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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fake dentist, Humberto Perez, arrested, along with his wife and daughter.

Appears the Miami police are in the dentist arresting business this week. They have nabbed themselves another one today, adding Humberto Perez to the list along with Dr. Thomas Floyd. Arrested today were, Humberto Perez, 81, Maria Perez, 69 and their daughter, Odalis Hernadez Perez, 41.

Miami CBS 4 news

Humberto Perez arrest affidavit.dental_dungeon_suspects_244x183

Crimesider Staff
Daily Blotter
(CBS) MIAMI, Fla.- Three people are being charged with child abuse after a dentist operating out of a home permanently disfigured a 14-year-old girl's teeth, CBS Miami reports.
On Wednesday, Miami police busted a couple and their daughter at their 'dental office' in Little Havana. 
Humberto Perez, 81, Maria Perez, 69, and Odalis Hernandez-Perez, 41, were all charged with performing dental services without a license along with two charges of child abuse, a statement from Miami police spokeswoman Officer Kenia Reyes read.
The child abuse charges came after a 14-year-old's mother reported her daughter's teeth were permanently disfigured following her appointment at the clinic.
While the girl's mother and grandmother say that they saw a fully operational dentist office, Major David Magnusson of the Miami Police described the room as, "everything a dentist's office should not be."
The 14-year-old described the room to police as small, and full of pots, medical instruments and teeth.
As Humberto Perez conducted dental work on the girl, she reported feeling weak and sick. According to Perez's affidavit, he injected a syringe of prescription medication into her mouth and then started filing down her teeth.
The affidavit alleges that's when the girl told Perez she felt uncontrollable pain. Perez continued with the dental procedure anyway.
The arrest affidavit for Perez's daughter claims the 41-year-old told her dad, "Dad, I hate when you work on children. They always put on a show with the crying."
The girl lost several teeth during her two visits to the office and suffered from an infection that caused her teeth to separate from her gums. She is now being treated by a qualified doctor.
"The licensed dentist said that in his 30 years of experience, he has never seen anything as horrible as what they have done to this girl," Maj. Magnusson said.