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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Small Smiles dentist Karen Chu, DMD blogs.

Yep, blogging of all things.  Not just one blog, but two of them. 

Karen Chu, DMD Blog
Phoenix Small Smiles Blog

On one of her blogs, Dr. Chu gives the public a fun “how to ” tip to help parent prepare children for their first dentist visit, to her I suppose. (you’ll see what I mean) 

She recommends story time saying:

“Much of the fear and upset young children experience on those 1st appointments come from having no "frame of reference" for  the strange environment, strange people and even stranger actions happening to and around them.”

To further assist she’s taken the time (a lot it appears) to put together a little slideshow/visual aid to help parents spin a fun,yet accurate, fairy tale.  It’s absolutely delightful, you’ll see.

small-smiles-dental-centerLast I had heard about Dr. Karen Chu, DMD, the fake owner dentist of all the Arizona Children Medicaid Dental Clinics (Small Smiles Dental) she was not allowed to do anything more than hygiene on patients. I had heard she had failed a few chart audits and there might be some issues with slashing children’s gums while drilling, restraining their heads, yelling at the children, telling the children if they don’t hold still their mother will leave them, and lying about the real amount of anesthesia she uses on the children, i.e. writes down 1.5 carpules of anesthesia when she really used 3. I also heard she will leave a child in the papoose board for well over an hour, headed toward two, but only documents the time limit of 1 hour.

Dr. Chu’s profile says she believes every child should have a beautiful smile.  I 2012-1-4 11-24-28have to question then, what she considers beautiful.  This?

Being that Dr. Chu is an “owner dentist” she must be quite loyal to the corporate heads, they only allow those they can truly trust or blackmail to be “owner dentists” I think.  She was one of their top producers in 2010 that’s for sure.  However, she is not indispensible,  her last day was Friday December 28, 2011!  Whoop Whoop!!

(it’s likely when I post this, the blogs will disappear within minutes, but not to worry, I have the nice slideshow presentation backed up if necessary)