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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dental Dreams moving into South Carolina under the name–Family Dental

Dental Dreams has opened 3 clinic in SC under the name Family Dental. I suppose they are poised and ready to take former Small Smiles employees and patients, especially since it is right across the street.

Fraud is a renewable resource, I'm reminded. Family Dental is in Greenville, Rock Hill and Columbia. All are staffed with foreign dentist as the other mills. These folks have to go to work somewhere or go back to the mother land. Sad they have gotten into such a pickle.

Family Dental Locations;

6134 White Horse Rd / Greenville
2022 Cherry Rd, / Rock Hill
2941 Two Notch Rd/ Columbia (just across the road from Small Smiles Dental Center)

2941 Two Notch Road

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dental Dreams to Healthy Smiles ?



Not sure about the rest of the country but in Louisiana the people who own that nasty little dental mill referred to as Dental Dreams, go under the name Health Smiles, LLC as of July 2011.

dentaldreamsadThere are lots of employment ads out there, all have Chryrisse Patterson, Director of Human Resourses name attached to them.  People are to email her at

Kos Services is owned by Khurram Hussain, Dr. Sameera Hussain’s other half.


A google search on these two will give you lots of nasty stuff, including the fact they had a teen die after treatment at one of their clinics earlier 2011.

Kos Services







Healthy Smiles, LLC Louisiana









So who is Dr. Paulina Demos-Arne who has registered Health Smiles in Louisiana, well she’s not the “owner” of Health Smiles, I bet.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dental Dreams has become a Dental Nightmare for family of Christopher Schutzius

The Reported Facts:

It’s two for two so far for deaths after dental procedures in 2011.  Another routine dental procedure ends with a dead child.  On Wednesday, February 9, 2011,  17 year old, Christopher Schutzius died, of what the Medical Examiner reported as sepsis, a severe blood infection.  Also referred to as blood poisoning, sepsis is very often life threatening, it causes the blood pressure to drop, the patient goes into shock, major systems shut down, such as kidneys, liver, lungs and central nervous system and then death.

On February 1, 2011 Christopher went to Dental Dreams, a corporate dental chain located in the Chicago suburb of Blue Island, Illinois.  This Dental Dreams was the one located at 12200 Western Avenue.  Christopher went there alone to simply have a filling refilled after he lost the previous one while eating a caramel apple.  Instead of replacing the filling, the dentist gave Christopher a root canal and sent him home with no antibiotics or pain medication.

Christopher was a senior at Eisenhower High and had entered the foster case system in 2008.

Dr. Christopher Wenckus of the University of Illinois said it was very rare to die from sepsis after a root canal, going on to say it maybe happens once every 50 years. Dr. Wenckus said he would love to see the x-rays taken before the surgery.

Laying the ground work for some other problem or fault beside negligence on the part of the treating dentist and Dental Dreams, journalist Steve Metsch reports that Dr. Wenckus questioned,  “Was that tooth infected prior to the root canal? If it’s a live tooth, with a functioning nerve, there’s no way in hell this takes place.  Surgery can’t cause it. There’s got to be an underlying condition.”

“If someone has an infected tooth, (their face) is swollen and bad and nasty. That’s the time you use an antibiotic. How do they know the sepsis came from an infected tooth?”

According to Metsch, Dr. Wenckus went on to say if it was infection from a bad tooth there would have been warning signs such as swelling and soreness in the mouth. 

“If someone has an infected tooth, …

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dental Dreams Lawsuit

Several seem to be interested in the case brought against Dental Dreams, LLC in MA.  Here is what is happening:

Patrick Dermesropian, DDS filed a civil action against Dental Dreams, LLC,  Sameera Hussain, Field of Dreams Dental Management, LLC, Khurram Hussain, Peter Stathakis, Dental Experts, LLC dba Dental Dreams, LLC and David Wolle in the amount of $2.1 million.

The suit was filed June 10, 2009 in MA.  A complaint was filed; there have been motion after motion filed by Dental Dreams, asking it to be dismiss or this or that.  Dental Dreams had to file their Corporate disclosure statement but didn't do so until August 2009.  Dental Dreams has filed Motions to Strike Allegation, several times, filed motions to stay the Discovery a few times, the parties could not all agree with the judge so another judge was reassigned, Dr. Dermesropian filed a motion to Strike Allegations, most of these were denied.  Dr. Dermesropian had to file an amended complaint after other information became available, more Motions to Strike and Dismiss by  Dental Dreams.  Motion granted to Dr. Dermesropian to file a 31 page memo.  

More Motions to Dismiss or Strike in January and February 2010.  In May 2010 the judge finally granted Dental Dream's motion to dismiss Counts VI, VII, IX, and X but otherwise denied all other allegations.... and here we are.