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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ohio taxpayers being asked to pay the bill to abuse children, defraud their Medicaid system and pay for the abusers education - Man what a deal for Ohio

Church Street Health Management, seeking to offer dentists who would come to work for the Small Smiles clinics in Ohio, a hop on the state funded "Ohio Dentist Loan Repayment Program".   

According to Mona Taylor, at the Ohio Department of Health, Small Smiles dental centers would have to have a letter from their corporate owners, Church Street Health Management attached to the application stating they will treat patients regardless of ability to pay for emergency treatment.

Get that letter from the Corporate office and voila' dentists working for Small Smiles will get a special discount of their loan repayment. 

Here's a link to more information.

It's a "safety net" program.  Wonder what "safety net" program they have for the tiny victims.

Let's see the Ohio taxpayer picks up the tab for the unnecessary and abusive treatment resulting in trauma and fraud on these tiny patient.  Then the Ohio taxpayer also gets to pick up the tab in repaying the education loans to the abusers.  

[Ohio, aren’t you guys broke?  Just saying….   Might be something to look into here]

What dentist could pass this great opportunity up?  

Well, one that want's to continue his or her chosen profession without the likelihood of litigation would be one, I suppose.

One that has a lick of common sense would be another.

And thirdly one that ever plans on getting their own malpractice insurance in the future.  One dentist I spoke with who left employment last fall, said they were finding it extremely hard to get their own malpractice insurance and what they did find the premiums were outrageous and deductible was $100K.

In other news, I'm told that Small Smiles is rolling out a "teeth-whitening" program  in hopes of improving their increasingly shrinking bottom line. [probably to pay their increasingly higher malpractice insurance]
It's just a guess here, but I'm assuming that will be offered to their adult patients in the "Big Smiles" program, seeing that I don't think "teeth-whiting" products will help stainless steal crowns.

Also recruiting has begun for another clinic in Hartford Connecticut.