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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Small Smiles Still Abusing Children - Corporate Integrity Agreement A Failure

FORBA's Small Smiles Dental Clinics in Oklahoma is looking for 'associate' dentists for its Oklahoma Smiles clinic located in North Oklahoma City while under the cloud of a class action suit recently filed alleging more child abuse and assault on children in these clinics.

As usual the ad talks about working in, and I quote:

"our rewarding work environment!".

About the only thing "rewarding" thing you will likely get in working at any of these clinics seems to be the extremely high risk of a malpractice lawsuit that can and will haunt you for years to come!  Make sure you get "tail" insurance!  In fact, I would demand it!  Legal fees alone could bring you to bankruptcy. I think I would also want "Claims Based" insurance and not "Occurrence Based".  Again, because of claims that could arise way into the future. 

In some states children have many years to file suit for injuries that occurred when they were small.  What if you treated a four year old who lives in a state where he/she can file an injury claim until they are 20, that is 16 years you have to worry about keeping your "tail" covered.  Is a job at FORBA and its Small Smiles clinics worth it.  This is true for Kool Smiles and other dentists "over" serving children for a dollar.

I would not be surprised, after all the claims being filed by former Small Smiles patients, to find malpractice insurance premiums skyrocket for dentist and/or other staff who had previously worked for FORBA's Small Smiles clinics or other dental mills.

"We offer excellent earning potential based on collections with a guaranteed minimum income"
" We also offer a benefits package that is hard to beat (including 401(k) retirement with company match and 100% coverage for health insurance, malpractice insurance, disability insurance, continuing education, dues and fees). Relocation reimbursement offered and licensing assistance provided."

Please contact Jacob at:
Direct Phone: 719-562-4460
Fax: 719-584-7697

If I were to work for these scumbags, which I would NEVER do if I planned on any type of good reputation carrying through in my career I would pay close attention to the bold terms highlighted above.

I would also worry about the stringent contract presented to me and have my own attorney look it over before signing, as you should for any contract!  Contract always favor the presenter of the contract, i.e. FORBA.

I would also worry about the Corporate Integrity Agreement this company has signed with the Federal Government.  I was told that FORBA requested its employees to also sign this thing.   Do you honestly think, FORBA will protect you?  

Presently they are having problems with Insurance coverage, themselves.  Not sure how they  feel they can offer up something in which they may not have access. 

Here is a comment I recently received on the matter when FORBA approached them to renew their contract under the new "collections" based salary :

As a dentist who just ended their contract with Forba recently, I would agree with you on many points here.  The worst part about the 'percentage' contract is how low it is.

For example, any private practice employer would pay between 25-30% of collections.  I received a printout of the breakdown for the percentage from Forba even though I only had a few weeks left on my contract and I was only a part time hourly doctor. 

Needless to say, the amount of treatment that needs to be conducted in order for a doctor to meet their minimum salary based on the old contract, is about $3000 a day collections (including personal, ancillary, and clinic contributions to overall collections). 

Under my contract with another private practice, I would only need to collect $2000 a day.  What this means is that a doctor would have to collect 1.5x as much as I would to make the same amount of money, and that doesn't include the salary lost with PTO, vacation, and paid holidays. 

This also means that doctors may be more inclined to 'find' cavities than they were when they were on a set salary and could concentrate more on proper treatment and behavior management;  now it means that a doctor might be quicker to use a papoose or more aggressive with treatment planning than with the prior contract, just to make the same amount of money.
 As recently as August 9, 2010 there are reports of tying up children to overtreat!

Hello, my name is William and it is my belief that the Small Smiles dentistry clinic in Dothan Alabama abused my four year old daughter.

She went in for a "small" filling and was tied to a board, blindfolded with a rag and given two root canals and crowns in under twenty minutes.

This was three weeks ago on the 9th of August.

It wasn't until after a couple of days of ranting and raving before I discovered that I wasn't alone. I came across the 20/20 news report and SNAPPED I could not believe that not even a year after a federal suit they are still treating babies the same way.

I never would have taken my babies there had I known that they are the McDonald of dentistry. We trusted the recommendation of our local school system.
I have since learned of several other families who have treated the same way.

Thank you for your concern

On a side note here, the creeps running FORBA sure want to take our tax dollars and live like 'kings' but they sure get bent out of shape when you start naming names, don't they?