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Friday, December 14, 2012

If Gallup Poll is correct–the public is in serious danger

December 5, 2012 – The ADA published this article - "Dentists rank high in Gallup poll" —5th to be exact — this taken from a Gallup survey published December 3, 2012.

Thinking what dentists could come in at 5th place, I started a list. Not revealing what actually made my list — as not to anger some of my friend dentists —I’ll just say that “ethics” was not in the top 50!

richmondinstituteDecember 11, 2012, the same day, NBC aired their explosive investigation about the horrors still happening to children at Small Smiles Dental Centers, the Richmond Institute for Continuing Dental Education followed up on the ADA article — their headline read — “Dentists Rank #5 as Most Ethical Profession

It’s said the Gallup survey asked 1,015 adults from 50 states to rate — on a five point scale ranging from “very high” to “very low” — how they perceived honesty and ethics of 21 professions. The survey concluded the American public believes dentists are 62% honest. The survey also concluded Congress and cars salespeople are perceived as the least ethical.

If Gallup Poll is correct, then maybe the statements each year by the '”Pew Institute” is more spot on that thought; at least their mantra — “There is a Dental Crisis in America”.  There is now little doubt public health is in danger. Either abandoning educational programs in classrooms on dental hygiene — brushing and flossing — completely or at least enhancing the programs with additional instruction more like:

  • “Recognize a Dentists Who Wants in Your Pants, Not in Your Mouth” —101
  • “You Were Safer at the Barber Shop" — 101–103
  • Playground in the Waiting Room = Playground in Your Mouth — K – 12

I can only conclude the 1,015 people who were asked must have been:

A.  grandparents of freshman dental students; who also happen to be picking up the tab for their grandchild’s education.

B.  the surveyed all have a family member named in a current lawsuit for dental malpractice

C. none have seen a dentist since at least 2006, and don’t have a clue.