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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I want you; to sue. If not you; who?


iwantyoutosueI’m a believer in the old adage: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”

It is simply not ok to do nothing to stop this unacceptable treatment of children.

The only way to stop a child from being tied down, smacked around and abused in the dental chair of an abusive dentist clinic in the morning is to do something today.

Sleep at night does not come easy for those who know about this legalized child abuse.  Why? Because we know there are thousands of innocent babies who are going to be strapped in a papoose board tomorrow.  We know they will be hit, yelled at, smacked, bruised, grabbed, and have horrible frightening threats whispered in their ears, if they don’t submit to the abuser.

Watch the video on the right of this blog entry.  That is either your child or one sitting in these house of horrors right now.  Many can’t even watch the video all the way through.  Why?  Because it is like watching a child being raped!

Imagine the horror to a 4 year old child’s psyche hearing "you be still or you will never see your mommy again.”  The only way to come down on the wrong side of a right situation is to do nothing.Imagine the everlasting terror of the 3 year old child who was terrified of the dark.  What did the dentist do to mentally break the child? She tied the child up in a papoose board, turned off the lights left that baby alone for 20 minutes, maybe more.

Heart rates of children reach over 200 beats per minute.  It’s dangerous, it’s deadly. 

Their prey is your child, under age 5 is preferably.  The reason is because the tortures told to parents by the children can be easily discounted by the folks dressed in medical scrubs and white coats. Children’s complaints are far too often dismissed. If your child told you the some adult played with their private parts would you believe them?  You better!  This is no different.

A dentist who used to work at one of these dental mills asked this:
How many 1-3 year olds have to be papoosed and have the heart rates pushing 200 beats per minute with petechiae (small blood vessels burst from trauma; around the face, gums, ankles, arms, and stomach where they are being held too tightly) formed on the face one and cyanosis (bluished lips and mucus membrane) before one dies. Papoosed or not, one major factor not being address is that with a child stressed to this point, in order to treat them, you have to hold the heads still.  When this happens the patient has no control over their airway.  When water is sprayed they fell like they are choking which gets them more excited which feeds on itself and makes them want to move more which takes more force to hold and so on and so on.  When all that was needed was to stop treatment!

Had people banded together years ago,this type of treatment of children would not have become such a cancer in dentistry.  The only treatment for this social cancer I see is for people to take it to the courts. Until this abuse is brought from the shadows and into the light with it’s not likely to become a criminal act worthy of a jail sentence anytime soon.

These dentists and their supervisors need to be in jail. However, until this abuse is brought from the shadows and into the light by victims and parents, it’s not likely to become a criminal act worthy of a jail sentence anytime soon.That is why your participation is so very important. 

It is so important to join a list of victims.

Learning one child has been mistreated is one thing.  Bringing to light hundreds of thousands have been treated like this and the the abuse continues is something else!

It’s natural to hate to get involved in controversy.  We all do it.  It’s natural to want to keep the peace so to speak. We don’t want to offend friends or family who feel differently or have another view of a situation.  It’s usually fear or embarrassment that keeps up quiet.  It’s those same emotions that make us vulnerable to exploitation too.
We have been told things like:

  • Don’t fan the flames
  • Don’t poor gas on the fire
  • The more you stir it the more it stinks
  • Leave sleeping dogs lie

Hogwash!  These abusive dentists are exploiting these beliefs to bring harm to children; your children!

Plea for the children

If you could ask your child, they would tell you to do something to stop this.  They would not want their friends to suffer this treatment. Children trust parents and guardians to protect them.  Since you couldn’t protect them yesterday, because you didn’t know, please show them you are doing everything you can to protect them tomorrow.  Sitting idle is not doing that.

Doing nothing to stop an atrocity is an atrocity.

By not taking action, what are parents telling their children?
Submit to your abuser?
You don’t matter?
It’s ok to be abused?
Don’t rock the boat, no matter who abuses you?

I certainly hope not!

Q & A

Question: How many children have been abused over the last 10 years, hundreds of thousands?
Answer: Oh, yes!  Probably more.

Question: How has this cancer been allowed to take root in the dental community?  Because no one spoke up? 
Answer: Yes, if you want the simplest answer.

Question: Could anyone have stopped your child from the abuse they suffered at the hands of these abusive greedy dentists?
Answer:  Yes.  If the parents of the child who the dentist abused the day; the week; or the month before had come forward and filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dove, your child would have been spared the terror.  This terror is something  they will carry with them for years to come. This is something I know about personally.  You never completely trust anyone again.  Ever.

Question:  Why did so many stay silent?  Is it “I don’t want to get involved syndrome?”  The same syndrome that allows people to stand on the street and watch a helpless person be beat to death?
Answer: Yes, sometimes that is exactly the reason.  However, many times its because they don’t know where to turn.  It also can because parents are afraid their child is going to end up on the witness stand in some courtroom full of strangers.  Maybe they are afraid the media will be at their door and they will be displayed all over the local news.

Question: Is this a realistic view? 
Answer:  I don’t think that is realistic.  Civil lawsuits - individual cases or class actions - are filed in your local courts by the hundreds, how many can you name?  The courts are very protective.  This really comes down to negotiating a settlement between the attorney representing the children and attorney’s for the dentists malpractice insurance company.  The local news reporters are more respective than people give them credit I think.  If they were even to take an interest-maybe a slow news day-they ask.  If you want to speak on camera you can, but the chance they will be chasing you down and putting microphones in your face is zero.  The Casey Anthony fiasco gave the wrong impression, it’s NOT like that at all.

Question: How can hammering their malpractice insurance company end the abuse?
Answer:  I think It’s as simple as those who have their car insurance canceled.  At first the premiums go through the roof, then the company will drop you completely.  Without malpractice insurance, he can not practice.  The abuse is not going to stop with a few complaints to the dental board, its going to take hitting them in the pocketbook.  Hitting them hard!

The only way to stop the abuse of a child tomorrow is to take action today.  You do have the power in your hand to safe a child.Question:  Won’t I end up on some black list and unable to find proper dental care for myself or my child?
Answer: I wouldn’t consider it likely.  Other dentists would have to search several county and federal court databases for every patient they see to find if you had sued a health professional.

Question: How can it make a difference for children in a state across the country if I sue my dentist where I live?
Answer:  Maybe not all all, but more than likely you can make major impact.  The more who join a larger suit the better the chances of making a difference from sea to shining sea.  One complaint is one thing, 100 complaints gets the attention of the powers that be.

Not  often do people have the opportunity to change the future.  When you get that chance, take it.

I pray people  make a better world for the children of tomorrow, and I mean in the morning, not years from now.