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Monday, March 22, 2010

Colorado's HB 1175 Aims To Fast Track Licensing Out of State Dentists; Some Could Just Be Interviewed

This doesn't have "Ft. Carson" written all over it.  It's got FORBA and other dental mills written all over it.  How fitting for the state who is home to the company who refined the practice and trains more dentists how to tie up children, pull, drill and cap teeth in the quickest manner to optimize medicaid reimbursements,  home to the company who literally wrote the book on how to separate parents and children in order to torture and abuse children, and invented dental assembly lines.  It's a damn disgrace is what it is.  

FORBA Small Smiles was born in Colorado.  Kool Smiles came from two doctors who trained at Small Smiles as did Adventure Dental/Captain Smiles. 

Not long ago Dr. Ed DeRose, Dr. Michael DeRose and Dr. William Mueller were sanctioned by the state Dental Board for bring dentists to Colorado and let them 'practice' on underserved children, now it's open game.  I suspect we shall see a grown in 'train for gain' labs springing up across Colorado.  Citizens beware! 

Licenses by Interview...WOW!  Wonder if it will just be a phone interview.  I've got another question, just exactly how many Ft. Caron does this really effect?  Anyone got any numbers that justifies this act.  Why didn't they include Real Estate Agents and other licensed professionals?

DENVER — The Senate on Tuesday granted final approval to a bill that makes it easier for professionals in certain regulated fields to practice their occupations in Colorado after moving from another state.

State Sen. Abel Tapia, D-Pueblo, sponsored HB1175 in the Senate. Rep. Marsha Looper, R-Colorado Springs, was the House sponsor. Tapia said it's aimed to help military families transition to the state.
The bill calls for streamlined processes for licensing chiropractors, dentists, dental hygienists, optometrists, nursing home administrators and physical therapists in Colorado when they move from other states.

"It was really a military-driven bill," Tapia said. "It's for people coming to Fort Carson and their spouses. For years people have been assigned there, and their spouses had to work six months or a year toward a certificate or a license. In some cases, these are people who've been competent professionals for 20 years before they came to Colorado."

Tapia said the Department of Regulatory Agencies, which grants credentials in the fields named in the bill, is agreeable to abbreviated processes for issuing certificates and licenses for new residents to the state.

Depending on the experience the new residents bring with them, they could be issued certificates or licenses to practice in Colorado based on interviews, testing or truncated periods of work in their field here.

  In committee hearings on the bill, lawmakers heard from witnesses who said strict licensing requirements for professionals can sometimes separate military families, when a spouse doesn't want to leave their field or take a professional step backward.
Tapia said he hopes this bill will rectify that.

"A lot of families coming to Fort Carson, and some of them to Pueblo, will have a much easier transition because of this."

Having earlier been passed by the House and by the Senate on Tuesday, the bill is awaiting the governor's signature to become law.
 Maybe a close look into the sponsors of this bill is in order.