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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DeRose Disciples Coming To A Dental Clinic Near You

It's come to my attention that Drs. Tran and Pham of Kool Smiles fame broke off from the DeRose's and FORBA during a breakdown in their business relationship. Therefore even though Kool Smiles is strictly modeled after Small Smiles/FORBA they are separate companies. Now this isn't confirmed. But the fact that I can't actually lay my fingers on any documentation showing they are sister companies means I'm going to have to assume they are not. But I'm leaving this one open for a bit longer just in case.

None of this is really the point on this blog entry. What is the point is the fact that it clearly shows the pattern of folks who call them self dentists have ended up breaking off from FORBA/Small Smiles and opening up their own torture chambers calling them dental clinics.

As I've posted before about the hundreds of dentists that have passed through the halls of these dental mills, more and more are taking the fine skills of behavioral management they learned from the DeRose training camps in Colorado and incorporating them into their own practices.

Academy Kids Dental in Colorado Springs is just another example. The owner there, used to be a lead dentist with Small Smiles. Hopefully he left the bad habits at Small Smiles and took their training as what NOT to do to small innocent children and naive parents.

What worries me are the hundreds, maybe thousands, of DeRose Disciples who are stowed away in cities and towns across America tying up children, have little to no patients with them, go straight for the papoose board and come up with a treatment plan more costly and more traumatic than need be. It's disgusting and if I accomplish nothing else in my life time I plan on ending this with laws, rules and/or regulations in every state across this land.

Thank God several states have recognized that dentists are torturing children unnecessarily and already taken steps to stop this legalized form of child abuse, so I don't have to work my way through all 50.

Anytime I become discouraged in my quest all I have to do is watch the video reporter Roberta Baskin was able to obtain of little Miguel struggling and fighting for his life in that papoose board and I'm energized all over again with the vigor of a mother lioness.

I close my eyes and see my small family member who suffered this, if not worse, at the hands of a dentist. Whether my loved ones tooth needed work or not makes no difference to me. The recommended, proper, and acceptable techniques by the dentist was not followed.

I see my loved one's little feet crisscrossing like Miguel's did, panicked, struggling, heart rate going up, sweating, fighting with all his little might, sheer terror in his little heart, mind and soul and I know bringing this to and end is something I will NEVER give up on. Never! Call me nuts, call me whatever but as I see it, I'm simply very passionate about this subject.