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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Angela Newberry, Dr. Karen Chu, Dr. Quentin Shaw, Jason Owen and Patient Complaints

I've been wondering how Angela Newberry, who was hired to fill the fantastic, awesome, cure all position of Patient Advocate, is coming along.  I'm not sure exactly how great of a job she can do to 'advocate' for patients being that she's being paid by the abusers.  I sounds good, but not likely to produce much improvement.  I know there have been complaints made, I'm just wondering if Ms. Newberry is seeing that they are reported to HHS.

Just to let you know that there are times complaints are sent to me as they get to you, here's just one:

Dr. Karen Chu - Phoenix
I wanted to let your office and staff know that Dr. Karen was very rude and not professional at all.  If I knew that she would be working on my son then I will switch dentist's.  Dr. Karen told me to remove me hand, I was just trying to calm my son down and she was so rude about it.  The whole time she was rude to the dental assistants, ordering them around telling I believe her name is Anna, "if you don't remember the numbers you need to write it down."  that is no way to talk to a co-worker no matter what position you are in.  Dr. Karen also was telling my son during the procedure, if you don't want your teeth to be worked on, then you need to brush your teeth. I do not need Dr. Karen or anybody else treating my son  bad.  If you have any questions feel free to give me a call.
Sylvia ** ** xxx-329-74xx
This mom is talking about Dr. Karen Chu.  I hear this is the perfect Small Smiles dentist.  To say she's the devil would be a step up from what she's usually called. She's had numerous complaints filed but nothing is ever done because, after all, she's a top producer or at least was.  I'm told Dr. Karen doesn't ask the parents for permission on very much at all, she just does it and asks later.
My guess is Sylvia will get a letter soon from FORBA firing her as a client.  They've fired several lately...(a completely different story), when they fire you, they fire the siblings of the child they are abusing too.  Which by my count is GREAT!  Keep on firing those clients, FORBA, makes my day.  I know at least 400 children have been fired (saved) in the past few weeks.  More to come? You bet your ass there is...!
Alerts out today for Office Manager needed in the Phoenix Office...  I guess the one who was there, finally had enough of Chu's mouth and attitude.  How many does that make this year that have left the Arizona clinics?  
But maybe Dr. Chu is just under enormous pressure since production is down about 50% in AZ offices, due to the cut in ACCHS fees and other factors.  At one time AZ was near the top and now they are sucking hind tit. 
I hear FORBA won't buy the employees coffee, cups, etc and the only thing free around the clinics these days is water...and if they could figure out a way to charge for that, they would.  Think it could be all these legal fees they are incurring?  The fact their own liability insurance company is trying to ditch them speaks volumes doesn’t it?

Atif A. AbdulmalikOh well, let the Arab banker open up his coffer and pay up.  It's time.   He's abused our children long enough while being allowed to pillage our Medicaid system.   Smell that...  I smell oil $$ and it's not coming from the Gulf.
Every time you take a child to FORBA Small Smiles you help plaster this man’s palace in gold.
I wonder if Dr. Chu realizes what’s she’s doing when she’s tying up a child in a papoose board and drilling away?  So she gets a nice Mercedes and a so so place to live.  Sorry, no Mercedes is worth the hell. (honestly the biggest piece of shit car I ever owned was a Mercedes). 
I know Jason Owen is on her ass every day to produce, produce and produce.  However, I don’t feel sorry for her, who would? 
At least Dr. Quentin L. Shaw was fired, and for heaven’s sake don’t take your child to him where ever he ends up hanging his next shingle.  He was the worst papoose board abuser of all in the clinic.