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Monday, October 08, 2012

Dental Service Organization (DSO) Affordable Care/Affordable Dentures Dentist Stripped of License

Affordable Care is owned by American Capital, the same Private Equity firm who invested in the disgraces and bankrupt Small Smiles Dental Centers. Affordable Care and it’s President, Douglas W. Brown, were behind the big push in North Carolina to make life easy for Dental Service Organization in that state.
Affordable Care and it’s “affiliated” clinics go straight to the top of the nasty DGPA organization and has so many tentacles that it would make an octopus jealous!

6 On Your Side Consumer Investigator
MORRISTOWN (WATE) - Disciplinary action taken by the Tennessee Board of Dentistry against David Harrison has been swift and decisive.
The board revoked the Morristown dentist's license, stripping him of his ability to work in Tennessee. It was the most extreme punishment available to the state.
In the consent order, "unprofessional conduct" was cited as one of the grounds for taking such extreme measures.
June McClary was one of Harrison's first patients to call 6 On Your Side and one of the first to contact state investigators about Harrison's practice.