior Mobile Dental and .org– website true owner hidden

Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0117132607,
96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
CA +1.4165385457
Website says found is – Patricia Michelle Noblet – Vacha 
Senior Mobile Dental – Colorado Secretary of State:
20071451146 – Filed 9-16-2009 True name - Dental Hygiene Professionals. Michelle P. Vacha 2604 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918 
2010163317 – Filed 10-12-2010 True name – Licensed Dental Hygiene Care. P. Michelle Vacha 2604 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Licensed Dental Hygiene Care dba -Senior Mobile Dental. Logo registration in Colorado – Senior Mobile Dental with a toothbrush and swirl of toothpaste. Patricia Vacha 2604 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918.
Licensed Dental Hygiene Care – Patricia Michelle Vacha and Michael David Vacha. Date of Non-Profit incorporation 7-27-2006.
Executive Director – Patricia Michelle Vacha, RDS
President – Dr. Sandra Swing, DDS 5410 Powers Center Point,Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Vice President – Nicole Spurgeon CDS 3860 Half Turn Road, Colorado Springs, CO. 80917
Secretary – Grace Wolf Trujillo E.D.D.A 6465 McNichols Ct., Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Treasurer – Tammi Moore, Accountant 8235 Chochise Rd. Colorado Springs, CO. 80908
Member - Dr. Kenneth Pollary, DDS 5815 Mesa Mtn. Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Member - Sherri Thompson, RN 2955 Leoti Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Texas dental centers recruiters solicit Medicaid patients outside food stamp offices promising ipods and more



Posted on February 29, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Updated yesterday at 10:49 PM


Thousands of kids get free dental care under Medicaid in Texas. Texas taxpayers foot the bill, including putting crowns on the teeth of toddlers who don't yet have their permanent teeth.

A News 8 investigation finds that some dentists want that Medicaid business so badly, they hire recruiters to bring in patients.

At a Texas Health and Human Services Office on Masters Road near Dallas, a man quietly stands in the parking lot, waiting for mothers who've just received food stamps to emerge from the waiting room.

He is a recruiter. He's handing out cards for Happy Teeth Dental, just two doors down in the same complex.

At another HHS office across town, two women also wait for new food stamp recipients. They're handing out cards for Lancaster Dental a few miles away.

And at another HHS office just up the road, Bear Creek Family Dentistry has a small kiosk set up to recruit new patients.