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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Appears To Be Small Smiles Employees In Phoenix Having a Bit of Fun

Here are the videos that were sent to me.

After posting the links to these videos from youtube user je3579 in a previous post I sent them on to Mr. Todd Cruse, of FORBA (Nashville, TN and Pueblo, CO) who operates the Small Smiles clinics, for review. I guess they were from the Small Smiles clinic in Phoenix since they disappeared almost immediately, I wasn't sure at first but since they were removed from the user account within an hour of passing them along my guess is they were in fact Small Smiles employees have a bit of fun. Until Mr. Cruse had them removed, there were several more videos, some with a dancing Santa and more.

I'm just guessing but I bet there are some job openings this afternoon in case anyone is interested in joining such a fine organization.

I sure wish I had the video of Jamie eating the banana from between the legs of the guy. The stars of the show were said to be Jamie-the dental hygienist Alex-the dental assistant and Dr. Karen Chu the lead dentist of Phoenix, AZ Small Smiles.

Don't you just love stupid people who would do this at work and post it on the Internet. Makes you wonder if FORBA checks to see if people have brains before they are hired. Anyway, as you could clearly see the dentist that briefly appears in one of the films could care less about what his employees are doing. I wonder who is behind the camera.

Way to go Jamie!

Your tax dollars at work, folks. Yep, these clinics are a glimpse into socialized medicine. See, these clinics operate solely on your tax dollars through SCHIP programs in various states. They treat low income (or as FORBA calls them, "underserved") children and receive medicaid dollars from your state.

Here is one of the comments that was posted anonymously:

I know of all these employees personally and I can tell you that Dr. Karen Chu the owner and Lead Dentist of the Phoenix Small Smiles had dared the dental hygienist Jaime Evans and the dental assistant Alex Corral to post this video on You Tube. The Pediatric dentist Dr. Quentin Shaw also thought these videos were funny and is in the Chicken fight video. This all happened when patients were in the office being treated.