Sunday, March 04, 2012

Today Lady Gaga's DJ, Richard Roles, is tweeting about “Raven’s Song” Thank you @BUMSQUADDJZ!

Over 25 children participated in the "Inspire a Nation, Save a Child" project. The track, Guardian Angel "Raven's Song", written by Michael "Magnedo7" Crawford and his wife Shameia Crawford in memory of little Raven Maria Blanco, is dedicated to all of the world's lost little angels.

It is now available to purchase on several music outlets including iTunes: Guardian Angel -- "Raven's Song" This version of the song and the Video were produced by Alisha "M'jestie" Brooks and was Directed by Visually Inklined. Purchase this song on iTunes:
Raven died in 2007 due to complications from a medical emergency during a routine dental visit. 19 Children have died since 2007. Please help us spread awareness, so another family does not have to go through what ours did...

Learn more about protecting pediatric dental patients: