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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Attorney James R. Moriarty Responds to CRIME WATCH DAILEY: Pediatric dentist accused of mistreating young patients

For 6 years I have attempted to stop what I consider to be highly abusive dental mistreatment of our youngest and most vulnerable children, mostly without significant success. 

Dental abuse ranging from lying to the moms, pulling teeth without pain relief, grossly excessive use of stainless steel caps, unnecessary baby root canals and widespread use of physical restraint devices on infants as young as 18 months. 

For reasons I cannot comprehend, many of the honest and legitimate dentists sit silently, the dental boards responsible for policing dentist do nothing and most of the criminal and civil state authorities charged with protecting the public, and the taxpayers do little or nothing.  

I can identify hundreds of dental offices secretly and illegally owned by private equity firms ranging from the money behind the propane gas we use to cook on in the back yard, billionaires from the middle east and even the husband and wife who started one of the largest computer companies in the world.  

I've complained at every level of county and state government and produced evidence to show this illegal and abusive conduct.  All almost for naught.

One 27 year old Medicaid mom, severely pissed off by the visible and obvious abusive treatment of her daughter single handedly brought this guy down.  Turned down by the police, ignored by the dental board and refused by lawyers who she sought to hire to stop this behavior, she turned to Facebook and the court of public opinion and then the stuff hit the fan. 

My hat is off to this mom.  She has done more to protect the public than legions of trial lawyers, endless numbers of state and local authorities and every sit-on-their hands dental board in the country.

My hat is also off to John Phillips, a brilliant, aggressive young lawyer who does not tremble at the thought of fighting  mano on mano in the court of public opinion. 

​Please watch this 15 minute video (3 segments):​

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dental Assistant of Howard S. Schneider, LaTosha Bevel-Hillsman Arrested

imageFlorida’s attorney general’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office have issued another warrant in the medicaid / abuse criminal case related to Jacksonville dentist Howard S. Schneider. Schneider was arrested yesterday. Read more about that here. They arrested and booked his assistant LaTosha Bevel-Hillsman on charges of practicing dentistry without a license, defrauding the Florida Medicaid program and child abuse. Hillsman was booked into the Duval County jail just after 5 p.m. Tuesday, November 17, 2015. What has been identified as her facebook page has very risque (and unhygienic) photos. Her license cannot be found on the State’s license verification as her name doesn’t match.

According to the JSO Inmate Information Search, Bevel-Hillsman is being held on a $30,009 bond. She is not yet scheduled for a court date. It is unknown if the practice will be providing her with a criminal defense lawyer.

Here is her booking report:

Howard Schneider and Latosha Bevel-Hillsman Mugshots

Warrant Issued for LaTosha Bevel-Hillsman, Dental Assistant of Dr. Howard S Schneider


    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has issued a warrant for one of Dr. Howard Schneider’s former dental assistants.

    LaTosha Bevel-Hillsman is accused of practicing dentistry without a license, defrauding the Florida Medicaid program and child abuse.

    Bevel-Hillsman is facing a child abuse charge and the state says she practiced dentistry without a license at Schneider's former office. The state also said she defrauded the Medicaid program while she worked at the office.

    The embattled pediatric dentist Schneider was arrested Monday for Medicaid fraud by submitting claims for dental procedures he performed without parental consent. 

    - See more at:

    Duval County Pediatric Dentist Arrested for Medicaid Fraud

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office today announced the arrest of former pediatric dentist, Dr. Howard S. Schneider, 78, for defrauding the Florida Medicaid program.

    The MFCU’s investigation revealed that Schneider, the sole owner of Howard S. Schneider, D.D.S. P.A., defrauded Florida Medicaid by submitting claims for dental procedures he performed without parental consent. The procedures allegedly fell below the standard of care and produced unauthorized claims submitted to the Medicaid program for reimbursement.

    In conjunction with Schneider’s arrest, the MFCU and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office have an active arrest warrant for one of Schneider’s former dental assistants, LaTosha Bevel-Hillsman, for practicing dentistry without a license, defrauding the Florida Medicaid program and child abuse. Hillsman, 39, allegedly performed an extraction on a pediatric patient; a procedure that Hillsman is not authorized to perform. The investigation revealed that this procedure caused harm to the child and produced unauthorized claims submitted to the Medicaid program for reimbursement.

    Schneider faces 11 counts of Medicaid provider fraud of $10,000 or less, a third degree felony. If convicted, Schneider faces up to 55 years in prison and more than $825,000 in fines and restitution.

    The State Attorney’s Office for the Fourth Judicial Circuit will prosecute this case. Hillsman faces one count of practicing dentistry without a license, one count of Medicaid provider fraud of $10,000 or less, and one count of child abuse, all third degree felonies. If convicted, Hillsman faces up to 15 years in prison and more than $15,000 in fines and restitution.



    Mugshot of LaTosha Bevel-Hillsman from a previous arrestLaTosha Bevel-Hillsman Mugshot for writing bad checks





    Howard S Schneider Mugshot

    Mugshot of Howard S. Schneider Nov 2015 arrest

    Monday, November 16, 2015

    Dr. Howard S. Schneider Arrested for 11 Counts Medicaid Fraud

    Nov. 16, 2015

    Dr. Howard S. Schneider of Jacksonville, Florida has been arrested this afternoon.

    Pediatric dentist accused by a group of parents of hurting children, was arrested Monday.
    According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Inmate Information Search, Schneider was arrested on 11 counts of unauthorized Medicaid claims.
    Schneider turned himself into to JSO around 4 p.m. Monday, according to the office of Attorney General Pam Bondi.

    His total bond is listed at $110,033, according to JSO's Inmate Information Search. Schneider does not have a court date scheduled at this time.

    - See more at:

    On November 13, 2015, Schneider filed for an emergency distribution of marital funds in anticipation of his arrest.





















    Howard Schneider Charges.pdf by Dentist The Menace

    Sunday, May 31, 2015

    Howard S. Schneider of Jacksonville, Florida files Motion to Dismiss and asks for Sanctions against Gust Sarris attorney-Adsum Law Firm

    Jacksonville, Florida

    On May 22, 2015 Howard S. Schneider's attorney Richard E. Ramsey of Wicker, Smith, O'Hara, McCoy and Ford, has filed a Motion in Jacksonville Circuit Court asking the court to Dismiss the lawsuit filed, Expunge it from court records and Sanction attorney Gust Sarris of Adsum Law Firm.  I read it as they firmly believe Gust Sarris / Adsum Law Firm failed to follow proper procedures before the filing of the suit.

    Monday, May 25, 2015

    Will Schneider be forever used to describe unethical and abusive dentistry?

    Don't be a Schneider





    • Don’t be a Schneider
    • Schneider type dentistry
    • Schneideresque
    • Schneiderized

    Just thinking…

    Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    Crooked unethical dentists and crooked corporations who own them… you are on notice

    Stop Dental Abuse - Anderson Cooper Discusses the Jacksonville Case of Dr. Howard Schneider

    Thursday, May 14, 2015


    150514 parents close down schneider officeParents protesting Howard S. Schneider, DDS office in Jacksonville, Florida have shut him down.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2015

    Dr. Howard Schneider of Jacksonville, Florida outrageous treatment of children has landed the spotlight of Nancy Grace upon abusive dentistry.


    A Florida pediatric dentist is the subject of a recently filed lawsuit that claims he is a “psychopathic sadist” who routinely “tortured” many of his young patients.

    See the clip of the report to air tonight on HLH’s Nancy Grace program.

    All you abusing torturing dentists, and the insurance companies who cover them… you are on notice!

    Friday, May 01, 2015

    Disgraced dentist Thomas Floyd shows up to taunt protestors and show his support for Dr. Schneider

    Thomas Floyd at Schneider's office

    I’m receiving reports that Floyd has been there on more than one occasion this week and this picture along with others was taken as he exited Howard Schneider’s office.

    More on Thomas Floyd here:

    Howard S Schneider, DDS Jacksonville, Florida was sued for overtreatment of a 5 year old in 1994

    By Samantha Manning


    Capture1Action News has learned the Jacksonville pediatric dentist under investigation for allegations of mistreating children was sued nearly 20 years ago for performing unnecessary dental treatment on a child.

    Amy Brown told Action News she brought her son Kyle Bramel to Dr. Howard Schneider in 1994 when Bramel was only 5 years old.

    It was a decision she said that still haunts her.

    “I felt so guilty and I still do,” Brown said. “I still feel very guilty.”

    Brown said she brought Bramel in for a cleaning but instead Schneider ended up shaving down multiple teeth and put on silver caps without Brown’s permission.
    Brown said her son was visibly injured and she rushed him to the emergency room.

    “His mouth was cut open and he had bruises,” Brown said. “His lips were all swollen. He was choking on blood from crying.”

    Brown filed a lawsuit against Schneider that ended in a settlement of $7,500 with the insurance carrier.

    From that amount, $2,222.38 went to costs and $3,000 went to attorney’s fees. Brown received $2,277.62 as Bramel’s mother and guardian, according to court documents.

    (settlement agreement at the end of this story)

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    Another patient of Dr. Howard S Schneider recalls being restrained

    Another patient of Dr. Howard S Schneider recalls being restrained.  Yet some of “experts”  have testified children do not remember. ( I have to wonder if Dr. Schneider went to the Eddie DeRose School of Papoose Board training at some point.)

    Howard S. Schneider, DDS, Jacksonville, FL Being Investigated for Medicaid Fraud


    News4JaxDentist investigated for possible Medicaid fraud Embattled Southside pediatric dentist under investigation by state
    April 30, 2015


    …Lt. Michael Maloney with the Florida Attorney General's office is in Jacksonville, investigating claims of Medicaid fraud by Dr. Howard Schneider…

    …The mother who started the social media campaign against Schneider (pictured) said she decided to post to Facebook what happened to her child in December. Within a few hours of her post, dozens of parents flooded the News4Jax newsroom with calls and emails about Schneider, whose pediatric dental practice is on University Boulevard. Brandi Motley claims her daughter went in to get one tooth fixed but ended up with a mouthful of problems.

    …“She's been going to the dentist since she was 2, and she's never had any teeth problems, no decaying no cavities, and now all of a sudden her whole mouth is messed up because of him,” Motley said.

    …Motley said she wasn't allowed into the procedure room while Schneider was working on her daughter in December. She said the nurse came into the waiting room three hours later and told her there had been an accident. Motley said the nurse told her to take her child to the emergency room, but she said the story the nurse told her didn't match with the story her daughter told her.

    Hear From A Former Patient of Howard S Schneider, DDS, Jacksonville, FL

    Imagine the vast number of videos there could be from abused patients who visited Small Smiles and the other dental mills.  I hope Shawn inspires more victims to speak out; maybe even create a Abused At The Dentist Youtube Channel. 

    Click the picture below to go to Shawn’s Youtube videos.

    Posted April 28, 2015


    Wednesday, April 29, 2015

    Just a few of the comments left by parents regarding Dr. Howard S. Schneider of Jacksonville, FL

    April 28, 2015

    **My two boy's was seeing him and he was very rude to my boy's told them to shut the hell up and that it didn't hurt that bad and he would be really rough with them . And then my son spacer fall out a week later i take him back and he told me that it was going to cost me 112.00 for it . and Both my kids had fill end and all that and even got caps in there mouths . Both my boys told me mom i don't wont to go back to him i told them well he is the olny person who take your ins so we have to see him . But i hope he gets whats coming because this is so wrong how he have don't people kids if he didn't like his job then he shouldn't been working around children .

    **that same denist my daughter went because that only denist kids on the southside town of bye my house dont know what street it was butt that man trie he leg up and she was get root crawn and she was mad at him and he call her a bate.... she was 4 year and from that day she was so scare of denist. then denist in sc was so nice and told me she he had no right to tired her leg up and.. noww she not scare of denist any more she 12 year. that man is a jack ass

    **he also treat kids that are in wheel chair too that dr was so mean to my daughter and was scare . I hope that dr go to jail.... what he did my child was wrong or any children.

    **I took my son there when he was 2 1/2. He had him strapped down and my son screamed the whole time he drilled - he told me it was normal for kids to scream over the drill noise. I always suspected he didn't use anything to numb him. It was a terrible traumatic experience that day. I feel sick to know that I was right - that man needs to go to jail for a long time!!!

    **My son was a patient of Dr. Schneider and it was the worst experience ever. my son was 3yrs old getting fill-in, root canals & caps. I couldn't understand why my 3yr old son had such bad dental hygiene especially if it wasn't like that before. Dr. Schneider or his employees don't know how to cater to small children. Instead he do incomplete work and create more problems. He don't care about his patience and is in it for the money. His office over schedule patience which makes your visit an all day process. This office need to be closed down because they are rude, disrespectful, unprofessional and hurt children. I report Dr. Schneider to the police and Medicaid and I'm happy something is finally being done.

    **Don't let this so-called "doctor" fool you. He's been at this a very long time. 40 years ago, I was but a child, when my brother and I used to go to him. He was very rough and abusive with us, and if we cried one iota he would slap our faces, and told us to "stop crying." If cried louder, he would choke us. Thank GOD, our father heard us. He pushed through the front nurse, grabbed my brother, and myself right out of the chairs, and we were never brought to him again.

    Howard S. Schneider, DDS: 2008 ‘'The child of today is smart, manipulative, and, spoiled”


    Published in the Southern Society of Pediatric Dentistry Newsletter, August 2008

    The Last Word

    Howard S. Schneider Nov 2008By Howard S. Schneider, DDS MSD Editor

    CHANGE! This election may be remembered as one of the most exciting elections in American history.

    Yes! It is time for change. Not only do we need change in our political system, we need change in how we deliver pediatric dentistry. All of us have hung the sign on the door notifying the parent that we are taking the child to the operatory WITHOUT THEM. That was the way it was as long as I can remember. After completing treatment, we brought the happy / or unhappy child out to the parent and discussed procedure and results. And, yes, the parents accepted the comments, made another appointment and case closed. However, changes have slowly been taking place. There is change in the 2008 parents in the philosophy of raising their children; There is change in the child who has a mind of his / her own; change in the laws in treatment of the child / changes in public attitude and their concerns and trust in the professions. All the child has to do is tell the parent “they hurt me.” Then you spend the next hour explaining why you helped him. The child of today is smart, manipulative, and, spoiled. They know how to work the system. Oh yes! The word change in this article is in no way any endorsement of my political preferences. That is one man’s opinion, and,THAT IS THE LAST WORD

    No, Dr. Howard S. Schneider, that’s NOT The Last Word!

    Dr. Schneider attacked

    Another one of those fine dentists who accepts Medicaid! Parents claim Dr. Howard Schneider, a Jacksonville, FL dentist has abused their children and are protesting.

    Dr. Howard SchneiderThe disturbing story about Dr. Howard Schneider, DDS Jacksonville, Florida is nearly identical to the one about good ole Dr. Edward Dove in California. (Providing dental care under Medicaid shouldn’t mean just any kind of care, for Heaven sake!)  Look at that big brute of a woman, even Dr. Schneider is hiding behind her, imagine her brute force in controlling this poor child!

    There are thousands of children who have been treated like this and what is being done; little to nothing. Wonder how much these hotshot attorneys would think their child deserved to be compensated for this type of abuse..? That's a question they are too damn afraid to answer! Bet it would be more than a free cleaning on their next visit!! GRRRRRR!!!


    Parents claim local pediatric dentist has hurt children

    A local pediatric dentist is under fire after multiple parents came forward Tuesday, accusing him of hurting their children while in his care.

    Dr. Howard Schneider has been practicing in Jacksonville for 49 years and accepts child patients on Medicaid.

    On Tuesday, nearly a dozen people began protesting against Schneider outside his south side office, the result of a Facebook page that was established by parents who advise against his work.
    After hours of protests, and his staff’s refusal to answer Action News’ requests for a statement, we found Schneider sitting on the steps of his Riverside home Tuesday evening..

    - See more at:


    Raw video of parents confronting Dr. Howard Schenider, DDS

    People have plenty to say over on Yelp about Dr. Schneider.

    Google Reviews on Dr. Schneider

    Sign the Petition demanding an investigation of Dr. Howard Schneider.

    Contact info:

    Howard S. Schneider, D.D.S., P.A.
    Address: 1871 University Blvd S, Jacksonville, FL 32216
    Phone:(904) 721-2565

    Florida Dental Board Search